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Andrew Graf
Marketing Specialist

The AmpiFire Method

How Our 3 Step Process Drives Long Term Organic Traffic



We discover what people want to buy from you and create the ideal content to capture their attention.



We create a news article, blog post, video, infographic, slideshow and an audio ad from a single piece of seed content.



We distribute all this content across hundreds of trusted brands, sites and platforms across the internet such as Business Insider, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest.

Interrupt the Buyer Journey with AmpiFire

People are looking and researching in your industry. Use AmpiFire's organic traffic strategy to get in front of your potential buyers as they research your product.

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  • icon-megaphone
    Has a problem, or sees your Ad
  • icon-search
    Researches solutions online
  • icon-window
    Views AmpiFire content
  • icon-shopping-bag
    Proceeds to buy or take action
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AmpiFire is truly one of those tools you want to have in your marketing tool box. It's perfect for any business without an in-house content marketing team and its distribution power is unmatched (from what I have seen in the marketplace). I would recommend combining the use of this service with your own paid and SEO marketing efforts to maximize results.

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Recommended by Industry Leaders

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Medical Device Sees +300% in eCom Traffic With AmpiFire - Generates Initial +51% in Sales


Furniture eCom Store Gets 417.8% Traffic Boost

Build Trust & Authority
With The Best Distribution

The AmpiFire Method is paired up with some of the best distribution on the planet. Both in terms of placements and mediums.

AmpiFire repurposes in these formats


Connect your brand with our high-authority blog sites. Our team of writers carefully write each blog post to align with the overall content plan.

  • msn
  • dailymoss
  • myspace


Like our blog posts, a team of writers carefully write each article to align with the overall content plan.

  • digital journal
  • business insider
  • yahoo
  • medium


AmpiFire’s AI and machine learning technology repurposes the content created in the blog and article formats to create the slideshow. Before submitting for approval, our team of writers will carefully edit each slideshow to ensure it matches with the original topic and content plan.

  • slideshare
  • calameo
  • issuu
  • box


AmpiFire’s AI and machine learning technology repurposes the content created in the blog and article formats to create the Podcast. Our writers review the script before the audio ad is created and sent for approval.

  • spotify
  • apple podcast
  • google podcast
  • podbean


AmpiFire’s AI and machine learning technology repurposes the content created in the blog and article formats to create the Podcast. Our writers review the images and content before the infographic is created and sent for approval.

  • pinterest
  • diigo
  • scoop-it
  • imageshackt


AmpiFire’s AI and machine learning technology repurposes the content created in the blog and article formats to create the Podcast. Our writers review the text and content before the final Video is created and sent for approval.

  • youtube
  • vimeo

Let us Scale Your Organic Traffic

  • Develop long-term, sustainable growth with Organic Traffic
  • Personalized AmpiFire Content Plan using our proprietary AmpiFire Method
  • Done-With-You Content Creation
  • Omnichannel content: Blog Post, Infographic, Unique Video & Audio Ad, Personalized Slideshow Presentation
  • Publish to hundreds of authority sites
  • Full distribution PDF reporting and performance Dashboard

Packages Starting from $2,000 per month

Whitelabel AmpiFire

Build an Amp Agency, or resell AmpiFire and our optional customer managed service. 

Partner with AmpiFire

Looking to refer your customers? Or possibly work on some type of collaboration? 

Bulk Pricing

Need to create, repurpose and distribute a ton of content? Get the best rates with our Bulk Pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We help brands get more targeted buyer traffic from the biggest and best traffic source in the world. Improves brand presence online and increases conversions across all traffic sources.

  • It depends, our monthly subscription options start from $2,000 per month. To determine which package is correct for you, our team will need to examine your goals as well as your industry’s competition.

  • On average, most customers begin to see results between months 6 and 12. The range depends on a number of factors such as: goals, industry, existing organic competition among others.

  • Yes, we can help most businesses where English is the primary language of commerce. We have customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and even UAE.

  • Once signed up, during our onboarding process, our team will complete in-depth research to uncover untapped content opportunities. Once your bespoke content plan has been created, we will pursue the creation of content as prescribed - by doing this at a high velocity, we are able to build trust with search engines that will place our content in front of your target customers.

  • No, not every business can benefit from AmpiFire. During our initial conversation we will identify whether or not we can help you and your business.

  • Generally speaking, content marketing can deliver an ROI up to 10X or more, depending on the industry. Unlike paid advertising, it takes time to ramp up, however, once established it continues to deliver for years to come as long as it's maintained. In comparison, many industries see an ROI of 3-5X with paid advertising.

  • No, we do not. The implementation of the AmpiFire Method cannot be trialed as it is a lengthy process that takes time. Making a 14 or 30 day trial almost near impossible to deliver.

  • Most likely not. Our approach does not rely on distributing to relevant sites in an industry, but instead leveraging high authority websites to publish content. This makes us less reliant on acquiring browser traffic from a specific website, but instead we interrupt the buyer’s journey with highly relevant content that then steers them to your product or service.

  • Yes. We have methods that allow us to cater content to specific locations and even neighborhood pockets. These strategies also can help to influence Google Places and local search results.

  • No, but we do offer an incentive for businesses who wish to pay for their AmpiFire services annually in advance.

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