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Athletic Greens Podcast Ad Strategy & Scripts

Article at-a-glance:

- The AG1 from Athletic Greens is a comprehensive nutritional and gut health drink that addresses the nutrient gaps in modern Western diets.

- Check out quick stats and in-depth discussion on Athletic Green's growth & advertising strategy. 

- Discover a curated collection of the impactful ad scripts that contributed to Athletic Greens' success and our checklist for implementing a successful podcast strategy.

Have you ever wondered how a green powder supplement like Athetic Greens became a superstar in the crowded wellness industry, especially with a staggering monthly podcast ad spend of $2.2 million?

Let’s uncover the ingenious podcast advertising strategy that transformed Athletic Greens from a mere health brand into a household name, ranked as the 6th highest spender in podcast ads globally.

Discover secrets that could change your brand’s marketing playbook.

A Dive into Athletic Green’s Growth & Advertising Strategy: Quick Stats

Among the top spenders in podcast advertising, Athletic Greens has made a significant mark in the industry. Yes, it’s true, the company spends around $2.2 million a month on podcast ads alone to reach their target audience.

Let’s have a quick look at their success story:

– 6th Spot Worldwide: Athletic Greens Drops $2.2 Million on Podcast Ads Every Month: Athletic Greens is an aggressive player in the podcast advertising space, holding the 6th position globally in terms of spend with an outlay of about $2.2 million monthly.

– Athletic Greens’ Celebrity Power Play: Renowned personalities like Tim Ferris have invested in Athletic Greens, and Andrew Huberman serves as a medical advisor, adding credibility and reach to the brand.

– $1.2 Billion: How Athletic Greens Jumped into the Billion-Dollar Club: In January 2022, Athletic Greens raised a whopping $115 million, placing the company’s valuation at an impressive $1.2 billion.

– Triple-Digit Alert: 200% Revenue Growth and Double the Customers in No Time: The company boasts an enviable growth trajectory with its recent data showing a 200% spike in revenue and doubling its new customer base.

– From Meta to TikTok: Discover the Platforms Where Athletic Greens is Spending Big: Athletic Greens is leveraging the digital ecosystem effectively by advertising on platforms like Meta, TikTok, Google, and various Podcasts.

– TikTok Fame: A Whopping 254.6 Million Views on Just One Hashtag: The brand’s hashtag has garnered a massive 254.6 million views, indicating a strong engagement rate on the platform.

– Guess Where 48% of Athletic Green’s Traffic Comes From? Plus Top 4 Countries Revealed: Nearly half (48%) of their website traffic originates from the USA. Other countries in the top 5 include Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia, contributing 8%, 8%, 7%, and 2% respectively.

– Influencers Rejoice: The Higher the Customer’s LTV, the Fatter the Paycheck: A significant number of influencers promote Athletic Greens through affiliate advertising deals. The compensation model is aligned with the lifetime value (LTV) of the customer, incentivizing podcasters to drive high-value conversions.

– Brand vs. Performance Advertising Strategy: It’s All About the NPS: The CEO has an innovative approach to measure brand advertising impact. They gauge the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a key metric of customer satisfaction. An example cited is the introduction of branded bottles in the unboxing experience. Before a full-scale rollout, the impact on the NPS score is tested with a smaller customer segment. If positive, this data helps them forecast the potential long-term boosts in revenue and customer retention.

– Seasonal Interest: Q1 emerges as a peak period for Athletic Greens, with the highest surge in interest being noted from January to March annually.

Now let’s have a closer look at their aggressive and strategic approach to tap into the podcast listener demographic and solidify their position as a major player in the podcast advertising arena.

1. Understanding the Athletic Greens Brand

Company Structure: 150 Employees, One Company, All Remote: Embracing the modern way of working, Athletic Greens operates remotely with a team strength of 150, including its advertising team.

At the heart of Athletic Greens lies AG1 – a meticulously designed concoction priced at $99, touted as the answer to your daily nutritional needs. Athletic Greens uses a subscription model to deliver its flagship product, highlighting its brilliant marketing.

