Marketing Agency Services For Lawyers: Content Strategy Helps Law Firms Gain Local Keyword Domination




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Google domination contractors and law firms

In this case study, you’ll learn how AmpiFire helps small and medium-sized businesses grow their online visibility and get more customers online even in competitive niches.

Scott Cabell is one of our users and he owns a marketing agency S3 Media Group.

He helps businesses like contractors, lawyers, and fence companies get more traffic to their websites, job inquiries, and customers by using our content marketing services.

He creates and shares highly-targeted content that makes it easier for people to find his clients’ businesses on Google.

Here’s what Scott said about his experience: 

“I’ve run a local digital agency so we’ve been using the product primarily for local clients. So we deal a lot with contractors - from HVAC industry, plumbing, electrical fencing contractors.

So we’ve seen some really good results with the product in terms of helping those clients start getting more and more traffic to their websites, increases to GMB.“

Scott Cabell
Scott Cabell

AmpiFire's Marketing Strategy Helps Lawyers Boost Their GMB Listings & Drive Quality Traffic to Websites

Scott Cabell has been using AmpiFire’s training, tools, and tactics to achieve impressive results for years. His marketing agency provides an ongoing optimization service for GMB, recognizing its critical importance for the contractors he works with.

One of the ways in which Cabell has been able to boost his clients’ online visibility and authority and get new positive reviews has been through AmpiFire: by distributing hyper-focused content on brand name media sites.

“They have to have the reviews. We are using Amps to help push up rankings and authority to those listings with the other things that we’re doing. And we’re seeing good results from that in competitive markets.“

AmpiFire's Marketing Campaigns Get Faster Results for Local Brands Than Outdated SEO

The AmpiFire campaigns are hyper-targeted content that is published on a wide range of popular websites and high-traffic platforms.

These campaigns can be in various formats such as video, audio, slideshows, articles, blogs, and infographics.

They help build authority and trust with search engines and other traffic platforms, and attract high-quality, targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into sales.

Ampifire Distribution Graphic
The Amp campaigns are designed to improve brand and product reputation, increase exposure and traffic.

Unlike outdated SEO methods that can take weeks or even months to show results, Amp campaigns enable businesses to dominate their local markets within just 48 hours.

“Basically, with AmpiFire, we’ve been able to position our clients much faster in local markets in terms of getting news out there about those companies, in seeing the traffic increases from pretty much within 48 to 72 hours from launching the news article, we’re seeing great ranking results.

So it’s accelerated our ability to get the messaging out for our clients in terms of their product or services versus having to go in a traditional SEO.”

Scott Cabell
Scott Cabell

By leveraging the power of AmpiFire campaigns, Scott’s clients have enjoyed unprecedented success in their respective markets, with increased traffic and rankings that translate into real business growth.

How Hyper-Targeted Content Can Help Laws Firms Beat Big Competitors & Dominate Google's Front Page

The Amp campaigns have helped Scott successfully position a small law firm in his own city in top rankings, against fierce competition.

“We are spreading out content through the AmpiFire system, whether it be the blogs or the podcasts… And all of those are sending really good signals to our client websites and Google’s picking up on it.

I had a personal injury attorney in the city where I live and she was ranking for “motorcycle accident attorneys” right away in a very competitive space, where we have several attorneys spending over $100,000 a month.

You know, big law firms, spending big bucks on traditional marketing and doing SEO and that sort of thing. And here’s an attorney that is much smaller and we’re able to position her as an authority out there, amongst all of the big law firms. And it’s just, it’s just amazing.”

Scott Cabell
Scott Cabell

How AmpiFire Campaigns Can Benefit Any Niche, Not Just Law Firms

AmpiFire campaigns are not just limited to law firms, and their potential benefits span across a wide range of niches. Scott Cabell shared a success story about a local fence contractor whose job inquiries saw a steady increase on a weekly basis after implementing AmpiFire campaigns.

