From A Self-Employed Entrepreneur To A 5-Figure Marketing Agency With The Asigo System [Case Study]




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Cameron Miles, a marketing agency owner based in Connecticut, US and an AmpiFire and Asigo System user, is a young entrepreneur who has been working in the business world since he was 17. At that age, he started his first company: a men’s jewelry business.  

After selling that business as a way to make extra income and pay for college tuition, Cameron tried to get back into a business while he was at school. 

He tried his hand at social media marketing but he quickly found out that this wasn’t the right path for him though: after spending too much money on advertising, he couldn’t get any results at all.

“I don’t know if I was just terrible at it or if it was just too difficult,” Cameron says today, reflecting on this point in his life. 

Either way, AmpiFire came along at just the right time. He wanted to build a business that would allow him to take care of his family and finally live in the manner he felt was right. 

He kept going – and he never stopped thinking about what he was chasing.

Beat The Clock: Marketing Agency In A Booming eServices Industry in 2 Months

Cameron joined AmpiFire in the summer of 2019 and it took him 500 emails and a couple of months before he got his first client – a restaurant consulting and hospitality consulting business. 

But once it started happening, he found that bringing in the next few clients was way easier. 

“I think prospecting with this kind of service is exponential,” he says, “the first one is the hardest and then each one after that becomes exponentially easier.”

We all know that the key to success in any business is having clients. But what if you could get clients to come to you?

Well, Cameron did just that! The AmpiFire training helped him close referrals from clients who were pleasantly surprised by the results Cameron was generating for their businesses through our content marketing campaigns.

Even though Massachusetts is probably the most competitive area for the industry Cameron’s first client is in, as a result of the Amp campaigns, his business dominates the search results in Boston for his niche.

Source. The Amp campaign lead to a steady increase in brand mentions and traffic to the site.

The best part? His client agreed to Cameron’s premium marketing services because of his success with AmpiFire!

Cameron started growing his client list by getting referrals from existing clients and offering them discounts on their monthly bills in return for sending him referrals.

Since starting this process, he’s been able to grow his business significantly while staying focused on what matters most: helping local businesses succeed!  

Cameron credits the training he received through AmpiFire as being instrumental in his success. He says: “If you follow the trainings and the information, and the PowerPoints, you will close a client.”

Consistency, repetition, and making it part of your daily routine are all keys to success with our software. 

Just remember: this isn’t an overnight fix—it takes time for results to come in. But if you put in the work every day without fail? You will see results!

$1,500+ Worth Of Sales In One Night With A Single Amp Campaign

The results were even better than Cameron expected! 

His clients loved how easy it was for them to get featured on new sites and share content with their target audience—they had no idea that so many people were reading their Amp content! Now they’re starting to see more leads and sales than ever before.


One of Cameron’s first clients was an ecommerce business which specialized in face masks for COVID sufferers. 

Cameron used AmpiFire to get the products in front of more than double the number of potential customers. After the publication of a single Amp campaign, his client received $1,500 worth of sales overnight from her new audience—and that was without having to spend any money on ads or other marketing methods.

"I noticed that my clients love the service because basically they have the power of all these news sites in their hands. They can make those news sites say anything positive about their business—that's a very powerful thing. And I recognized that and it basically gave me confidence on sales calls.

This gets back to the King's frame. We as service providers have the power here to grow your business and expose your business in ways that you couldn't even imagine… And I think that realization was really like the turning point for my success.

Cameron Miles

After that success, Cameron started to work with more clients: personal trainers and life coaches. Then he found his big break: a company that makes equipment for governments and is worth $300 million in annual revenue!

Now, Cameron is in five figures revenue, and has built a thriving business around helping others do the same.

Cameron’s clients are happy with the work he does for them because they get exactly what they wanted: better marketing, improved online exposure, more leads, and more conversions.

What Can You Do To Make $100,000 Per Year Or Month A Side Effect?


It’s simple: do the things that make you money every day.


Generating a million dollars doesn’t happen in one fell swoop—it’s the result of successful actions repeated consistently and with purpose.

The Asigo System is a proven set of steps that anyone can follow to build a profitable business and start making $100,000 per year or more—and it works whether you’re a struggling entrepreneur or an established business owner looking for a new way to grow.

The Asigo System will show you exactly what actions to take every single day so that you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your business will make enough money—it will just happen. 

We’ve put together an actionable system that anyone can follow and use as their roadmap for success.

There’s no reason why anyone should ever have to worry about making money again—but if they do, it’s because they weren’t following the Asigo System! 

Join the Asigo System today and let us help guide you on your journey towards financial freedom.