This isn’t just any green powder; it promises “comprehensive nutrition and gut health support in one daily drink”. In a market saturated with health supplements, AG1’s blend stands out, offering a robust solution that mirrors the brand’s commitment.

Modern Western diets, often punctuated by processed foods and erratic eating habits, can leave glaring nutrient gaps.

Athletic Greens recognized this endemic problem, aiming not just to supplement these gaps but to provide a holistic, all-in-one nutritional drink.

Their vision goes beyond mere supplementation; it’s about total wellness and addressing the root of dietary deficiencies. For consumers, this translates to a convenient solution that’s both comprehensive and tailored to contemporary dietary challenges.

2. The Evolution of Athletic Greens’ Podcast Strategy

Their initial foray into podcast advertising was by reaching out to podcasters the CRO was listening to.

When venturing into the world of podcast advertising, Athletic Greens began with a simple, intuitive strategy.

The Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Corne, reached out to the very podcasters he was tuning into.

It’s a candid approach, blending personal preference with business, creating a genuine connection with podcast hosts and listeners alike.

However, while this approach had its merits, sustaining long-term growth required a more strategic pivot.

The brand then transitioned to a more targeted approach, focusing on an audience taking charge of their health, finances, and relationships.

Recognizing the need for evolution, Athletic Greens shifted gears. Instead of the scattergun approach, they honed in on a specific demographic.

And the chosen demographic was individuals “taking ownership of their health, their personal finances, their relationships,” as CRO Jonathan Corne highlighted.

Partnerships with heavy hitters like Tim Ferriss, not only a prominent podcaster but now an investor in the brand, and the association with Dr. Andrew Huberman, a respected figure in the medical community, underscores the brand’s commitment to this audience.

This strategic refinement is more than just about advertising; it’s about resonating deeply with listeners who align with the brand’s core principles.


For brands looking to replicate Athletic Green’s success, the key is adaptability. Start with what feels authentic but be ready to evolve as you gain more insights about your audience. Furthermore, partnering with influencers or experts that resonate with your brand’s ethos can provide a significant boost in credibility and reach.

3. Celebrity & Notable Partnerships

When it comes to Athletic Greens, it’s not just about the green powder—it’s about the green light of endorsement from some remarkable names.

Picture this: Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, and Tim Ferriss—all lending their influential voices to echo the merits of AG1.

Yet, what truly elevates Athletic Greens’ star-studded ensemble is the calculated stroke of genius—Tim Ferriss isn’t just an advocate, he’s an investor.

His vested interest casts a powerful halo of authenticity, merging endorsement with investment.

And as if that wasn’t enough, enter Dr. Andrew Huberman, esteemed neuroscientist and the host of Huberman Lab podcast, who not only endorses but also lends his expertise as a medical advisor.

Andrew Huberman Athletic Greens Ad Script

We take a break for a second because I got to tell you all about Athletic Greens. It’s very simple. Get your Greens in your body. Get more than you actually need every single day. Use some Athletic Greens. It’s a little bit of powder, you can dump that in some water and slurp it down. Get everything your body needs and more for the day immediately first thing in the morning. It’s literally that simple. I use it every day. 

I started taking AG1 because with one delicious of AG1, you’re absorbing 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, whole food source superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens, to help you start your day right. 

This special blend of ingredient supports your gut health, your nervous system, your immune system, your energy, recovery, focus, aging, all the things. I’m telling you, I care about this [__]. I care about being healthy, man. This life is good, I want to keep living it in the best way to do this. Make sure that you consume the things that are good for your body because you need your body to have a good life.

My friends AG is looking after you, making you have that great body that you need. It’s lifestyle friendly whether you eat, keto, paleo, vegan, some of the other ones. It’s there for you, works for all of them. Okay? You’re investing in your health and it’s cheaper, your cold brew habit. 

