Executive Summary

Patrick Sipperly used to focus on video as his go-to marketing tool for his clients, but it wasn't right for everyone.

It seemed like every time he started to see some traction, his efforts were thwarted.

He decided to search for new tools that worked for various niches and to offer a range of services that would allow him to grow his business.

When he discovered AmpiFire and after a complete mindset shift, his fortunes changed.

See how by offering media exposure services to his clients, Patrick managed to take on new businesses and generate traffic and income with the AmpiFire system.


Prior to joining AmpiFire, Patrick Sipperly realized that while video was a great marketing tool, it wasn’t always the greatest one for all of his clients.

It was apparent that he needed to think differently and add new tools to his arsenal if he wanted to continue to offer premium marketing services and scale his business.

Keeping up with the current marketing trends, he decided to broaden his services portfolio and look for a platform that would give him all the tools he needed.

In order to better serve his existing local clients, Patrick invested in AmpiFire - the content marketing platform that would allow him to offer media exposure services and would enable him to get more customers and grow his marketing agency.


Being a victim of shiny object syndrome, Patrick postponed incorporating AmpiFire into his services for over a year.

He got over the hurdles when he realized that one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs made that prevented them from growing their businesses was not taking action.

When he invested the time to study the training material and implement the business model, his confidence in the system improved.

He managed to develop a content strategy that worked in every niche.

For the past couple of years, Patrick Sipperly has been using AmpiFire to create content on steroids for his local clients, to generate new business, and to grow his company.

He has been able to take on new businesses for his media exposure and traffic generation services. He has successfully delivered content marketing campaigns to plumbers, HVAC experts, pest control service providers, dentists and more.

He has also leveraged the Amp campaigns as means to promote his blogs and generate affiliate income.


Using AmpiFire provided Patrick Sipperly with a new groundbreaking marketing tool that delivers measurable results to his clients.

The content amplification platform has helped him increase his video marketing company’s conversions and revenue by “on average about a thousand dollars a month minimum.”

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