Insights From 160+ Amp Campaigns & A Business Consulting Firm On How To Increase Sales & Retain High-Ticket Clients With AmpiFire

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After many years in business, Gregg Kell was looking for a new way to reach potential clients in the crowded digital marketing landscape. He was hesitant to try new tools, but decided to give AmpiFire a chance.

Over the past couple of years, he has released over 160 campaigns using the platform, and it has helped him grow his business consulting firm. Today, Gregg Kell is an expert in content amplification campaigns for small businesses.

The Power of AmpiFire: How One Consultant Boosted His Clients' Visibility and Attracted New Business​

According to Gregg Kell, AmpiFire’s easy-to-use platform, cost-effective pricing, and monthly reports on published projects make it a valuable tool for generating high-quality publicity and helping local businesses stand out in their industries. The resulting loyal customers make it an essential component of his consulting service.

The customer-focused and measurable results of the Amp campaigns have allowed Gregg to retain his existing clients while also attracting new ones.

He shared his excitement about landing his first Amp client with the AmpiFire community.

gregg ampifire case study

Effective marketing campaigns are a key component of the success of Gregg Kell’s company.

He and his clients have been impressed with the power of Amp campaigns to showcase the unique services and products they offer and secure top rankings in the online world.

The following quote from Gregg Kell highlights the value that the AmpiFire platform has brought to his business, allowing him to offer a unique and effective service to his clients.

Strategic content marketing is a crucial way to remain relevant in today’s competitive digital space.

AmpiFire’s content marketing strategies are designed to drive highly-targeted traffic by increasin a business’s online presence and reach, amplifying their brand.

The platform makes it easy to manage and scale any business by getting it featured on major media platforms and news websites.

This results in increased organic traffic for businesses willing to invest in their online presence with high-quality campaigns that utilize both traditional and digital tools.

The Value of Investing in the Right Marketing Tools

Finding the right tools to help a business succeed can be challenging. How do you know which tools will be the most effective and are worth investing in?

Here is what Gregg had to say about his experience of building a successful business around the content amplification model: 


AmpiFire helped Gregg market his own business and those of his clients, allowing him to reach the right people and increase brand awareness. The platform enabled him to generate leads and drive sales with a focus on content amplification campaigns.

The AmpiFire technology allowed him to easily and quickly create, manage, publish, and share high-quality content online. As a result, he was able to help businesses gain organic traffic through Google News, brand name media sites, popular podcast directories, and social media without expensive advertising campaigns.


The Best All-Inclusive Marketing Tool For Small Businesses To Gain A Competitive Edge