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Making 2,718,650% ROI With A Single Crypto Site & The Big “Crypto Slump” Opportunity

I just saw someone make $435,000 selling a crypto site they bought for $16.

How the hell does that happen?

After some research, I have to say, even though the guy ‘might’ be a criminal (I’m really not sure, don’t quote me, no libel etc.) – I can’t help but admire how he stuck to his guns.

Bad phrasing maybe; but let’s not get stuck in the weeds – let’s see how $16 turned into $435k!

The Initial Offer & 2 Kinds Of People…

You could argue there are two kinds of people reading this…

  1. Those who think “$486 profit? Cool, I’d take that…
  2. Those who think “$16 is kind of a lot to pay for a fresh domain” 

In either case, our subject here is a completely different animal.

Not only did they turn down the $500 offer…

They turned down a $200,000 offer…

Then turned down a $350,000 offer…

Because they wanted 10 Bitcoin (~$500,000 initially)… for a $16 site.

Bitcoin dropped to $43,500 – and eventually it sold for $435,000.

$434,984 profit – or a 2,718,650% return on investment.

So again – how the hell does this happen?

They were in the right industry (Crypto) – and they had something of value.

My favourite takeaway from this saga?

One phrase; the author repeated over and over…

“Know Your Worth!”

Since last Summer I’ve been training a few hundred people on how to quickly deploy ultra-specific websites in the Crypto niche; with a view to building up their value over time for a BIG return in the end.

In a few weeks we can create sites worth $2,000 or more…

But we’re holding on and building them further (since it’s only a few minutes each week).

Because we KNOW OUR WORTH.

My ~20,000% ROI Part Time?
It’s Not Enough!

Even after 15+ years in business, I’m surprised at some deals.

I often look for examples to back up my point and just recently I noticed some crazy stuff happening – but which kind of makes my point even better! 😀

Take a look at this…

That’s a traffic graph of one of my crypto sites; which I have to admit, has not received the attention it deserved!

But that’s still 1,573 genuine hits last month… and for stat nerds like me; it’s averaging a 15% bounce rate (most sites see something like 80%)

Now, because I’m only doing a quick (“quick”) email here, I haven’t had a professional valuation; but right now I’m sitting at a comfortable 23,440% ROI… and I’m not going to sell any time soon.

What’s So Surprising?

When I compare some of the crypto sites selling right now… I see one selling for a 2000x multiple on monthly earnings…

And one that may sell for at least $1,000, which is actually LOSING money when you account for hosting!

But it’s the niche… crypto is still a massive industry, on the precipice of enormous growth (even though ‘token prices’ are in a slump right now).

People who bought coins are cooling on crypto.

People who deployed crypto sites the way we did are smiling comfortably.

Why The “Crypto Slump” Is A MASSIVE Opportunity…

So crypto is down – yes – but the crypto side hustle I started last summer is way up.

Yes, They’re Down, We’re Up…

I’m not gloating and I’m not saying “told you so”… almost everything moves in cycles, crypto holders / HODLers I’m sure will have another day in the sun.

I surely hope so, because I’m one of them.

But that’s not my point,

My point is – our Crypto side hustle has gone from strength to strength (even though I didn’t make the progress I originally planned to!)

In fact, at the time I’m writing this, it just generated $11,488 in sales within the past few days.

“Planting A Tree 20 Years Ago…”

You know that old adage “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW”…?

Well, ignoring how the second best time would actually be 19 years and 364 days ago (ignoring leap years, even I’m not going to be that picky)…

… the point is, “Get Started”, right?

Well right now probably IS the next best time to get started, because…

  • Crypto Prices are down and people are scared
  • When people are fearful, they search for news and content
  • That’s exactly what we provide, so our traffic goes up
  • As our traffic goes up, so do our profits and value
  • The ‘slump’ means competition is lower; since most people think there isn’t as much opportunity… ha!
  • As the ‘crypto cycle’ takes off again, any crypto site built now or last summer will be perfectly positioned to benefit from all the NEW attention and spending going on!

When others are scared, quiet, when they think the opportunity is ‘over’… that’s when to get busy.



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