Online Medical Store Generates Millions in Sales From Just 113 Pieces of Content in Less Than 12 Months

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Shopify Store in Multi-Billion Dollar Market Had No Search Traffic

When Julian Thornton, started working with the client, there were only 561 organic visitors (cumulative for 2021) to the client’s Shopify store for a lung cleansing device. “So absolutely non-existent traffic,” says Julian.
Lung Cleaning Device Google image search
Clearly, this is a niche product. Without a solid marketing strategy, the business would not have been able to gain visibility in a crowded market.

The market for these devices is huge… in fact, it’s set to reach $51.6 billion in 2027 as these devices are essential for many people. Approximately 100-200 million dollars are spent annually on these specific devices.

Asthma Devices Market Graph
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Besides, there is a lot of competition around this medical device, regardless of what it may be called (a lung cleaner), what it does (clean the lungs), or the problem it solves (mucus filled lungs).

Ampifire Published Hyper Targeted Content All Over The Internet And Added $47,762 In Sales In Just 6 Weeks

As part of Julian’s efforts to improve his client’s online visibility and generate more leads, he decided to test the AmpiFire campaigns.

The video from the first Amp campaign for the Shopify store went live on August 22nd, 2021 while the news article went live on September 8th, allowing Julian time to measure results before releasing any more content.

"We did go pretty hard, I mean, we were doing two premium campaigns and four standard campaigns a month, and some of the red pill traffic strategy with the two videos, we had a promo video and a VNR video. We were running Amps to those videos pointing to the main product page.

So we did go hard at it but it's a very competitive market because it has to do with lung health, asthma, all that kind, all the conditions around lungs."

Here, the promoted business is in direct competition with Amazon, which is a pretty tough competitor.
Google Search
Despite the tough competition, guess who's number one and just below Amazon? That's right—it's our campaign for the medical device!
Our content amplification services got Julian’s client ranked in Google and pushed into the first page rankings.

We’ve seen this kind of success before with other clients who have used the same strategy: run news announcements to your videos, then point them toward the main product page.

Organic Website Traffic Went From 1,500 Uniques to over 10,000/mo in 8 Weeks and Sales Increased by 51%

By the end of August 2021, the Shopify store had increased their traffic from 1500 or 1600 organic visitors per month to over 7,000 unique organic visitors per month! That’s more than four times what the store was getting before they partnered with Julian and AmpiFire.
Campaign Result Testimonial
This case study deserves to be on top of the industry leaderboards, take a look at the traffic Julian generated just by publishing a lot of quality content.

As the graph shows, the Amps generated impressive growth in organic traffic.

The Amp campaigns were published back around September and October, and you can see how quickly traffic shot up after that.

The graph shows an estimate of the organic traffic growth throughout the course of his campaign, but you can see that this is an underestimate because by October, they’d already got to 10,000 visitors a month organic traffic, as per Julian’s Facebook post.

1 Year later by June their traffic had increased approximately 20,000% (a 20x increase in targeted search traffic). This has taken them from approx. $48,000 in sales per month, to $735,000 in sales per month… estimated to be an extra $8,300,000 in yearly sales!

Julian Thornton’s client was getting a huge spread across the web and was becoming a pretty well-known brand in their industry – “they’re in the top 10% of that particular market,” says Julian.

Julian's client started ranking for hundreds of different terms because the Amp content is so specific.
What is more, the Amp campaigns got the product featured in a story that was picked up by major news organizations and a niche news site.
Lung Cleaning Device AHRefs search
The page on which the product has been advertised has been getting organic traffic during the last months of 2021, and it's still bringing in visitors.
This eventually led to this client converting more sales (51% increase!) as they became more visible to potential customers.  
Lung Cleaning Device AHRefs Stats
The store sales through search were up by 51% as of 12th of October, 2021.

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