“We had signed a company down on the Mississippi Gulf coast area. And it’s interesting for their business name, when we ran consecutive Amps, they pretty much dominated the entire front page of Google, including the knowledge graph on the right.

They are crushing it down there in their area and that’s for a led sign company, right? Then we have a fence company that’s doing the same thing down there on the Gulf coast, and even in a competitive industry. They basically repair and sell big rig tractor trailer type of services. So they’ve been doing exceptionally well in multiple areas.

From that standpoint, we’ve seen a lot of growth from traffic for these clients, just using the AmpiFire system. And their leads and calls have definitely gone up. I mean for my fence contractor, pretty much every week, they are getting inquiries just on Facebook for new fence jobs and things like that.“

Scott Cabell
Scott Cabell

Despite being in a highly competitive industry, the contractor was able to dominate the front page of Google and gain an edge over its competitors.

As a result, they have seen a significant increase in traffic, leads, and calls.

AmpiFire campaigns have proven to be effective in boosting online visibility and generating quality traffic for businesses across all niches, as highlighted by this success story and others. It showcases how AmpiFire can help businesses achieve their goals and succeed online.

How To Leverage 8-Figure Traffic Sites To Increase A Business Brand Authority

To take their clients’ online presence to the next level, Cabell and his team also launch premium Amp campaigns.

This strategy involves getting a site or offer published on major authority websites such as Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Yahoo! News and others. By leveraging the recognition and trust already established by these well-known brands, this marketing tactic is designed to increase brand authority and recognition.

Access to distribution channels like those provided by the Premium Amp Campaign is not typically available to most businesses.

However, AmpiFire makes it easy for small businesses and startups to level the playing field by putting together a short article using the software.

As Scott confirms, it is an effective way to level the playing field for small businesses and startups who may not have the recognition or trust to stand on their own:

“If we are implementing AmpiFire, we would have to look at throwing in some Big3 campaign, because we’ve found that getting those links from Yahoo Finance, Reuters or Big3 type of companies, really helps for those ultra competitive niches.”

The Amp campaigns can generate significant returns on investment by boosting brand recognition and authority. By utilizing AmpiFire’s comprehensive marketing strategies, lawyers and other businesses can improve their GMB listings and drive quality traffic to their websites.

AmpiFire's Training & Customer Support Can Help Anyone Replicate This Success

Scott Cabell has been a satisfied client of ours for the past couple of years, and he believes that our customer support team has been instrumental in saving him time and money.

“The team has been doing a great job, you know. If we have a support issue or a problem with a video getting hung up and it doesn’t post or whatever, I know your team always does a great job getting back to us quickly and resolving the issue. So that’s much appreciated.”

In his own words, Scott has been following the AmpiFire training and believes it has helped him achieve this success: during the sessions, he learned the ins and outs of how to maximize his Amps, how his clients can take advantage of the AmpiFire effect to get on the fast track to success:

“And of course, yourself [Jay] and Chris, you do a great job of articulating exactly what needs to be done. And so I’ve just tried to follow that, where I carve out time and say “Hey, I’m going to commit to going through this.

So I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to maximize these Amps.”

We have an an active community of users who are always happy. For instance, check out the guide and tips by another successful long-time user of ours –  Julian Thornton on how to maximize the benefits of using AmpiFire.

Boost Your Clients' Credibility & Online Visibility with AmpiFire

Scott’s marketing agency effectively complements traditional SEO with AmpiFire to provide faster results to businesses across the South-east coast. As a result, many of his clients started dominating their competitive local markets.

It is no secret that SEO has been used for a long time to market businesses online, but it can be a time-consuming and challenging process to see significant results.

However, content marketing has emerged as a better alternative to SEO. With content marketing, businesses can create valuable and relevant content that attracts and engages their target audience, resulting in increased online visibility and more customers.

With the right approach and content marketing strategies, businesses can achieve significant results in their digital marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about how content marketing can help businesses grow their online visibility and attract clicks and customers, book an appointment with us today!

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