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The Endless Struggle To Generate And Convert Traffic

Prior to joining AmpiFire, Chris McNamara had been running his own agency for a couple years, where he focused on websites and SEO. He had previously worked in the corporate world and had only recently started his own marketing agency.

When Chris heard about the AmpiFire software, he realized that the AmpiFire digital marketing campaigns were perfect for his business—and he signed up right away.

Chris had tried to create original websites for businesses, but has always struggled a little bit with SEO—specifically the trust required and the amount of time someone invests in order to get a return.

And even though he had spent thousands on courses over the years, he initially struggled to charge for his expertise and services.

AmpiFire solved all of these problems for him by providing him with the tools he needed to offer his clients value while building their trust and establishing himself as an expert in his field.

“I basically just dropped doing websites,” Chris says. “I wasn’t massively enjoying them anyway. It tends to create quite high-demand customers and projects taking ages… getting content from people and that sort of thing.”

Chris realized that businesses are increasingly interested in having their own content produced by professionals: local businesses need to be visible online consistently with relevant and fresh content, but many are just sick and tired of doing their own work and writing their own content.

AmpFire - The Smartest Way To Get Your Business Instant Visibility And Authority Online

When Chris tried AmpiFire, he was thrilled with the results.

"I've paid a lot of money, like over the years for my own training in terms of moving out of the corporate world into the marketing space, on courses and various things. And this is probably the first one I could say I've had some real success with. Particularly, the thing that was kind of transformational was actually the email marketing approach - just a sort of steady outbound approach that worked pretty well."

Chris was originally looking for a way to boost his own lead generation, but he soon realized that the most profitable way to go was local business marketing.

“I figured that the profit margins are such that I can combine a standard SEO in with the standard service, and use the visibility to bring leads, to keep them in the short term, which is where SEO struggles,” Chris said.

Content marketing is essential to drive steady leads and visibility.

Local businesses have no choice but to do content marketing, which is why AmpFire gives local businesses instant visibility and authority on massive media sites – using the best content marketing approach.

Getting Funeral Homes And Senior Care Homes To Pay For Exposure

Chris found that local business owners were surprisingly easy actually to get to sign on the line for AmpiFire campaigns.
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All you do is send them a message saying “Hey! Do you want your business featured on hundreds brand name media sites and seen by millions?” and they say “Yes!”

Chris could easily create engaging content for his clients’ websites without having to do any research or write anything himself. His clients were thrilled too! They loved being able to focus on their businesses instead of having to keep up with their online presence.

One of Chris’ clients got 6 Amp campaigns. “She loved the initial results and the fact she was getting on page one every month,” said McNamara. “All the rest of it.”
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Chris’ agency now focused on driving visibility to senior care homes and funeral agencies by getting super targeted content online every single month on popular blogs and media sites. And this has been working amazingly well!

If You Want Traffic, You Need To Be Creating Content

Chris McNamara found that content marketing was a powerful way to get his clients’ names out there, increase their visibility and exposure. He didn’t expect the results that he got—not just in terms of traffic and visibility, but also in terms of the ROI on his time.

Content marketing is a long-term game. The ROI isn’t something you can look for from day one: as long as you’re consistently creating content that is high-quality and relevant, you’ll see your traffic go up over time. And if you aren’t doing it? You’ll fall behind your competitors.


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