July 2, 2024 Last Updated Review & Cost: Is it a Legit Platform for Authors?

Article at-a-glance: 

– offers comprehensive services for authors, from writing to promotion.

– Personalized coaching and professional services are key benefits. 

– The platform provides an educational community, which can be a valuable resource for authors.

– While the platform claims to help authors achieve bestseller status, the high costs may be prohibitive for some.

– Before committing to, authors should weigh the potential return on investment against the services’ prices.

Self-publishing has given authors the power to publish their work without the gatekeeping of traditional publishing houses. 

It’s a thriving sector, with a reported 1.68 million self-published book titles released in 2018, according to the latest ProQuest Bowker Report. 

This democratization of book publishing has led to an increase in platforms that offer self-publishing services. 

Among them, is a name that comes up often. But is it the best platform for aspiring authors? 

What is is a platform designed to guide authors through the self-publishing process. With a suite of services encompassing writing, editing, design, marketing, and more, it positions itself as a one-stop shop for authors wanting to self-publish their books and get the most success.

The mission of is to empower authors with the tools and support they need to take their book from an idea to a published work that can compete in the marketplace.

SelfPublishing’s Proprietary Publishing Process 

  • Personalized coaching from experienced publishing professionals to help authors refine their manuscripts.
  • A mastermind community to get accountability and inspiration from peers on the same journey.
  • An online education program for on-the-go learning. 
  • Professional book production that encompasses book cover design and formatting. 
  • Marketing support and promotion services to help authors reach their audience.

A screenshot of’s publishing process. has a proprietary publishing process to help authors create successful books. Programs & Resources

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, aiming to expand your business through your book, or pursuing a full-time career as an author, can help you. 

Program NameWhat it EntailsPricing 
Become a BestsellerIt’s a 5-step proven publishing process to help authors write and publish nonfiction books in as little as 90 days. The program promises to guide authors from manuscript to market, maintaining full royalties and providing significant marketing and launch support.$7,000 USD
Fundamentals of Fiction & StoryThis program guides aspiring authors through the fictional novel writing process with personalized coaching, structured publishing guidance, and community support.$7,000 USD
Market Your BookIt focuses on optimizing online presence, using social media effectively, and engaging with the target audience. The program provides playbooks for ads and PR, helping authors refine their positioning, define their brand, and sell more books with less effort. $10,000 USD
Edit Your BookThis program offers a structured approach to manuscript refinement over several phases. It begins with developmental editing (1 week), focusing on big-picture aspects such as structure and pacing. This progresses to content editing (1 week) and line editing (1-3 weeks), which refine content details and chapter flow. The process includes copyediting (1-3 weeks) to polish grammar and style, and concludes with proofreading (1-3 weeks) to ensure a polished, error-free manuscript.$5,000 USD for under 60K words

$6,000 USD for under 100K words

$7,000 USD for 100K+ words
Author Advantage Accelerator NonfictionThis is a 5-step program designed to develop bestselling nonfiction or fiction authors within 90 days. It includes personalized coaching, a step-by-step publishing guide, and done-for-you marketing services to ensure quick bestseller status. The program also integrates book publishing with business growth, leveraging a book to increase sales, attract speaking engagements, and develop new revenue streams.$16,000 USD
Author Advantage Accelerator FictionSame as above$16,000 USD
Author Accelerator EliteIt’s a 90-day initiative that provides the full benefits of traditional publishing, with no strings attached. It includes professional book production, publishing logistics, and marketing for your book launch (e.g., NYC Times Square Takeover), all managed by the service. As an author, you retain 100% of the rights, royalties, and creative control, so that you can focus on building a business and personal brand using the book.$30,000 USD
A table of’s programs, their descriptions, and pricing.

If you’re unsure about the self-publishing program to choose, take their 30-second quiz to find out.  

A screenshot of a quiz. also has a quiz to determine the right publishing program for you. Resources

There are also free resources and paid mini-courses that authors can check out before they decide to invest more in the paid programs. 

  • Free writing, publishing, and marketing tools (e.g., Book Title Generator, Book Royalties Calculator, Story Structure Template, Character Development Worksheet, and more).
  • Paid mini-courses on topics like lead magnets, formatting, and social media for authors.
  • The Self Publishing School podcast featuring interviews with New York Times Bestselling Authors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Amy Porterfield, and success stories.

A screenshot of The Self Publishing School podcast.
The Self Publishing School podcast has 200+ episodes and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Podbean, and YouTube. 

Benefits of

  1. The platform offers a wide range of services to support authors through the entire self-publishing process, including writing/editing, book production, marketing, and more. 
  2. You can get 1-on-1 support and coaching from experienced authors and publishing professionals to guide you through the self-publishing process.
  3. There are online community and educational programs, including courses, workshops, and a podcast where authors can learn from their peers. 
  4. claims their programs have helped thousands of authors reach bestseller status. Their “Become a Bestseller” program is designed to guide nonfiction authors through publishing a successful bestselling book.
  5. provides promotional opportunities like feature placements on their website and on Times Square which can raise an author’s visibility and brand.

A screenshot of a customer review of is proven to give guaranteed success to aspiring authors.

Drawbacks of

  1.’s programs are quite expensive, ranging from $7,000 to $30,000. This may be cost-prohibitive for many self-publishing authors, especially those just starting out.
  2. For authors who prefer a more hands-on approach to self-publishing,’s approach may not align with their desired level of involvement in the process.
  3. With the wide range of services and programs offered, there may be a risk of authors feeling pressured to purchase additional, higher-priced packages beyond their initial needs.
  4. There are many free and lower-cost self-publishing resources available that authors can use on their own. Pricing

  • Basic editing and formatting services can start from a few thousand dollars (e.g, the Edit for You program is $5,000 USD for under 60K words).
  • More comprehensive packages, including marketing and promotion, can climb into the thousands (e.g., the Market Your Book program has DFY marketing and is priced at $10,000 USD).
  • The top-tier services, which might include extensive coaching and personal branding assistance, could cost tens of thousands of dollars (e.g., the Author Accelerator Elite is the most premium program with all the premium features like private coaching and professional book trailer, and costs $30,000 USD).

Final Verdict

After a comprehensive look at’s offerings, it’s clear that the platform has a lot to offer authors who are serious about self-publishing. 

The range of services, the community support, and the potential for marketing and achieving bestseller status are significant benefits—but they do come with a high cost. 

While this may not be the right fit for those who are just starting out or still have doubts about self-publishing, it is a reasonable investment for those who are serious about publishing their book—and doing so with the high standard of quality and support that is expected of traditional publishing companies.

For authors who are confident that they can expect a good ROI on their book and are looking to invest in their career, could be the right choice.

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