November 24, 2020

Virus Outbreak Keyword Research Tips & Opportunities That Businesses Should Seize

When things change quickly, it tends to create a lot of opportunity for how you can target and reach your audience online.

For example, I have searched Google for specific supplements relating to the coronavirus to find very little information and competition. This is a gap in the market that needs filling. Someone doing affiliate marketing using AmpiFire for example, could bridge that gap by providing the right information.

Similarly when you target within advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Adwords – it is keyword or topic based, and many new topics are appearing. This creates an opportunity to get a lot of cheap or free traffic.

By being ultra specific in your targeting there are lots of areas with zero competition right now, and the same will be true as the economy declines and there’s lots of new news. If you pick up on trends early you can target groups while there is no competition.

And right now deliveries are super important so if you are promoting a product or involved in a business that does delivery, consider these keyword variations:

  • same day delivery
  • 1hr delivery
  • 24hr delivery
  • Emergency delivery
  • Same day delivery
  • coronavirus delivery
  • opening hours coronavirus
  • Fast delivery

Now let’s look beyond the initial crisis at the coming economic troubles, and what niches are set to be okay or even prosper during these tough times.



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