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July 14, 2023

How I 16x Revenue | Avoiding Common Mistakes & Learning the Basics for 8-Figure Profits

Article at-a-glance:

Most people screw up the basic things when it comes to growing their business. 

These are all mistakes I made, and when I fixed them I started adding zeros (at 8 figures so far).

So let’s see why people fail… and how you can learn from it to add a zero to your profits. 

They (almost everyone) focus on the tactics, the tricks, and the new things like A.I.

We are instinctively drawn to the new & shiny things, and it ends up lowering our results, not raising them.

Why? Because it’s the basics that get results. 

It’s the Basics that Get Results

Mastering the basics is the key to achieving results and building wealth, despite the allure of shiny tactics.

If you don’t get the basics, the rest does not matter… that’s why we focus on teaching the boring basics. It is like a mindset shift for many. Eventually people get sick of the shiny and come to be boring (and wealthy) with us instead…

For example (my true story of a screw up)…
we had a couple of projects underperforming, and some even losing money. 

Was it the offer? No
Was it the need for a better funnel? No
Was it lack of traffic? No!

Those are the typical things people try to fix… because marketers and software owners tell you ‘you’re just one funnel away’ or some other cliche. 

And while it could be true the perfect funnel/traffic/system could fix everything… you could have all of those things working perfect but you will still fail.

Here’s why you probably fail…

  • The product sucks
  • The profit margin sucks
  • You don’t do enough of the work

If you get the best traffic, the best funnel, and the best offer but the product sucks and people don’t want it… guess what.


If you have traffic, you have the offer, but you don’t do the daily work like uploading your ads daily, sending the emails, running the campaigns etc. then guess what?


These are the boring basics people forget… then spend years trying to fix the wrong thing.

In our projects there was something very simple wrong… and it cost me 6 figures in lost revenue… I am still very upset about it as I don’t like making basic mistakes.

How could I lose 6 figures?

People often overlook the fundamental basics and end up wasting years trying to fix the wrong issues.

Simple… when I dug into it the core work was not getting done (ultimately my fault). Some people on the team were only working about 1-3 hours a day and doing it inefficiently… and it wasn’t really their fault as we were just not clear in being organized… 

If I work 8 hours a day on that, and do it with speed and focus I will get…

– 4x more done just on time put in
– 4x more done because I’m more organized and faster 

4x more done, in 4x the time = 1600% output!

That is 1600% more revenue! 

Do you get it now?

1/16th the result is basically bankrupt and it’s why it lost so much money. And it’s down to the simple things… and doing more of them… 

For example… while they were looking for the note/email they needed to copy and paste, I had it done like a fast chef who has all his kitchen tools ready and everything organized in a workflow designed for speed. 

In the time they send 1 email, I can send 4! 

I occasionally set a timer and compete with myself… it’s one of the first skills I used when starting out that actually got me results… competing with myself to do things fast EVERY DAY… day after day after day.

It wasn’t that long ago I was in a trap and on unemployment benefits until I figured out I had to get fast – work fast and smart… at that time the only gig I could get was being paid $3 per post as a beginner blogger… but I made it work by getting fast and was able to get over $10/hr.

When I moved onto a $10 per post gig my pay was up to $50/hr because I was fast (and effective).

Being Fast & Staying Focused

And I kept that skill with me, learning how to do things faster and stay focused and it’s taken me to 8 figures per year so far. 

I don’t need to be quite so relentless today as I have leverage (a team, a product, knowledge etc.)… but in the beginning it was an obsession.

Now & then I’ll compete with my team or students to see who can do something faster… and we all make awesome break-throughs that literally change things forever for us and our customers!

For example… One of our students Kirsty is a perfectionist and was taking nearly 3 hours to do a task that took me 15 minutes, but now she is down to under 25 minutes! 

That means 6x more profits for her as she is 6x more productive on the stuff that matters!

Getting fast is just a skill, and it comes from repetition. So by putting in more time with a focus to also get faster, you get bigger results. Maybe 16x the results like me!

If you want to learn more about our approach and how we can help you scale to 8-figures, join the discussion at Amplifyers: Content Marketing Kings (Official AmpiFire Group) .



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