The Importance of Consistent Output For Content Marketing ROI - A Case Study




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Maximize your ROI with Consistent Content Marketing
Content marketing, like any other strategy, has its ebbs and flows. If you’re not committed to it, you’ll see a decrease in your results. But if you are committed? You’ll see the benefits of your content marketing efforts over time.

This case study shows how two very different businesses—a self-defense and personal protection products business (Company A) and a floor cleaning business (Company B)—both invested in content marketing (AmpiFire) only to cease their commitment after about 1 year, with Company A gradually reducing their content output during an additional 3-year period.

Third party sources ( & show this direct correlation between content output (Amps) and website traffic, proving that content marketing needs to be a long-term investment driven by commitment and consistency in content output.

ROI in content marketing must be viewed with a longer-term vision, despite what it may feel like at times!

Despite Their Efforts In Content Marketing, They Were Getting Nowhere

Before Company A and Company B joined AmpiFire, they struggled to get their websites ranked on the first page of Google. They tried various SEO agencies, keyword generation tools, guest content posting on other networks, and using other strategies to generate traffic and links back to their content and web assets.

Both companies competed in congested markets for their respective areas (flooring cleaning and eCommerce) and they very much needed visibility to boost their product legitimacy. This was a struggle and their marketing ROI suffered for it.

In Content Marketing, Consistency Is Everything - Volume and Frequency Are Needed To Rank

When it comes to building online visibility and traffic to your site, nothing is more powerful than consistently ranking higher in online search for those keywords and terms most important to your target segment.

Search leaders such as Google constantly analyze the web for quality content that allows them to answer their user’s search inquiries as accurately as possible. The more expressive, detailed, and informative the content is, the more Google will favor that content. The more Google favors that content, the more authoritative that content (and the sites they point to) will become—pushing them up in search results ranking.

To achieve higher ranking in Google search for their markets, both Company A and Company B needed large amounts of quality content and a wide distribution of that content. Both companies were small businesses that did not have dedicated marketing teams, so they decided to rely on AmpiFire as their one-stop-shop for content marketing.

Content Marketing Without Commitment = Poor Results - These Businesses Learned The Hard Way

In May 2017, Company A started using AmpiFire to generate brand mentions for their online store. They began strong with more than 4 Amps per month. An Amp is a content campaign made-up of 6 different formats, including a news article, blog, slideshow, infographic, podcast, and a video, and distributed to over 400 different websites.

By June 2018 they began gradually reducing their monthly Amp output and were not consistent every month with the number of Amps they distributed. The last campaign was published in April 2022 (red mark in below image). website traffic stats for Company A
Source: website traffic stats for Company A
We recommended focusing on long-tail keywords that were relevant to Company A’s self-defence and personal protection products and that would help drive traffic back to their website from Google Search.

Whenever Company A released new campaigns for their store, the Amps helped secure top positions on Google’s search result pages for their personal protection products. Rankings for organic search (for keywords they were most interested in) went through the roof, with many Top 3 or 1st page placements in search results.
Recorded Keyword Rankings Explanation
Sample from one of Company A’s Amp distribution reports.
AmpiFire’s hook mixing technique and adding multiple keywords to the content module headlines has led to getting more keywords ranked in Google for all of our customers – Company A was not an exception.

Company A shared that having AmpiFire amplify those keywords through content on various sites, linking back to their online shopfront, had increased the ranking of their products for those keywords and that had also increased traffic to their main website.

Company A is one of many companies we have helped to increase their sales by improving their online exposure and visibility. The results have been fantastic as they have seen a huge increase in their traffic and sales.
Amp Appearance Graphic
The AmpiFire’s Customer Metrics Dashboard shows how Company A generated more than 31K brand mentions (placements on sites indexed by Google) for their brands and thousands of page 1 rankings for keyword combinations important to the company
When asked about their experience with the Ampifire, Company A states: “It’s been really good… easy to use and very intuitive. It works great. We’re getting lots of backlinks from it and we’re getting keywords ranked. So all that stuff’s working well.” According to the above data, from June 2018 until April 2022, Company A gradually reduced its Amp output for an unknown reason, and Ampifire immediately detected a negative impact on their website traffic. Company B, a small floor cleaning business, began using AmpiFire in Feb 2021 and signed-up for an annual subscription plan. A change in management resulted in their annual subscription not renewing; The impact on their website traffic is visible in the below figure:
Traffic Trend Gaphic
Number of Amps (left-side graph) over time vs. website traffic over time (right-side graph, source:
We see a direct correlation between Amp consistency and website traffic once again.

Do Not Do Content Marketing If You Can't Invest Resources Over The Long-Term

Are you tired of struggling to grow your business despite having a top-notch product? Lack of visibility and credibility can be the culprit.

That’s where AmpiFire comes in – to skyrocket your visibility and establish your legitimacy in the market. Content marketing is a long-term game that demands consistency for maximum results.

That’s why having a solid strategy is key before diving into content creation. The most common mistake businesses make is abandoning their content efforts, but with a well-planned strategy, you’ll avoid that pitfall. Three elements make up a winning content marketing campaign:

  1. Target – Focus on a set of keywords repeatedly across various campaigns and formats.
  2. Volume – Google won’t pay attention to you if you don’t have enough content in your market.
  3. Frequency – Fresh content is rewarded by Google, so ensure you keep your content recent and consistent.

Don’t let the thought of content marketing overwhelm you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, just done right. But remember, it takes time and patience to see results. Don’t expect immediate outcomes. Set realistic goals, be ready for trial and error, and stick with it!
One of the most important things to remember about content marketing is that it takes time to create and run a successful campaign. Many companies jump into content marketing with the expectation of immediate results. This is a mistake. Content marketing is a long-term commitment and has a longer-term horizon when it comes to measuring results.

It’s important to set realistic goals and expectations for your content marketing efforts before you start spending time or money on them. It’s also important to have patience as you work toward those goals. You need to be ready for some trial and error, as well as some setbacks along the way. While it may seem daunting at first, we promise you’ll find success if you stick with it!

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably ready to take your business to the next level.

We’re here to help you do that. It’s time for you to build your content plan and start getting found by your target segment looking for products just like yours.

Book an appointment with our team of experts today and discover how you can save time and money while maximizing your content marketing efforts.

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