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Outwrite AI Writing Assistant: Features, Pricing & Alternatives Compared 

Article at-a-glance: 

– Established in 2014, Outwrite is a Sydney-based AI writing tool used by over 1 million users globally for advanced grammar, style enhancements, and multilingual support.

– Outwrite offers beyond basic grammar checks, including thesaurus suggestions, sentence rephrasing, style enhancement, readability analysis, and writing statistics for improved writing quality.

– Ideal for academic, SEO, journalism, and social media content, Outwrite enhances writing across various platforms, benefiting students, educators, marketers, and content creators.

– Compared to Grammarly, Wordtune, and Jasper.ai, Outwrite excels in style enhancement and readability, making it unique for users seeking sophisticated writing improvements.

– Outwrite provides diverse plans from a free Essential plan to advanced Pro and Teams plans, catering to individual and group writing needs with features like plagiarism checks and group discounts.

Continue reading to learn the unique features of Outwrite AI, pros and cons, pricing, and alternatives. 

What is Outwrite AI Writing Assistant?

Outwrite, a Sydney-based startup established in 2014, has evolved into a key player in the AI writing assistant arena. With a dedicated team of developers, marketers, and support staff, Outwrite has garnered over 1 million users across 211 countries. 

Over 50,000,000 documents have been edited by Outwrite to date.

This AI Writing Assistant transcends typical grammar checks, offering an array of features to elevate writing. It provides spell checking, grammar and punctuation correction, thesaurus suggestions, sentence rephrasing, vocabulary enhancement, passive voice rectification, and word count reduction. 

Moreover, Outwrite’s capabilities extend to writing statistics, readability analysis, and multilingual support, encompassing English, French, and Spanish. Its adaptability across platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook, Outlook, LinkedIn, and WordPress makes it a versatile tool. 

Exploring Outwrite AI Writing Assistant Features

Diving into the diverse features of Outwrite AI Writing Assistant, we uncover a suite of tools designed to enhance every aspect of your writing. Let’s explore these features in detail:

Advanced Grammar

Outwrite’s advanced grammar checker is a multifaceted tool, meticulously designed to refine your writing. It covers essentials like spelling, capitalization, redundancy, word confusion, and punctuation. What sets it apart is its ability to adapt to different English dialects and its multilingual support for languages like English, Spanish, and French. This feature not only corrects mistakes but also enhances the technical and stylistic aspects of your writing, ensuring it is polished and effective.

Writing Statistics

The writing statistics feature of Outwrite encompasses readability score, grade level, word count, and estimated reading time. These elements work in unison to help users craft content that is both clear and engaging. The tool’s real-time monitoring of these metrics ensures your writing meets the desired complexity and length, and remains approachable for your target audience. Outwrite Pro elevates this experience by offering advanced tools to simplify sentences, thereby enhancing readability.

Multilingual Support

Outwrite’s versatility extends to multilingual support, catering to a diverse user base with editing capabilities in various English dialects, French, and Spanish. This feature underscores its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, offering users the convenience of tailoring the tool to their language preferences. If you need support in additional languages, Outwrite encourages feedback and suggestions, reflecting its user-centric approach.

Style Suggestions

The style suggestions by Outwrite aim to elevate the eloquence of your prose. It scrutinizes phrasing, efficiency, vocabulary, and passive voice use, ensuring your writing is not only grammatically correct but also stylistically compelling. This includes identifying wordy language, suggesting vocabulary enhancements, and converting passive constructions into active voice for a more engaging narrative.

The Plagiarism Checker tool is one of the pro features.

Paraphrasing Tool

Outwrite’s paraphrasing tool is an innovation in rewriting, offering a range of options like improving clarity, expanding or shortening text, and adjusting the formality. Whether you aim to increase readability, add variety, or adjust the tone, this tool guides you in transforming your writing while maintaining its original intent. Its user-friendly process involves highlighting text, setting a goal, and letting the AI propose alternatives, simplifying the task of rewriting for different contexts.

Passive Voice Correction

The passive voice correction tool in Outwrite Pro is essential for crafting direct and clear sentences. It instantly identifies passive constructions and provides suggestions to rewrite them in active voice. Understanding the difference between passive and active voice and knowing when to use each can significantly enhance the clarity and impact of your writing. This feature, marked by underlining passive phrases in purple, not only corrects but educates, aiding in the improvement of your writing style.

Pros and Cons of Using Outwrite AI Writing Assistant

Weighing the pros and cons of the Outwrite AI Writing Assistant offers a balanced view of its capabilities and limitations. Here’s a breakdown:

Advantages of Using Outwrite AI Writing AssistantDisadvantages of Using Outwrite AI Writing Assistant
Advanced Grammar Checking: Outwrite excels in enhancing sentence clarity and appeal, surpassing basic grammar checks.

Stylistic and Structural Improvements: It significantly boosts the impact and engagement of writing by refining style and structure.

Readability and Eloquence Suggestions: The tool offers valuable insights to elevate the overall text quality.

Multilingual Support: With support for languages including English, French, and Spanish, it caters to a broad user base.

Integration with Various Platforms: Outwrite’s versatility shines through its compatibility with platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, and WordPress.