Think about that. You have yet. Think about that, that’s worth it is not. It’s time you reclaim your health and arm your immune system with convenient daily nutrition. It’s just one scoop in a cup of water every day. That’s it. No need for a million different pills and supplements to look out for your health and make it easy. 

Athletic Greens is going to give you a free one-year supply of immune supporting vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit to take ownership over your health and pick up the daily nutritional insurance.

These partnerships aren’t just endorsements; they’re strategic affiliations that set Athletic Greens on a trajectory of trust and expertise.


The resonance of these partnerships isn’t mere coincidence.
They cater to the specific values and interests of their target audience—individuals who are committed to health, self-improvement, and holistic wellness.

Dax Shepard’s candidness, Monica Padman’s relatability, Tim Ferriss’s authority, and Dr. Andrew Huberman’s scientific credibility collectively form a symphony that harmonizes with the core values of Athletic Greens’ consumers.

It’s the potent cocktail of celebrity, authenticity, and alignment that turns these partnerships into resonant megaphones.

Authentic influencer marketing requires a genuine alignment between the brand and the influencer, beyond a mere transactional relationship.

This results in more genuine endorsements and a stronger connection with customers.

4. The In-House Approach

In a world where outsourcing is often the norm, Athletic Greens has turned the tables with its strategic in-house partnerships team.

This team, comprised of five dedicated members, isn’t just a collection of individuals; it’s a powerhouse that propels the brand’s podcast advertising engine.

With a mandate to shape and sustain relationships with podcasters, this team is an orchestra conductor, orchestrating notes of synergy between the brand and the creators.

Refining Strategy

The in-house approach goes beyond transactional sponsorships. It’s about refining the podcast advertising strategy with a surgical precision that carves enduring bonds.

These strategists don’t merely pitch; they curate, align, and assess podcast partnerships for long-term resonance.

Their role isn’t confined to a single campaign; it’s about sculpting narratives that seamlessly integrate with the fabric of podcast content.

Building Longevity

The magic lies in the dedication to longevity.

While many brands often falter after the spotlight dims, Athletic Greens’ in-house team is adept at nurturing relationships even during economic downturns.

This calculated continuity resonates in a world where brand loyalty isn’t a fleeting romance but a steadfast companionship.


For brands keen on amplifying their presence, adopting an in-house partnership approach could be transformative. The right minds, invested in understanding the essence of your brand, can mold endorsements into affiliations. It’s the difference between fleeting transactions and lasting collaborations—between being an ad and being an integral part of the podcast narrative.

5. Deciphering the “Long Game” Strategy

When it comes to podcast advertising, Athletic Greens doesn’t merely settle for fleeting moments of attention. Jonathan Corne, the brand’s Chief Revenue Officer, reveals the coveted secret of playing the long game.

It’s not just about quick wins but forging enduring connections.

Athletic Greens prioritizes building enduring relationships over quick wins, embodying a steadfast commitment to long-term marketing strategies.

Even during economic downturns, Athletic Greens doesn’t flinch from its commitment to its partners.

While others may scale back, Athletic Greens continues to stand by its alliances, cementing its reputation as a brand that values relationships as much as results.

6. Ad Analytics and Performance Tracking

In an age where data drives decisions, Athletic Greens navigated the podcast landscape before analytics tools like Spotify’s Podsights were at their disposal. Ingeniously, they harnessed the power of vanity URLs equipped with UTM parameters.

It’s an artful blend of the conventional and the technical. But analytics, like fine art, is multidimensional. The company seamlessly melds the quantitative with the qualitative.

While numbers provide a foundation, the discretionary intuition of their partnerships team acts as the brushstroke that paints a complete picture of ad success.

Athletic Greens’ dedication to the “long game” is a testimony to their understanding that trust and recognition are earned over time. This strategy aligns with their wellness ethos, where consistent effort yields the best results.

By committing to partnerships even in challenging times, they’ve cultivated authenticity that resonates with their audience.

