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How To Create Quality Amp Content In Less Time And In Bulk

When speed is of the essence, don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands.

We’ve just released a new video that will help you figure out how to create better content in less time. This time the focus is on the podcast, slideshow and video modules and of course, on producing quality content faster.

If you’re looking to improve your speed and quality, then this video training is designed to help you do just that.

So make sure you try these techniques when writing your next Amp campaign.

If You Want to Make Good Content In Less Time, Follow These Tips

  • From the podcast through to the video, the speed of your Amp writing depends on how you write the first two modules ( the news article and the blog post). If you can nail the right pace in our PR and blog, you won’t need to do much editing later on.
  • It is better to write out all of your headlines at once, as opposed to just writing headlines as you go through the Amp. Thus you can see how all your keywords stack up.
  • Keep your writing simple.

The average reading age online is 12-14 years old. It’s pretty hard to get down to the kind of target reading edge of online content but don’t worry too much about it, because you can paste your writing into the Hemingway app to check the reading level. The app will highlight any problematic areas. Easy does it – but stay smart about what you want people to take away from reading your content.

  • Using a scannable writing style makes you more likely to hook and keep your reader, but it also makes editing the subsequent modules easier. Think back to that F shape diagram we looked at earlier. The F shape is the most basic style for writing content.

    It consists of three parts: an introduction, which introduces the subject and provides background information; middle paragraphs, where you develop your argument by providing examples and evidence from sources; finally, a conclusion that summarizes what has been discussed in preceding sections .
  • Try not to write paragraphs longer than 50 words and keep each sentence under 25 words in length. Keeping your sentences shorter will allow you to keep the flow going more seamlessly.

    Besides, you’ll find your slideshow and infographic modules populate with content that doesn’t require much editing, and your video slides won’t require as much work either, which is pretty handy.

Research shows that people read faster when they have fewer words on one line.

The result is a more engaging Amp content that helps the viewer comprehend information from you, instead of becoming overwhelmed with too much text on their screen.

PS. You know when you’re in the zone, and everything just seems to go faster? It’s like you’ve got a superpower. With these short videos, we try to help you unleash that superpower.

And as you know, if you ever feel stuck in the process of creating your Amp campaigns or content marketing plan, just reach out to [email protected] and our community.



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