Successful Wine Marketing Example | Content Plan Strategy Grows Blog 1100% in 21 Months

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1100% organic traffic growth

Small wineries often struggle to compete with the many brands vying for attention in the highly competitive wine industry. This was the case for Big Hammer Wines, a local winery in California.

With limited resources and challenges associated with marketing and advertising in the industry, the winery needed a way to increase its visibility online and reach new customers.

That’s when Rick Knutzen, the owner of a small marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, turned to AmpiFire to help his client achieve these goals.


Through a targeted content marketing campaign, AmpiFire was able to drive a 11x  increase in organic traffic to the winery’s online store in just 21 months.

This significant growth had a direct impact on the winery’s business, helping to increase its customer base and revenue. 


The benefits of the AmpiFire campaign extended beyond just increased traffic, as the winery also saw improvements in its search engine rankings, brand awareness, and overall online presence.

This case study demonstrates how small businesses can successfully overcome industry challenges and achieve significant growth through effective digital marketing strategies.

Challenges Facing Small Boutique Wineries: A Look into the Highly Competitive and Heavily Regulated Wine Industry

As a local winery in California, Big Hammer Wines was facing stiff competition from other wineries in the area. Wineries, like many other small businesses, face a lot of challenges when it comes to marketing themselves effectively online.

The wine industry is highly competitive, with countless brands vying for the attention of consumers. 


Many wineries struggle to stand out in a crowded market, and they often have limited resources to invest in marketing campaigns. 


Additionally, wine sales are highly regulated, making it challenging for wineries to advertise and promote their products on various platforms. All of these factors make it difficult for small wineries to grow their online presence and reach new customers.


Rick knew that he needed to find a way to help the winery increase its visibility online if he wanted to help the business succeed.

38 Wine Content Topics Added 21,540 Visitors And $70,000 in Sales And Counting

Rick leveraged AmpiFire’s content marketing platform to help Big Hammer Wines improve its online presence.

AmpiFire is a tool that can help businesses grow their traffic and sales by publishing targeted content on a wide range of websites and platforms that then bring potential customers to their website.

Over the course of almost two years, Rick created only 38 campaigns consisting of blogs, news articles, videos, and audio ads using AmpiFire to help the winery stand out online.

He also linked to and published the article from these campaigns on the winery blog itself.

AmpiFire’s platform allowed Rick to repurpose and summarize the content for different mediums, including video, audio, slideshows, articles, blogs, and infographics, and publish it to major platforms.


Ampifire Distribution Graphic
By promoting the content across hundreds of sites in multiple formats, AmpiFire was able to increase the online store’s exposure and traffic, build authority and trust with Google, and amplify the impact of the winery's website.

through time, I realized how content marketing is so much more important

These campaigns focused on creating high-quality content that was optimized to attract wine fanatics and paying customers, which then results in more sales. Let’s look at the numbers…

How Rick’s Agency Transformed Its Marketing Strategy From Paid Search To Content & Grew This Winery Store Traffic 11x With AmpiFire

Rick’s decision to use AmpiFire’s content marketing campaigns paid off. In just 21 months, the winery saw a 11x increase in organic traffic to its website. 


Here’s what Rick had to say about the results: 

"Our engagement in June of 2021, 90 days ago, those blogs that we did generated 140,000 impressions per month, 1500 clicks, and was sourcing over 7000 queries words. So that right there to me was a huge success. Similarly, I generated $70,000 out of that revenue."

Google Search Console Graphic
21,540/yr visitors and counting directly attributed to the Amp Campaign

Rick used the content from the Amp news modules to create and publish several blog posts on the winery store website which he then promoted with the Amp campaigns.

The campaigns were driving a significant amount of traffic to the blog. The graph shows the direct impact of the AmpiFire campaigns – newly generated traffic of 21,540 visitors the blog. 


This does not even include the massive increase in search traffic and other traffic sources resulting from the impact of the Amp content strategy.

 Organic traffic increased at least 10 fold overall hitting 45,000 visitors per year, up from 4800/yr.

Organic Traffic Graphic
Ahrefs says that when the campaigns began in September 2019, the traffic was at 405 organic visitors per month. In the month of the last campaign which was released on June 3, 2021 - the traffic was at about 4251 per month.. That's an impressive improvement that helped to put the winery on the map.

When Rick launched an Amp campaign, he published a new blog post on the winery store that was specifically targeted by Amp, allowing us to trace the millions of impressions generated and the entire 324.7% traffic increase (for the period from Jan 2021 to Dec 2021) back to AmpiFire.


However, the graph above only represents the traffic increase from AmpiFire’s campaign and does not include the wider site traffic, which would also have benefited from AmpiFire’s efforts.

Rick continued:

"The bread and butter has always been paid search. And, you know, there's still a need for that. Obviously, when you're just getting started, you don't have all the money to do that. But through time, I realized how content marketing is so much more important because of the permanence of those blogs, all their content on the site and off site. Certainly AmpiFire has new things all the time. You've you've been developing your solution and enhancing it."

Boosting eCommerce Brands and Local Businesses' Online Presence Through Consistent Content Marketing

The success of the campaigns run by AmpiFire for the online wintery store demonstrates the power of consistent content marketing for small businesses.

By generating high-quality content and distributing it through targeted campaigns, businesses can increase their online presence, attract more visitors to their website, and generate more sales.


Girl laughing in front of a phone showing marketing icons
While paid advertising has its place, content marketing can provide a long-term and more cost-effective strategy for businesses that don't have the resources to compete with big brands in the paid advertising arena.

If you’re a small business owner or part of a local agency, you may be wondering whether AmpiFire is right for your business.

While every business is different, the results achieved by the winery store demonstrate the potential of content marketing and the power of AmpiFire’s content amplification tool.

See how AmpiFire’s platform can help level the playing field and provide a cost-effective alternative to paid advertising. 

Book a free consultation with AmpiFire and discover how our content amplification platform can help your business achieve similar results.


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