Plagiarism Checking: This feature ensures the originality and integrity of content.

Positive User Reviews: A testament to its effectiveness, users have lauded Outwrite for improving writing consistency and clarity.
Limited Learning Resources: Unlike some competitors, Outwrite focuses more on correction than on providing educational resources.

Less Comprehensive Than Some Competitors: It might miss some errors that other tools might catch, despite its valuable stylistic enhancements.

Focus on Writing Style Over Formal Grammar: Outwrite is tailored more towards style improvement, which might not be ideal for users seeking in-depth grammar correction.
The pros and cons of using Outwrite AI.

While Outwrite AI Writing Assistant excels in enhancing style and readability, it’s important to consider its limitations in comprehensive error detection and educational resources.

Practical Applications of Outwrite AI Writing Assistant

Outwrite AI Writing Assistant finds its practicality in a multitude of writing scenarios, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of various types of content.

Homework and Essay Editing

For students, Outwrite is invaluable in editing school homework or essays. It ensures grammatical accuracy and helps in articulating ideas more clearly, significantly boosting the quality of academic writing.

College Assignment Enhancement

In a college setting, Outwrite aids in refining assignments. Its thesaurus feature suggests appropriate synonyms, elevating the sophistication and diversity of academic language.

Newspaper and Blog Article Preparation

Journalists and bloggers can leverage Outwrite to prepare articles that are both engaging and error-free, making their pieces more compelling for publication in newspapers or online blogs.

Website and Social Media Content

When crafting copy for websites, ads, and social media, Outwrite’s ability to produce clear and impactful content is crucial. It helps in conveying messages succinctly and effectively, engaging the target audience.

Academic Thesis Grading

For educators, Outwrite serves as a tool in grading academic theses. It provides an objective assessment of language use, helping in the fair evaluation of student submissions.

Teaching Effective Writing

Outwrite is also a resource for teaching writing. Its suggestions on style and structure make it a practical tool for helping students learn to write more effectively.

SEO and Readability Improvement

Digital marketers and content creators find Outwrite useful in rewriting text to improve SEO and readability, ensuring online content is both discoverable and reader-friendly.

So, the AI writing tool’s diverse applications make it versatile for a range of writing tasks, from academic to digital marketing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Outwrite AI

Using a new tool can be tricky, but Outwrite is user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to start using the platform.

1. Create an Account

Firstly, to access Outwrite, you must create a free account on their platform. This initial step is quick and unlocks the basic features of the tool.

2. Import Your Document

Once registered, you can start by importing your document. This can be done by either copying and pasting text into a new blank document on the Outwrite platform or by uploading the document directly from your computer.

If you’re using Google Docs, you just need to get the Outwrite add-on from the GSuite marketplace.

3. Correct Your Writing

Upon importing your document, the Outwrite Editor presents various suggestions to refine your writing. It covers spelling, grammar, style, and structure. The Pro version includes advanced features like a comprehensive thesaurus and a sentence restructuring tool. The editor’s design is intuitive, moving seamlessly to the next suggestion after each interaction. Users can also access valuable writing statistics such as readability and grade-level scores.

4. Checking for Plagiarism

For those with the Pro version, Outwrite offers a plagiarism checking tool. This feature compares your work against a vast database of published content to ensure its originality. Note that this function is part of the monthly quota allocated for plagiarism checks in the Pro plan.

In essence, Outwrite streamlines the editing process, from account setup to the final plagiarism check, ensuring a smooth and efficient writing experience.

Pricing Information for Outwrite

Understanding the pricing of Outwrite AI Writing Assistant helps in selecting the right plan based on individual or team needs.

PlanTarget AudienceCore FeaturesAdvanced FeaturesTeam FeaturesPlatforms Supported

Individuals who want to correct basic spelling and grammar errorsSpelling and grammar checks, thesaurusGoogle Docs, Microsoft Word, browser extensions, and a web app

-Monthly: US$24.95/month

-Annual: US$9.95/month
Individuals seeking to improve their writing quality and flowSpelling and grammar checks, thesaurusStyle improvements, structural suggestions, sentence rewriting, plagiarism checks (limited to 50 per month), priority email supportGoogle Docs, Microsoft Word, browser extensions, and a web app

-Monthly: US$14.95/user/month

-Annual: US$7.95/user/month
Groups looking to enhance their communicationsSpelling and grammar checks, thesaurusSimilar to Pro, including style improvements, structural suggestions, sentence rewriting, plagiarism checks (50 per month), priority email supportGroup discounts, managed team access, consolidated billingGoogle Docs, Microsoft Word, browser extensions, and a web app
An overview of Outwrite AI pricing plans.

Essential Plan (Free)

The Essential plan is free and caters to individuals needing basic spelling and grammar corrections. It includes spelling and grammar checks, along with a thesaurus. This plan is compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, various browser extensions, and a web application.

Pro Plan (US$9.95/month)

Designed for individuals who aim to enhance their writing quality and flow, the Pro plan is priced at US$9.95 per month. It encompasses all features of the Essential plan, plus advanced elements like style improvements, structural suggestions, sentence rewriting, plagiarism checks (up to 50 per month), and priority email support. This plan is also compatible with the platforms supported by the Essential plan.

