Leveraging Hollywood Media Exposure For 10x Business Growth with AmpiFire

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10x increase in agency earnings results testimonial

Digital marketing agency owner Denker Sage leveraged the power of content marketing with AmpiFire to promote his clients’ businesses and reach wider audiences. As a result, his income increased by ten times and one of his clients saw their loan volume increase from $7 million to over $100 million. Denker attributes his success and that of his clients to AmpiFire’s ability to amplify his clients’ content and leverage media exposure.


Building a Digital Marketing Agency From The Ground Up: The Challenges and Opportunities

Denker Sage started his digital marketing journey around 2012-2013, when he created his own Amazon store. He didn’t know much about SEO at the time, but when he discovered it, he thought it would be a great way to generate more traffic to his eCom store. He started doing SEO and found that he had a natural ability to figure out keywords and knew how to influence the internet and search results. 

Over the years, Denker used his knowledge and experience to help clients increase their revenue by optimizing their websites for search engines. He was successful, but he didn’t enjoy SEO that much because of the high competition for top Google search results with companies that were willing to do anything for higher rankings and clicks.

Denker believed that there must be a more effective way to promote businesses and drive traffic to their websites and eCom stores and started looking for something that would give him an advantage.

From his experience as an executive in Hollywood, Denker knew that public relations is all about promoting businesses and websites. He understood the power of media exposure and the press, so he started looking for something that could give him an advantage. He found AmpiFire, which he says has completely changed his agency and the way he promotes his clients’ products and services.

With AmpiFire, Denker was able to leverage the power of media and get his clients featured in top publications and media outlets. This exposure helped his clients’ businesses grow and gave them a much wider audience. Denker says that AmpiFire has been a game-changer for him and his clients, and he highly recommends it to anyone looking to promote their business and reach a wider audience.

Using AmpiFire to Get Clients Featured in Top Publications and Media Outlets

From his experience as an executive in Hollywood, Denker knew that public relations is all about promoting businesses and websites:

His understanding of media exposure and the power of the press was pretty deep.

After attending a webinar where AmpiFire founder Chris Munch discussed how companies can get promoted across high-traffic media sites and reach wider audiences, Denker knew this fit in exactly with what he knew they were doing in Hollywood:

As someone who dealt with SEO every day, Denker knew that Google doesn’t make the news. Google shares news created by news and media sites, so if a small business wants to be found on Google and attract new customers then they need to create their own content that shows up in Google searches. 



Ampifire 2.0 distribution graphic
Yet, it is highly unlikely that Google would share information from an unknown brand unless it was something very special... or unless they were using AmpiFire.

Denker Sage's Income Skyrockets with AmpiFire: 10x Increase in Earnings

Denker Sage was looking for a way to market his agency and his clients’ businesses without having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns. He quickly discovered the power of content marketing and used AmpiFire to promote local businesses and e-commerce brands online. With AmpiFire, Denker was able to leverage media exposure to grow his business and focus on building his content marketing department.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Denker came when AmpiFire introduced a video component to its content marketing campaigns. By using videos to promote his business, Denker was able to attract potential customers without having to pitch his services himself. The videos proved to be an effective way to draw attention and as a result, Denker’s income increased by ten times.

One of Denker’s clients was a mortgage broker who had been working with him for about six months. In that time, Denker was able to double the client’s loan volume and take them from $7 million in loans to over $100 million. This was a huge accomplishment, especially in light of the current market conditions. In fact, Denker’s mortgage broker client now does over $200 million in loan volume annually.

When asked about his success, Denker attributes it all to content marketing through AmpiFire. He didn’t do any SEO or paid ads, it was all through the power of content marketing.

Denker Sage Result Testimonial on Facebook

All of the results come from producing content via AmpiFire.

Denker’s successful results with a mortgage broker have not only been replicated in the same industry, but also in a variety of other businesses and industries.

Denker Sage Result Testimonial on Facebook

Denker Sage was struggling to sell the stale inventory that was sitting on his Amazon store shelf. He was even losing money on the items, as Amazon was charging him storage fees and threatened to destroy the products if they weren’t removed from his store. In an effort to turn things around, Denker experimented with AmpiFire’s content marketing platform.

Using VidBullet, he created videos for his products and then used AmpiFire to create articles from the videos. With the help of AmpiFire’s content marketing campaigns, Denker was able to quickly sell out his entire inventory on Amazon. He was surprised at how quickly and easily he was able to clear out his remaining products, and credited AmpiFire for making it happen. Overall, the platform helped Denker to improve his online presence, reach new customers, and boost sales on Amazon.

Denker Sage Result Testimonial on Facebook

By using AmpiFire, Denker has been able to help businesses in his community grow and succeed without the need for costly ad campaigns or hiring dedicated marketing teams.


Consistency in doing content marketing campaigns is one of the key components and reasons for Denker Sage’s success.

Today, Denker Sage focuses exclusively on content marketing for local businesses due to the higher profit margins.

Denker Sage has been able to attract new clients by consistently providing top-quality marketing services. His expertise in this area has helped him establish a reputation as the go-to person for online media exposure within his community. This reputation has been further strengthened by the use of AmpiFire, which has helped Denker’s agency stand out from the competition and offer a more affordable alternative to expensive and often ineffective marketing agencies.

Is AmpiFire Worth the Cost? Denker Sage Says Yes, and Here's Why

After seeing these examples, you might be wondering if the cost of AmpiFire is worth it. In short, yes it is.

As Denker puts it,  “the return on investment is astronomical.” Anybody can use AmpiFire to generate $10,000 a month, they just need to follow the training and apply their knowledge in the real world.

Denker  claims that AmpiFire is one of the best investments he has made in his business and online career thus far and the one that has enabled him to earn the easiest ½ million dollars when he started with AmpiFire! 

Denker Sage Result Testimonial on Facebook
AmpiFire is the foundation of everything Denker Sage does, and it is the key component of his success and that of his clients.

Denker loves how much AmpiFire has grown over time because it constantly improves its features based on user feedback and requests and truly believes that any person who wants success online can achieve it through this platform!

Scale Your Business By Bringing Hollywood Exposure To Your Brand Today

If you want to take your business to the next level and get the kind of Hollywood exposure that Denker Sage’s clients have enjoyed, try AmpiFire today.

AmpiFire is a content amplification platform that helps you create your own unique and effective digital publishing strategy by providing you with the tools needed to pull off a successful campaign.  It’s an all-in-one solution for creating and distributing high-quality content that you can use to build your brand and drive highly-targeted traffic back to your own website or store.

It does this by providing multiple channels for distribution of any kind of content (blog posts, news articles, podcast ads, videos and infographics) across any mediums (brand name media sites, blogs, video and audio platforms). This way AmpiFire acts as both a powerful resource AND amplifier while still allowing users freedom over their own creative process!

The more you use AmpiFire, the more traffic you’ll drive to your site—and the better off your business will be in the long run!

Book an appointment with our team and see how AmpiFire can change the way you promote your business and reach a wider audience.


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