How To Dominate Local SEO Rankings And Boost Conversions On Rank And Rent Websites

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David Batchelor

David Batchelor has been renting traffic to fencing and painting contractors and helping small local businesses with their online presence for years.

He decided to grow his business without spending more money on online advertising. He needed a way to climb the rankings and to start generating leads and conversions without paying for ad clicks.

Ever since he joined AmpiFire, David Batchelor has seen a steady increase in the rankings and GMB listings and has been getting tons of traffic to his rank and rent websites.

How To Generate Quality Backlinks And Boost Traffic When You're Struggling

David Batchelor runs a small business that specializes in working with fencing and painting contractors.

David was struggling to get traffic and the results he wanted with Facebook ads. Meanwhile, quality links weren’t getting any easier to find. 

He was looking for a solution that would enable him to drive targeted traffic and conversions and that would help him better compete against larger brands with more advertising power. He knew he needed to get creative. 

He tried AmpiFire and started to see the results he had been looking for.

The Fastest Way To Secure Top Google And GMB Rankings

In February 2019, he found AmpiFire, which radically changed the way he approached content marketing.

David has been using AmpiFire primarily for building backlinks. He has a couple of sites he’s trying to “rank and rent”, but, as he explains, his approach is a little bit different:

“My traffic just comes from Google, from local people looking to get a fence or to get the roof painted or something like that.

So they’ll go on Google and obviously, they'll search. And obviously, I like to control it, like I could do it physically, and just charge a small $500 per month. I charge between 10 to 15% on every deal that goes through.

And the reason I like to control it is because it means I can get reviews and stuff like that on my Facebook page and Google page.

I've got a lot of reviews, especially for a couple of my businesses that have been running a little bit longer, and the reason I get that is because I can control it.

A lot of fencing contractors and painters are actually not good at marketing. So I like to have more of a hands-on approach. Instead of charging a flat $500 fee or a fathom dollar fee a month, I clip the ticket each time. Well, you pay me and I pay a contractor.”

AmpiFire has helped him rank high in Google and secure top GMB rankings in his industry. As a result, he has started squeezing more revenue out of each domain.

“I've got some good painting businesses and fencing businesses and try to get people to come to me. And obviously being ranked number one at Google and being ranked number one organically in the GMB is really important. And next, we’re sold using AMPs.

So I just try and stay focused on that because that's what has made me the money. I've got to stay focused on what I'm doing because that's working and it's producing; that's produced some good revenue for me.“

Using AmpiFire’s dedicated content writers, he can have the campaigns done quickly, allowing him to spend more time planning his SEO strategies or coming up with topics for new or existing “rank and rent” sites.

He can easily expand his business into other niches using the same strategy, but he prefers to stay within his current niche, since he already has a format and is familiar with it:

“Every product is different. If I went into other niches, I've got to learn about that niche and all its nuances. I'd rather just expand to different regions.

If I went much bigger, I would look at maybe going into Australia or another region, as opposed to getting into different niches.“

In just a couple of years, David Batchelor has already signed 10 contractors for his rank and rent sites. 

AmpiFire has been an asset to his businesses: his rankings and conversions have been steadily rising and have enabled him to scale and grow his business.

Skyrocket Your Rankings And Conversions In Just A Few Months

Since David Batchelor found AmpiFire, his business has been running like a well-oiled machine. AmpiFire gave him the tools, insights, and training so he can start getting the results he deserves.

He can now generate more leads and conversions for his business. No more struggling against the “big guys” – with AmpiFire, he can now compete on an even playing field.

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