Teams Plan (US$7.95/user/month)

The Teams plan, at US$7.95 per user per month, is ideal for groups aiming to improve their communications. It includes all the features of the Pro plan, along with additional team-centric benefits such as group discounts, managed team access, and consolidated billing. The supported platforms are the same as the Essential and Pro plans.

Outwrite offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs, from the free Essential plan for basic error correction to the Teams plan for collaborative writing enhancements. Each plan is designed to cater to specific user requirements, ensuring that there is an option for every type of writer.

Alternatives to Outwrite

Exploring alternatives to Outwrite AI Writing Assistant reveals a range of other AI writing tools, each with unique features and pricing structures. Below is a comparison table that outlines these alternatives:

AI Writing ToolFeaturesPricing
Outwrite– Advanced grammar correction
– Multilingual writing support
– Style and structure enhancements
– Integrated platform compatibility
Essential Plan: Free

Pro Plan: US$24.95/month

Teams Plan: US$14.95/user/month
Jasper AI– Customizable content generation
– Built-in plagiarism checker
– User-friendly interface
– Collaboration features
Creator Plan: $49/month for unlimited words

Teams Plan: $125/month with unlimited words, 3 seats, and 3 brand voices

Business Plan: Custom pricing
ShortlyAI– AI-powered content generation
– Multiple languages support
– Write novels, blog/articles, video scripts, and more
Monthly Plan: $79/month

Annual Plan: $65/month (billed annually)​
Grammarly– Grammar and spelling checks
– Style and clarity improvements
– Advanced paraphrasing and synonym suggestions
Free Plan: $0/month (Text generation, basic writing suggestions, and tone detection)

Premium Plan: Custom pricing (Additional features like full-sentence rewrites, vocabulary ideas, and tone suggestions)

Business Plan: Custom pricing (Premium features plus centralized billing and style guides for teams)​
Wordtune– AI-powered language analysis
– Customizable templates
– Gives writing suggestions
Free Plan: $0/month (10 rewrites/spices, 3 AI prompts, 3 summaries per day)

Plus Plan: $9.99/month (30 rewrites/spices, 5 AI prompts, 5 summaries per day)

Unlimited Plan: $14.99/month (Unlimited rewrites/spices, AI prompts, and summaries)

Business Plan: Custom pricing with additional features like SAML SSO, brand tone, etc.​
QuillBot– Text summarization
– Advanced paraphrasing and synonym suggestions
– Grammar and writing improvements
Free Plan: Offers 125 words in Paraphraser, limited use of Synonym Slider, 1 Freeze Word, 1,200 words in Summarizer, and standard features for processing and comparing text.

Premium Plan: Starts at $4.17/month (billed annually) providing unlimited words in Paraphraser, full use of Synonym Slider, unlimited Freeze Words, 6,000 words in Summarizer, plus additional features including a Plagiarism Checker and Tone Insights.
An overview of Outwrite AI alternatives.


ShortlyAI offers a focus on creative writing and idea generation. It’s particularly useful for fiction writers, bloggers, and marketers. This tool stands out for its intuitive interface and the ability to generate long-form content seamlessly. However, it may not match Outwrite in detailed grammar checking and multilingual support.


Grammarly, one of the most popular AI writing assistants, is renowned for its advanced grammar and punctuation checking capabilities. It goes beyond basic corrections to provide detailed explanations, making it a learning tool as well as an editor. Grammarly’s premium version also includes tone detection and style suggestions, making it a strong competitor to Outwrite in terms of comprehensive language enhancement.


Wordtune focuses on rephrasing sentences to improve clarity and style. It’s particularly adept at making text sound more natural and fluent, a feature that is useful for non-native English speakers. While it offers exceptional rephrasing capabilities, it might not provide as extensive grammar checking as Outwrite.


QuillBot is another popular choice, offering a balanced mix of paraphrasing and grammar checking. It is favored for academic writing due to its effective rephrasing tool that helps avoid plagiarism. While its grammar checking capabilities are robust, they might not be as in-depth as Outwrite’s.


Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis) excels in content creation and is tailored more towards marketing professionals and content creators. Its ability to generate creative and engaging content makes it a valuable tool for those looking to produce high-quality written material. However, its focus is less on grammar and more on content generation, differentiating it from Outwrite.

Outwrite: A Comprehensive Tool for Enhanced Writing

Outwrite AI stands out for its multifaceted features aimed at improving writing style and structure. 

Its multilingual support, integration across various platforms, and advanced grammar checking capabilities mark it as a robust tool for writers of all levels.

While it shines in enhancing readability and eloquence, it does face limitations in learning resources and comprehensive error detection compared to some competitors. 

Its pricing plans, from the free Essential to the advanced Teams option, cater to a range of user needs.

In comparison to alternatives like Grammarly, Wordtune, and Jasper.ai, Outwrite holds its ground with unique features, particularly in style enhancement.

For those seeking a balance between sophisticated writing assistance and user-friendly functionality, Outwrite AI Writing Assistant emerges as a compelling choice.

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