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Ultra-specific content about your business on 3rd-party business that drives hyper-targeted traffic

Why Choose AmpiFire?

The AmpiFire strategy is simple and effective. We are all about creating online visibility for you and your brand by combining strategic content and multimedia throughout hundreds of high value digital placements and websites. This is recognized both by search engines and people to increase your online exposure.


Boost Sales


Scale your business with ultra-specific Content


Increase exposure with hundreds of placements


5x More Powerful Than Online Press Releases

Strategically Designed

AmpiFire fuels your marketing by saving you and your business time and money, giving businesses like yours the chance to grow using content marketing If you were to price this yourself by hiring individual contractors, you would be paying hundreds more. Completing each step as a solopreneur or marketing specialist would net 14 hours away from your week-to-week duties.


How it Works

We’ve boiled down an extremely complicated process into three easy steps. These steps offer an opportunity for any business to get seen online in a matter of days.

Get featured on Google News, affiliated NBC & CBS sites, YouTube, Slideshare and hundreds of more sites.


Ultra-specific content about your business

AmpiFire is the world’s first automated content creation & distribution software that combines talented writers with technology that utilizes automation, machine learning and AI. Here is how our process works.

The Most Diverse and Unique Distribution on the Planet

We’ve spent years curating and building a distribution unlike any other. We’ve signed publisher agreements, built our own blog network, and set up direct integrations with some of the world’s biggest websites and platforms.

Quality Distribution

Some of the key placements every campaign can take advantage of is Google News, NBC, MarketWatch, YouTube, Pinterest, Yahoo Finance and many more!


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