In terms of ad analytics, their reliance on vanity URLs and the strategic combination of data and intuition showcase a nuanced approach that captures not just metrics, but the essence of their audience’s response.


As you chart your brand’s course through the advertising ocean, take a page from Athletic Greens’ playbook. Embrace the power of building enduring relationships and allow them to weather the storms. Consider leveraging a blend of data analytics and intuitive insights. Numbers offer a foundation, but understanding the heart of your audience’s reactions sets you apart. Athletic Greens reminds us that the journey towards brand recognition and trust is a marathon, not a sprint.”

7. A Glimpse into the Future: Shaping Tomorrow’s Strategy

As the sun sets on one chapter of Athletic Greens’ success story, a new dawn emerges, marked by strategic evolution.

This powerhouse of a brand is setting its sights on horizons beyond podcast ads.

While these auditory gems continue to play a vital role, the brand’s ingenious minds are casting their nets wider, embracing a holistic influencer outreach strategy.

Given Athletic Greens’ innovative and sustained marketing endeavors, we foresee a luminous trajectory ahead for the brand in the wellness industry.

The sound bites that resonated with podcast listeners are now set to ripple across various platforms, capturing the hearts and minds of diverse audiences.

This expansion reflects not just a shift in tactics but also the brand’s unwavering commitment to growth and innovation.


Embrace the essence of versatility in your marketing strategy. Learn from Athletic Greens and consider extending your brand’s impact through a spectrum of influential voices across platforms, amplifying your message for a broader resonance.

8. Key Takeaways: Crafting Your Path to Success

As the curtains draw on our exploration of Athletic Greens’ podcast ad strategy, let’s distill the wisdom gained from this remarkable journey.

The effectiveness of their approach is a testament to the potency of forging relationships, investing in authenticity, and nurturing long-term connections with influencers.

Athletic Greens’ success underscores the pivotal role that aligning brand values with advertising platforms and influencers plays a part in igniting growth.

Athletic Greens has been working with “hundreds” of podcasters and being the third-largest podcast advertiser by total show count in the last year. It has also been successful in influencer marketing by working with many TikTok talents.

Remember, your brand’s journey is uniquely yours, but the principles that power success remain universal.


Seek resonance, not just reach. Elevate your brand’s narrative by collaborating with influencers and platforms that mirror your values, ensuring a harmonious symphony that strikes chords in the hearts of your audience.

Podcast Advertising Athletic Greens’ Style [Checklist]

We can learn a lot from Athletic Greens’ masterful approach to podcast advertising and beyond. Here’s a step-by-step guide for brands to navigate the intricate maze of influencer marketing and audience engagement to emulate their victory.

Brand Understanding & Positioning
- Define your product's unique selling proposition (USP).
- Establish a clear vision for your brand that goes beyond just selling a product.
- Understand the gap in the market your product is addressing.

Podcast Strategy Initiation
- List down favorite podcasts within your team.
- Approach these podcasts for initial ad placements.
- Analyze the performance of these initial placements.

Targeted Podcast Strategy
- Identify and segment your target audience.
- Pinpoint podcasts that cater specifically to this audience.
- Strategically pivot or refine your podcast ad placements based on audience alignment.

Celebrity & Notable Partnerships
- List down influencers or celebrities that resonate with your brand ethos.
- Approach these influencers for endorsement opportunities.
- Explore potential investment partnerships for added authenticity.

In-House Partnership Management
- Create or designate an in-house team dedicated to partnerships.
- Train the team to prioritize long-term relationships over one-off deals.
- Regularly evaluate the performance and alignment of ongoing partnerships.

Adopt the "Long Game" Mindset
- Establish long-term goals for your advertising strategy.
- Ensure consistent investment in partnerships, even during economic downturns.
- Continuously re-evaluate and adapt the strategy, but maintain commitment to long-term relationships.

Ad Analytics & Performance Tracking
- Implement tracking tools, like vanity URLs or UTM parameters.
- Blend data-driven insights with intuitive understanding of audience response.
- Regularly assess and optimize your ad campaigns based on analytics.

