Most Websites Never Get Seen

Over 90% of websites never receive any organic website traffic ever (Ahrefs, 2020). AmpiFire will help by driving relevant traffic with 3rd party content.

How AmpiFire Drives Results

The secret sauce that over 10,000+ customers trust.


Hyper-Targeted Traffic

Our campaigns allow your business to focus on a specific product, service, city or place to bring you the most targeted traffic.


Multimedia Formats

We are 5x more powerful than any online Press Release. Our campaigns include each of the following: article, blog, video, presentation, audio ad and infographic.


3rd Party Content

Your customers are researching you, but will they find anything? We tell the world about you in 6 formats across hundreds of websites they already trust.

How it works

In 3 steps, we get you featured in Google News, Apple Podcast, LinkedIn Slideshare and hundreds of other websites and platforms.


12-Month Content Plan
tailored to your business

Get your content marketing on track with your personalized content plan done with you by a member of our strategy team.


Submit Campaign
to our team of writers

Input the details into our 3-minute form, and in days, our 100+ person writing team will produce your entire content marketing campaign in full for review.


Publish Your Campaign
once you're satisfied

Once you’ve approved all of the content, in a click of a button your campaign will be distributed to hundreds of websites and platforms.

Content Marketing on Autopilot

Content on the internet is here to stay. We can help you build content people trust.


Hyper-targeted buyer traffic

Our 100+ content team doesn’t produce fluff pieces. We write highly optimized articles, blogs, videos, slideshare presentations, infographics and audio ads that are designed to get in front of your ideal buyer.


Exposure to 281+ Million People on Google News

Our unique distribution provides exposure in Google News. This means Google will tailor your campaigns to people who are already interested in your product or service.


5x more powerful than Press Releases & News Sites

Adding a few logos to your website has an incremental effect and doesn’t work for all businesses. What counts is being seen on 3rd party websites on the platforms that people already trust. Like Apple Podcast, LinkedIn Slideshare, YouTube and hundreds more.


Boost Sales

Enhancing your exposure, publishing laser focused hyper-targeted traffic and being consistent with your content marketing is what delivers the right customers to your website.

Some of our Happy Subscribers

How AmpiFire Crushes The Other Guys

  • The Others
  • Article
  • Audio Ad
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Slideshare Presentation
  • Infographic
  • Delivery Time
    7 Days
    7 Days
    7 Days
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Google News
  • FOX affiliate sites
    fox 58 DA
  • NBC affiliate sites
    nbc 72 DA
  • Digital Journal
    digital-journal 89 DA
  • Daily Herald
    daily-herald 82 DA
  • AZ Central
    azcentral-site-masthead 90 DA
  • and 100s more
  • APSense
    apsense 71 DA
  • DailyMoss
    dm 40 DA
  • Webs
    webs 49 DA
  • Weebly
    weebly 57 DA
  • Myspace
    myspace 94 DA
  • Prsync
    prsync 52 DA
  • and many more
  • Apple Podcast
    apple-podcast 99 DA
  • Google Podcast
    google-podcasts 90 DA
  • Podbean
    podbean 89 DA
  • and many more
  • Box
    box 92 DA
  • Dropbox
    dropbox 95 DA
  • Anyflip
    anyflip 64 DA
  • Slideshare
    slideshare 95 DA
  • and many more
  • YouTube
    youtube 100 DA
  • Vimeo
    vimeo 96 DA
  • DailyMotion
    daily-motion 95 DA
  • and many more
  • Imageshack
    imageshack 92 DA
  • Pinterest
    pinterest 94 DA
  • ScoopIey
    scoopIey 92 DA
  • and many more
  • Yahoo
    yahoo 93 DA
  • MarketWatch
    marketwatch 92 DA
  • Nasdaq
    nasdaq 91 DA
  • Bloomberg
    bloomberg 94 DA
  • Medium
    medium 95 DA
  • Campaigns per month:
  • Subscriptions from:

Frequently Asked Questions

We create consistent ultra-specific content about your business that is distributed to hundreds of websites and platforms in 6 different media formats: video, articles, blogs, slideshare presentations, audio ads and infographics. This content attracts hyper-targeted traffic to your business by building authority and online exposure.

Absolutely - we wouldn’t be an 8 figure company with 10,000+ customers if it didn’t!

You’ll see results within 24-48 hours of your Amp campaign going live - but to get to brand domination requires consistent campaigns stacked up over time.

It will work slightly differently for businesses in different industries, but yes! You can promote almost any brand/product/service with this solution.

Our current turnaround time is (on average) 5-7 days, but we can always fast track campaigns for no extra cost and have them back for you to preview within 72 hours.

Absolutely - you have complete control over which brands/business you promote.

Absolutely - you can discuss this with our Sales team to learn more.

We do not support distribution to specific sites - this is out of our control due to the various syndication services we work with, and is normal for other similar distribution companies (even if they promise focusing on a specific location). Each campaign is a little different and the exact number of sites varies, and isn't particularly important. It's typically the top 20 sites that provide 80% of the benefit.

Unless you were to utilize our ‘Premium Distribution’ which will get you guaranteed exposure in Yahoo Finance and 4 other 8 figure monthly traffic media sites.

Nope, the article and blog post are handwritten by in-house authors, and they use automation to help craft the podcast, infographic, slideshow and video.

That’s okay, we may not be for every business. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case that’s you!

It happens, but don't worry. We will complete all revisions necessary to make sure you’re 100% happy with the content or your money back.

We do not sell single campaigns. The reality is, like any effective content marketing strategy, it requires consistent content to be successful. We want to ensure every AmpiFire customer is setup for success from day 1.

Our monthly subscriptions start from $995 per month. This includes 4 AmpiFire Campaigns per month. However, we have annual options and larger packages will help larger businesses reduce their cost per campaign each month.

Have more questions?

You can learn more and get specific questions answered on our group demonstrations of AmpiFire. Book your demo and find out how you can get hyper-targeted traffic with ultra-specific content.

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