Using Content Amplification Strategies To Drive Leads & Conversions For NYC Commercial Spaces

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Featured Snippet on Google Testimonial
According to marketers, generating traffic is the top problem for businesses today. Businesses struggle with understanding their audiences and explaining their products and services.

Many small and medium-sized companies and real estate agencies do not have the time and resources to find out what their audiences search for online. They also find it difficult to track reviews and posted comments about them and their content.

Ultimately, many businesses do not have the right tools to generate traffic and sales. If you find yourself drowning in a demanding content strategy, you can turn to new resources to boost your business – content amplification.

Content Amplification - How To Get Your Brand Noticed & Generate High-Converting Leads

Content amplification allows your content to reach a much wider audience. You can think of it as amplifying the sound of your message, brand, product, or service.

Content amplification is a method that uses online platforms to promote business content. It relies on several strategies to help your business succeed in an increasingly competitive online environment.

For example, you could use an infographic or audio ad campaign. You could create a news release or video-driven content. You can target your audience and make connections with industry influencers more effectively.

Your company can then build a stronger online presence. You can build long-term brand exposure and improve company recognition.

Content amplification can drive business traffic and sales and improve your marketing strategy.

The Art Of Amplifying Your Brand Voice To Reach Large Audiences On Major Digital Platforms And Websites

AmpiFire is the first content amplification platform that allows companies to more effectively reach their customers. We manage the production and distribution of tailored content to drive business connections in this age of online competition.

How does it work? AmpiFire creates strategic content for your company and  optimizes its placement. For example, AmpiFire places brands on the largest traffic news sites. These sites include Yahoo! StreetInsider, Associated Press, Bloomberg, NBC Affiliate sites and more.

AmpiFire focuses on providing online visibility for your business by channeling tailored content through digital placements and websites. For example, AmpiFire transforms an article into a news release, video, or blog post. AmpiFire then places this content on prominent sites, such as Google News, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

AmpiFire creates, refines, and distributes six content types. This content is then sent out to hundreds of digital platforms and websites. Each unique campaign has at least one news article, blog post, video, Infographic, and audio advertisement.

AmpiFire has become a world-class content marketing company and has the results to prove it.

This Real Estate Agency's Amp Content Is Holding A Featured Snippet on Google for 6 Months and Counting!

Let’s have a look at a prime example of AmpiFire’s effectiveness and how AmpFire content marketing campaigns with premium distribution helped a real estate agency build a stronger, more powerful presence in the virtual office market.

One of our long-time users Edward Winslow was looking for a way to generate traffic for a NY-based real estate agency and promote their office spaces.  After working with us to develop content marketing campaigns that were optimized for premium distribution, Edward saw his client’s business get top results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One of our articles is currently being used as a “featured snippet” (NB: USA search engine) by Google—and it’s been there for over 6 months! Our content marketing campaigns are still holding this top spot.
NYC Virtual Office Monthly Cost Google Search
Edward knew from his experience working with other clients that the Amp campaigns were a great way to generate more traffic and leads for real estate agencies.
One of the biggest benefits of working with AmpFire is our understanding of how to get our clients’ content onto high-ranking pages on Google. Our team knows what kind of content will be effective and how to distribute it effectively as well. Edward has seen a bump in traffic every month since he began using AmpFire, plus upward trending traffic, higher highs and higher lows. He can also expect more amps every month as his business continues to grow. His goal was to continue with the same campaign but increase the number of articles produced each month.
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When you work with AmpFire, you're guaranteed to get more views —and more traffic from those views!
The AmpiFire writers created an integrated campaign that included premium distribution of content across multiple channels.

Massive Online Visibility For The NY Agency's Mobile Workspaces

This Amp campaign was distributed to more than 400 high-traffic sites which resulted in the real estate having an article about its mobile working environments that holds a top spot in Google and Yahoo searches since November 2021.

This exposure leads potential clients to learn more about the company and its services. 

The results indicate that the real estate agency has seen increases in traffic and upward trending traffic. These positive results were secured using an Ampifire campaign released in a $15-$20 per click market.

Amp Result Testimonial on Facebook Group
Edward has confirmed that his client immediately secured new business.

The client was very happy with the results and has decided to continue working with Edward and AmpFire for ongoing content marketing campaigns.

Enjoy A Massive Leap Forward & Expand Your Online Presence With AmpiFire

AmpiFire’s content amplification platform can help your company get the exposure it needs to succeed. Edward’s story is a great case study for how this works. They used AmpiFire’s premium campaign to get their message out there, and it paid off with an increase in traffic and sales.

Your company could also benefit from this kind of exposure and generate traffic and sales by booking an appointment with us today!

AmpiFire Users' Success Stories: