May 29, 2023 Last Updated

Why Neil Patel’s Keyword Research Method Doesn’t Work?

Look, I like Neil Patel.

He’s super smart, super successful and I admire him. I respect him. And we think his keyword training sucks.


Why We Can’t Recommend His Keyword Method…

Alright, I should tell you – I don’t blame him. One of his companies ‘UberSuggest’ is a keyword tool. He’s good enough at SEO to rank on page #1 for “Keyword Research”.

I can forgive him for being biased. It’s not like people haven’t got results following his methods. But those people aren’t necessarily ‘my people’… as in the folks we’re trying to help. Those who don’t have massive mega-budgets to rank for whatever they want.

Because believe me, despite SEO being coined as a ‘free traffic’ method… it’s anything but.

Whether you’re paying for software, backlinks, content production, expired domains or what-have-you… you’re going to paying and paying for a while.

His keyword method also has the same flaws as every other popular method (like the one used by Demand Media )… it’s popular.

Which means everybody does it. Which means everybody competes for the same thing in the same way.
Which almost always comes down to who can spend the most.

What’s Happening On The Front Pages Of Google Is Happening On The Front Pages Of Amazon… It’s A Snake Pit!

Super competitive, ultra-manipulated and near-impossible to break into without massive skill, experience and budget behind you. So where does that leave everybody else?

Where does that leave you when you’ve been working a day job for 10, 20, 30 years and decided enough is enough, time for some freedom? That’s my people. That’s who we’re trying to help. The small business and budding entrepreneur. The person who isn’t afraid to put the work in – to make a smarter method produce results WITHOUT competition.

We have such a method.

We’re talking about a method which generates millions of dollars worth of traffic without paid ads or SEO here.

Let’s stick to what’s important.



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