How To Use Amps To Dominate The Entire Front Page of Google For Contractors & Law Firms




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Google domination contractors and law firms
Scott Cabell, owner at S3 Media Group, was looking for a better way to help his clients reach their marketing goals. He learned that with AmpiFire, business owners can grow their online presence and dominate the SERP with their own content even in competitive niches.

Utilizing the AI-powered content amplification platform, he created effective content marketing strategies and has delivered consistently significant results to small and medium-size local businesses.
“I’ve run a local digital agency so we’ve been using the product primarily for local clients. So we deal a lot with contractors - from HVAC industry, plumbing, electrical fencing contractors.

So we’ve seen some really good results with the product in terms of helping those clients start getting more and more traffic to their websites, increases to GMB.“
Scott Cabell
Scott Cabel

Generating Quality Traffic To Websites & Boosting GMB Listings

We have seen how well Scott Cabell has achieved impressive results over the years through the use of AmpiFire training, tools and tactics. His marketing agency offers an ongoing optimization service for GMB as it is extremely important for the contractors he works with.

Scott Cabell has used the content amplification campaigns to distribute high-quality content on brand name media sites for his clients and to get new positive reviews for the promoted local businesses.

“They have to have the reviews. We are using Amps to help push up rankings and authority to those listings with the other things that we’re doing. And we’re seeing good results from that in competitive markets.“

Scott Cabell
Today, if they want to improve a brand’s online visibility in a very competitive niche, Scott Cabell and his team will “step up the game” and launch a premium Amp campaign.

“If we are implementing AmpiFire, we would have to look at throwing in some Big3 campaign, because we’ve found that getting those links from Yahoo Finance, Reuters or Big3 type of companies, really helps for those ultra competitive niches.”

Scott Cabell
The Amp campaigns have also helped him successfully position a small firm in his own city in top rankings, against fierce competition.

“We are spreading out content through the AmpiFire system, whether it be the blogs or the podcasts… And all of those are sending really good signals to our client websites and Google’s picking up on it.

I had a personal injury attorney in the city where I live and she was ranking for “motorcycle accident attorneys” right away in a very competitive space, where we have several attorneys spending over $100,000 a month.

You know, big law firms, spending big bucks on traditional marketing and doing SEO and that sort of thing. And here’s an attorney that is much smaller and we’re able to position her as an authority out there, amongst all of the big law firms. And it’s just, it’s just amazing.”

Scott Cabell
Scott Cabell revealed that as a result of released Amp campaigns, his agency had helped a local fence contractor enjoy a steady increase in job inquiries, on a weekly basis. And more…

“We had signed a company down on the Mississippi Gulf coast area. And it’s interesting for their business name, when we ran consecutive Amps, they pretty much dominated the entire front page of Google, including the knowledge graph on the right.

They are crushing it down there in their area and that’s for a led sign company, right? Then we have a fence company that’s doing the same thing down there on the Gulf coast, and even in a competitive industry. They basically repair and sell big rig tractor trailer type of services. So they’ve been doing exceptionally well in multiple areas.

From that standpoint, we’ve seen a lot of growth from traffic for these clients, just using the AmpiFire system. And their leads and calls have definitely gone up. I mean for my fence contractor, pretty much every week, they are getting inquiries just on Facebook for new fence jobs and things like that.“

Scott Cabel
Scott Cabel’s consistent use of AmpiFire campaigns demonstrates the commitment of his company to helping local businesses “conquer their market with online marketing that delivers results.”

One way he is able to do this is by using AmpiFire to get businesses to the top of Google in just 48 hours. In a recent interview, he shared several examples of how he’s used the platform to help his clients succeed:

“Basically, with AmpiFire, we’ve been able to position our clients much faster in local markets in terms of getting news out there about those companies, in seeing the traffic increases from pretty much within 48 to 72 hours from launching the news article, we’re seeing great ranking results.

So it’s accelerated our ability to get the messaging out for our clients in terms of their product or services versus having to go in a traditional SEO.”

Scott Cabel
Besides, Scott Cabel has been a client of ours for the past couple of years and has been very pleased with our customer support team, which he says has been saving him time and money.

“The team has been doing a great job, you know. If we have a support issue or a problem with a video getting hung up and it doesn’t post or whatever, I know your team always does a great job getting back to us quickly and resolving the issue. So that’s much appreciated.”

Scott Cabel
Scott has been following the AmpiFire training and believes it has helped him become more effective at work: during the sessions, he learned the ins and outs of how to maximize his Amps and get on the fast track to success:

“And of course, yourself [Jay] and Chris, you do a great job of articulating exactly what needs to be done. And so I’ve just tried to follow that, where I carve out time and say “Hey, I’m going to commit to going through this.

So I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to maximize these Amps.”

Scott Cabel

AmpiFire - The Right Marketing Partner You've Been Waiting For

Scott’s marketing agency effectively complements traditional SEO with AmpiFire to provide faster results to businesses across the South-east coast. As a result, many of his clients started dominating their competitive local markets.

It is no secret that SEO has been around for quite some time now. It is an effective strategy when it comes to marketing your business online, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get the results you want. That’s where Ampifire comes in. With Ampifire, you can expect to see your search engine rankings increase within just a few weeks. Best of all, it doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills to implement this strategy!

If you’re looking for an easy solution that will help grow your business’ online presence quickly and easily, then book an appointment with us today!


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