160+ Amp Campaigns: How To Increase Sales & Retain High-Ticket Clients at A Business Consulting Company​





March 2022

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Gregg Kell

Gregg Kell's Ampifire Success Story​

Some businesses are more profitable with the right tools, as Gregg Kell’s learned.

Having been in business for a long time, Gregg Kell was getting tired of the same old marketing techniques. He wanted to reach new clients in the crowded digital marketing landscape. 

But there were many options, and he did not want to spend money on something that would not work.

He has worked with AmpiFire for a couple of years and has releases more than 160 campaigns, aimed at boosting his clients’ reputations and making them more visible to prospects. The platform has helped him scale his business consulting firm.

Today Gregg Kell is an expert in digital marketing for small businesses with a focus on content amplification campaigns. 

How AmpiFire Has Transformed The Way Brands Promote Themselves

The customer-focused and measurable results of the Amp campaign have allowed Gregg to maintain existing customers while also bringing new ones into their fold. 

Here is what Gregg shared with the AmpiFire community when he landed his first Amp client.

gregg ampifire case study
Gregg Kell believes that running effective marketing campaigns is one of the key elements that drive his company’s success: online content is an opportunity to show the unique services and products the businesses have to offer and thus avoid competition.

Gregg and his clients were impressed with the power of the Amp campaigns to show the unique things they offer, to secure top rankings and stay relevant in the online world.

Indeed, one of the most effective ways to stay relevant in today’s competitive digital space is through strategic content marketing.

The Ampifire content marketing strategies are designed to increase the online presence and reach of businesses, to amplify the brands.

AmpiFire makes it easy to manage and scale a consulting company, because it has created an online penetration seamlessly integrated into major social media platforms and news websites. It gives clients unprecedented visibility throughout the digital sphere across Facebook, Twitter, Google News, NBC, FoxNews and more.

This ultimately means more organic traffic for those businesses who are willing to be progressive and invest in their online presence with quality campaigns that utilize both traditional forms as well as cutting-edge digital tools.

AmpiFire: The Secret Weapon For Digital Marketing Success

 It’s difficult to find the right tools to help your business succeed.

How do you know what tools will be most effective?

AmpiFire helped Gregg market his business and those of his clients to reach the right people and increase brand awareness. Ampifire enabled him to generate leads and drive sales with a focus on content amplification campaigns. 

It gave him the power to easily and quickly create, manage, publish and share high-quality content online. With AmpiFire’s unique AI technology, Gregg Kell helps businesses gain organic traffic through Google News, brand name media sites, popular podcast directories, social media without expensive advertising campaigns.

Gregg Kells’s Favorite Things About AmpiFire:


The Best All-Inclusive Marketing Tool For Small Businesses To Gain A Competitive Edge