Broaden Your Influencer Strategy
- Identify other platforms (like TikTok, YouTube) where your audience is active.
- Develop a cross-platform influencer strategy.
- Monitor and adapt based on the performance across different platforms.

Feedback & Iteration
- Collect feedback from partnerships on ad effectiveness.
- Iterate on your ad scripts and placements based on feedback.
- Regularly revisit and refine the strategy to stay aligned with brand evolution.

Stay Updated & Inspired
- Follow successful brands (like Athletic Greens) for inspiration.
- Stay updated with latest trends in influencer marketing and advertising.
- Encourage continuous learning within your team to stay ahead.

By following this checklist, brands can pave the way for a successful advertising strategy akin to that of Athletic Greens. The focus should remain on authentic relationships, adaptability, and a clear understanding of the brand’s vision.

Athletic Greens’ Podcast Ad Scripts

Discover the secret sauce that sent waves across podcasting! We’re about to unleash Athletic Greens’ podcast ads that converted casual listeners into devoted customers.

Get ready for persuasive magic, compelling stories, and an exploration of Athletic Greens’ triumphant advertising. Let’s see which words were turned into wonders!

1. Talk Ville Podcast Athletic Greens Script

"Talk Ville" is brought to you by Athletic Greens AG-1. This stuff is genuinely changing lives. I'm sipping on it as we speak. It's so straightforward – you mix this powder with water, and voilà! You're ingesting 75 top-quality vitamins, minerals, whole food-sourced ingredients, probiotics, and adaptogens.

Tom, aren't you tired of the endless supplements and pills?

Tom: "Absolutely. I've dabbled with many supplements, but since trying Athletic Greens – and I'm not exaggerating here – I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes far better than you'd expect. Athletic Greens gives me everything I need in one go."

It's such a relief when a product you're endorsing genuinely excites you.

Tom: "Exactly! I remember texting you, raving about how much I loved it."

Promoting Athletic Greens is easy; they've crafted an exceptional product. I don't want to deal with multiple pills and supplements. Every morning, this is my go-to. In fact, I just took it with me on a recent trip to Paris. It's that convenient.

Tom: "I couldn't agree more. It's perfect for various diets, from keto to vegan. Plus, it's low in sugar, free from GMOs, chemicals, and artificial additives, while still being delicious. It's a blend of only the best ingredients, continually updated based on scientific research, and it's tested by third parties."

You're getting all this for less than three dollars a day. With over 7,000 five-star reviews, top athletes and leading health experts vouch for it. And the convenience? Just one scoop in water, and you're done.

Tom: "And the travel packs are a godsend. Just add it to water and you're set for the day."

Another bonus? Many powders require shakers or specific preparation. With Athletic Greens, just a simple stir in a glass of water is all it takes.

To sweeten the deal, Athletic Greens offers a free one-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D and five travel packs with your first purchase. Visit Once again, that's

2. Opti Nutri Nerds Athletic Greens Script

Athletic Greens is an all-in-one vitamin mineral probiotic drink that also contains digestive enzymes and adaptogens.

I started taking athletic greens way back in 2012. So that's 10 years now of taking athletic greens every single day. The reason I started taking Athletic Greens and the reason I still take Athletic Greens is that it covers all of my foundational nutritional needs. 

So whether or not I'm eating well or enough or not, I'm sure that I'm covering all of my needs for vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens to combat stress and the digestive enzymes really help my digestion.

I just feel much better when I'm drinking.

3. Joe Rogan Podcast Athletic Greens Scripts

Just one scoop gives you over 75 vitamins and minerals that give you major benefits like better skin, hair, mood support and boosted energy. Now a bunch of us obviously take AG1 Athletic Greens. Ralph why do you take it? 

I tried Athletic Greens which is basically giving me many of the same nutrients that green smoothie would have and I’m really liking it. It is basically just part of my routine now but I just like knowing that I’ve started my day… because it’s the first thing I do before I eat anything, I have it first thing in the morning. 

I just like starting my day knowing that I have done something good for my body, given that I’m probably going to spend the rest of the day doing something very bad for my body. Just sitting around and playing video games all day right now. You take a scoop with some water.  You shake it in a thing because they send you this cool little bottle and you’re good to go.

So if you’re looking for an easier way to take supplements, Athletic Greens is giving you a free one-year supply of vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase.

Because I've set a limit on how many ads I include per podcast, I never interrupt a podcast with an ad. For instance, you won't hear, 'This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. 

Even if you maintain the healthiest diet imaginable...' I don't do that. And while my choice may cost me financially, I firmly believe that the experience of listening to an unbroken podcast is superior. That's why I advocate for products like Athletic Greens. 

Just one delicious scoop of AG-1 enhances the listening experience, which is so much more enjoyable than being interrupted with, 'We'll be right back after this word from Casper Mattresses.' Such interruptions just feel inauthentic and disruptive.

4. Von’s Podcast Highlights

Today's episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is the perfect way to incorporate your daily greens while feeling invigorated. It gives you that 'just returned from a space mission' feeling without ever leaving your home. 

Think of it as your morning boost. I love starting my day with it. 

Simply mix it in a cup of water, add an ice cube for that extra refreshing touch, and you're good to go. One scoop of Athletic Greens provides 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients. It's like receiving all the goodness of a salad in a concentrated shot – that's how potent it is.

In today's fast-paced world, who has the time for a midday onion or a carrot snack before dessert? With Athletic Greens, you can effortlessly ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need. Kickstart your day with it and set a positive tone for the rest. Plus, it makes for an excellent Christmas gift!

5. Red Pill Vegan

I’m on testosterone replacement therapy and every vitamin known to man. I take a giant Athletic Greens every day. Yeah I take a [ __ ] palette of vitamins what do i need to take fantastic but a lack of cholesterol can [ __ ] with your hormone functions. A lot of vegans have low hormones because of that.

The other thing is that most of these people that are talking about how
healthy and how great they feel, there's a lot of it is sort of a placebo effect.

B12 is a big one and the other thing is iron. There's iron and vegetables there but it's not very bioavailable. I take uh a giant athletic greens
every day. Yeah I take a [ __ ] palette of vitamins.

The Color Copy Ad Script

We are sponsored by AGI Athletic greens. Finally, AG1 is filling a gap in the market and gaps in your diet. Mix the AG1 powder into any drink and find your body filled with 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, ingredients. In a flooded market of supposed health tonics filled with bad additives, AG1 made a pact to be different. 

Athletic Greens is created with no GMO's no herbicides or pesticides, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. It also has no dairy, corn, eggs, peanuts, or animal products. 

And above all that, it is 3rd party tested to ensure there are no contaminants. They use real superfoods, herbs, mushrooms, pre and probiotics to achieve the highest bioavailability of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune support, and total body balancing. 

AG1 gives the body the building blocks it needs to function at its best.

Propelling Brands to Podcast Advertising Success

Podcast advertising has proven to be a profound success for Athletic Greens. With its authentic approach and well-thought-out messaging, the brand has built a deep level of trust with listeners, making the medium a valuable marketing tool.

Athletic Greens’ podcast advertising strategy has been a game-changer for their brand. They have achieved impressive results by carefully selecting the right shows and crafting compelling ad scripts. Audiences trust their ads because of their authenticity, storytelling, and persuasive messaging.

While podcast advertising is effective, it’s important to recognize that the modern marketing landscape thrives on diversity. Podcasts, while influential, represent just one channel among many. Brands looking to expand their reach should complement podcast efforts with multi-pronged content marketing.

A diversified approach through audio ads, blogging, news announcements, and video marketing via AmpiFire can give brands unparalleled exposure and engagement in today’s saturated digital market.

If you’re ready to amplify your brand visibility and tap into the highest ROI traffic, it’s time to book a call with us.



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