AI Bot Babble Auditor (ABBA)

Embark on a fascinating journey through the digital landscape with Artificial Bot Babble Auditor (ABBA), a revolutionary tool that checks for overused ChatGPT and AI words & phrases (AI'isms) like in this game-changing sentence. Just paste in your text below to embark on a captivating exploration into the rich tapestry of overused AI words.
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What is the point of this tool?

AI often writes in a silly exaggerated metaphorical fluffy way that is not an effective writing style. ABBA from AmpiFire helps you see if content has a lot of these phrases, suggesting it has been written by AI with little to no editorial oversight. These phrases are a footprint that suggests AI was used to write the content.

What should I do if I detect a lot of these phrases?

Rewrite the content so it is written in a better way, or hire a professional team to handle your content.

How many of these phrases are acceptable?

If you are generally finding more than 2-3 occurrences every 100 words the content is probably AI and not written well.

Why did AmpiFire make this tool?

As a first level filter to quickly and automatically check if writers or submitted content was produced blindly by AI.

Is AI Content a Problem?

No AI content is not a problem if it is carefully edited and not just blindly created. However, if you find that the ABBA tool detected a lot of AI'isms then your content probably sucks, and will likely be easier to detect as AI written by humans and bots.