From A Self-Employed Entrepreneur To A 5-Figure Marketing Agency In A Booming eServices Industry in Just 2 Months

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A journey to a 5 figure marketing agency with the Asigo System results testimonial

Discover how content marketing helped young entrepreneur Kameron Miles achieve success in just 2 months. Read this case study to see how the AmpiFire and Asigo System training empowered Kameron Miles to close referrals from clients, dominate the eServices industry, and grow his business with effective content marketing strategies.

Kameron Miles' Struggle with Social Media Marketing and How AmpiFire Changed His Business Game

Kameron Miles, a marketing agency owner based in Connecticut, US, has been a force in the business world since the young age of 17. He began his entrepreneurial journey by starting his own men’s jewelry business, which he later sold to generate extra income and pay for college tuition. However, despite his early success, his attempts at re-entering the business world while in school were met with challenges.

He attempted to make a name for himself in social media marketing, but quickly realized that the path was not right for him. Despite spending a significant amount of money on advertising, he saw little to no results. Reflecting on this period of his life, Кameron states, “I don’t know if I was just terrible at it or if it was just too difficult.”

However, the arrival of AmpiFire presented a turning point for Кameron. Determined to build a business that would allow him to take care of his family and live the life he felt was right, he persevered and never lost sight of his goal. With the help of AmpiFire, Кameron was able to overcome the challenges he faced and ultimately achieve success in the highly competitive eServices industry.

Asigo System's Impact on Building a Marketing Agency: Kameron Miles' 2-Month Success Story

When Kameron Miles joined AmpiFire in the summer of 2019, his entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn for the better. Despite the initial hurdle of reaching out to potential clients through 500 emails, it took him only two months to secure his first client, a restaurant and hospitality consulting business. However, once that first client was secured, the process of acquiring new clients became significantly easier.

Kameron attributes this to the exponential nature of prospecting with Asigo System’s services. He states, “I think prospecting with this kind of service is exponential, the first one is the hardest and then each one after that becomes exponentially easier.”

But what truly sets Kameron’s business apart is his ability to acquire clients through referrals, a direct result of the training he received through the Asigo System. Thanks to the effective content marketing campaigns generated by AmpiFire, Кameron’s clients were pleasantly surprised by the results he was able to achieve for their businesses.

By utilizing AmpiFire’s content marketing tool, Kameron was able to improve his client’s brand and product reputation by publishing positive content on respected authority sites and platforms. This increased the business exposure and traffic, helped him build authority and trust with Google and other traffic platforms, and amplified the impact of his website or content by promoting it across hundreds of sites in multiple formats.

Ampifire Distribution Graphic
The Asigo System is powered by AmpiFire, a platform that enables users to quickly repurpose and summarize their content into different mediums, such as video, audio, slideshows, articles, blogs, and infographics, and publish it to major platforms.

Even in the highly competitive industry of Massachusetts, the first business that Kameron promoted through AmpiFire’s content marketing campaigns was able to achieve dominance in search results in Boston for their specific niche.


Traffic Graphic from AHRefs for real estate company amps campaign
Source. The Amp campaign lead to a steady increase in brand mentions and traffic to the site.

The best part? This client agreed to Кameron’s premium marketing services because of his success with AmpiFire!

It’s clear that content marketing, when executed properly, can be a powerful tool for any business looking to achieve success.

$1,500+ Worth Of Sales In One Night With A Single Amp Campaign

Kameron Miles’ success with AmpiFire exceeded even his own expectations. His clients were thrilled with the ease of getting their content featured on new sites and the ability to reach their target audience. They were pleasantly surprised by the number of readers their content reached, leading to an increase in leads and sales.

One of his first clients was an ecommerce business specializing in face masks for COVID sufferers.

Using AmpiFire, Кameron was able to increase the number of potential customers for this client by more than double. A single Amp campaign generated $1,500 worth of sales overnight without the need for additional advertising expenses.

"I noticed that my clients love the service because basically they have the power of all these news sites in their hands. They can make those news sites say anything positive about their business—that's a very powerful thing. And I recognized that and it basically gave me confidence on sales calls.

This gets back to the King's frame. We as service providers have the power here to grow your business and expose your business in ways that you couldn't even imagine… And I think that realization was really like the turning point for my success.

Face graphic
Kameron Miles

Kameron’s success with this first client led to more opportunities.

He started working with personal trainers and life coaches, and then he found his big break: a company that makes equipment for governments and is worth $300 million in annual revenue, all thanks to the power of AmpiFire’s results.

Simplifying Success: The Asigo System's Proven Blueprint for Building a Profitable Business

Кameron Miles’ journey to financial success is an inspiration. He has built a successful business around helping others achieve the same results. He has reached five-figure revenue and his clients are thrilled with the results he delivers, including better marketing, improved online exposure, more leads, and increased conversions.

Кameron’s strategy for growing his client list was simple yet effective – by getting referrals from existing clients and offering them discounts on their monthly bills in return for sending him referrals, he was able to grow his business significantly. He remained focused on his ultimate goal of helping local businesses succeed.

Кameron attributes his success to the training he received through AmpiFire, stating that “If you follow the trainings, information and PowerPoints, you will close a client.” The key to success with the Asigo System is consistency, repetition, and making it a part of your daily routine.

It’s important to note that success with AmpiFire is not an overnight fix and results may take time to manifest. However, with consistent effort and dedication, the rewards of using AmpiFire’s content marketing tool will be well worth the investment of time and resources. 

What Can You Do To Make $100,000 Per Year Or Month A Side Effect?

Generating substantial revenue and achieving financial freedom is not a one-time event, it’s the outcome of consistent and purposeful actions taken on a daily basis. That’s where the Asigo System comes in – a tried and true method that can be followed by anyone, regardless of their current level of business experience.

The Asigo System offers a clear, actionable plan that guides individuals on their journey towards building a profitable business and earning $100,000 or more per year. It eliminates the uncertainty of wondering what steps to take and ensures that the path to success is clearly laid out.

We have designed the Asigo System as a roadmap for anyone looking to achieve financial freedom, and we are committed to providing the support and guidance necessary for success.

Stop worrying about making money and start taking the necessary steps towards financial freedom with the Asigo System.

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