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2024 Recession Proof Niches & Industries for B2B Digital Marketing Agency Sales

We’ve been hearing a lot about how the economy is going to take a hit, and that the recession will be tough on businesses. But don’t worry—there are still plenty of niches where money will continue to be spent during the upcoming economic crisis.

There are actually some great opportunities out there if you know where to look. For example, you can make money by marketing B2B sales leads to businesses who want help expanding their customer base during this time.

In order to stay ahead of the game, we have identified some niches and industries where you can expect to see sustained growth. These businesses are safe, sustainable, and recession proof. These categories of industries have been proven to have consistent revenue during economic uncertainty, both in the past and most likely in the future as well.

What Are The Signs That We’re In Another Recession?

This depends on who you ask—but if we look at indicators like job creation numbers from companies like Amazon, Walmart and Target; Consumer Confidence Index; business confidence surveys; retail spending data from companies like Visa Inc.; housing starts data from U.S Census Bureau etc., then these indicate that we might be heading towards another recessionary spiral sometime around 2022-2024 period.  

A recession is a period of two or more consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. A financial crisis is a situation where the financial system in a country faces severe stress, often resulting in large-scale asset sales and collapses, bankruptcy, and other failures.

When it comes to digital marketing B2B sales, there are some industries that can be tough to sell into, but there are also niches that you should avoid altogether or at least keep a very close eye on.

Take the time to learn about the industry you’re entering. If your product isn’t specific to the niche and doesn’t have anything new or innovative (or both), chances are it won’t make much money for you.

1. Day Care And Child Services

This is one of the best industries for content marketing because it has such high value for your prospects. While parents may not be able to afford as much when they lose their job, they will still need day care options for their children.

Day care is also a recession-proof industry and should continue to be so as families seek out these services during hard economic times.

Parents who need daycare are typically looking for information about local options, what type of things are offered at each location (like swimming lessons or art programs), hours of operation and pricing information before making decisions on where to send their kids every day. If you can provide this type service through content marketing then you have an excellent opportunity to attract leads that could turn into conversions down the road!

2. Retail & Marketing Technology 

While businesses overall may suffer, they still need the most efficient ways to process payments, advertise, track, and other marketing and sales technology that help them cut costs and increase profits. A recession could be a good time to take advantage of this niche by offering your services as an expert in retail technology or marketing technology. You’ll need to do some research on how these businesses work and what products they use so you can write content that helps them improve their business.

3. Mechanics

The mechanic niche is in need of content marketing for B2B leads because it’s still a great industry to be part of and a recession won’t change that. People keep on breaking down, and old cars will stay on the road for longer. While searches for auto dealers is down -42% demand for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance is up +44%.

4. Solar Panels, Water Supply Installation & Alternative Power

As a small business owner, you know that solar power is a great way to use renewable energy and save money on your energy bill.

During a crisis, more people want to be self-reliant. If you’re looking for new leads, there’s no better time than now!

The solar industry has grown dramatically in recent years as more people are interested in switching over from traditional power sources such as coal and natural gas. In addition, many homeowners have found that installing solar panels can pay for themselves within just five years.

5. Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy services are likely to have increased demand in the next few years. With so many businesses going under, there will be a need for legal services to help manage that process.

In general, bankruptcy law is more complex than most people realize because there are a lot of factors at play when deciding whether or not someone should file for bankruptcy and how best to go about it. There are also different types of bankruptcies that can be filed depending on your situation (such as Chapter 7 or 13).

You wouldn’t want just any lawyer handling your case; you need one who has experience with these types of cases.

6. Funeral Homes

If you’re a B2B consultant or marketer, you need to find a niche that’s profitable and has room for growth. Funeral homes are a great choice because they have an enduring demand for their services. People will always die and unfortunately, when times get tough economically, people tend to die in greater numbers. That makes the business of funeral homes not just lucrative but also recession-proof!

7. Therapy & Life Coaching

It’s a growing industry and it’s likely to continue to grow in the future, especially during a recession.

People are more likely to seek therapy when they’re feeling depressed or anxious because they have no other options.

While it’s easy to assume that these services only serve people who have some mental health issues or personal problems, the truth is that they’re useful for anyone who wants to make their life better.

8. Security Services

Security services are always needed, and this is especially true in a recession. In fact, fear and crime are increasing so much that there’s even a new sub-industry for armored transport.

While the fear of terrorism may have decreased in some places due to increased security measures, it has increased in others where threats have become more prevalent. This means that there will always be need for top-notch security companies who can provide their customers with secure environments as well as personal protection while they travel or work onsite at client locations around the world.

9. HVAC – Air Conditioning & Heating

HVAC is a great niche because it is a necessity and people are always looking for new solutions to their problems. It’s also an industry that has been suffering from labor shortages, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for you to step in and fill the gap by providing content marketing.

Physical discomfort drives sales, people will still keep buying air conditioning and heating even during a recession because they need them.

10. Dispensaries/Pharmacy 

There will always be a need for medicine and supplements. When the outbreak hit, it only increased this demand. People are still getting sick and in need of hospitalization, which means they’ll need to get their prescriptions filled. As long as prescriptions are needed, there’s a market for them.

The best thing about this niche is that it’s very easy to find high-quality B2B leads through content marketing.

11. Insurance

There will always be a need for insurance, regardless of economic conditions. That’s because people are more concerned about things going wrong in the future than they are about them going well now. The insurance industry isn’t likely to see tremendous growth anytime soon, but it won’t go away either.

As a content marketer, you can help your clients by creating educational content that teaches customers how to best protect themselves against potential risks and avoid making mistakes when purchasing insurance products.

12. Residential Care & Elderly Care

As we age, the need for residential care and elderly care increases. With an aging population, this is an area that will continue to grow in demand.

The elderly are often more concerned about the quality than price when looking for a place to live so offering information on these facilities can be a good way to attract business from this niche market segment through content marketing strategies such as blogging or creating videos that educate your audience about what they should look for when choosing one of these types of places online or offline

13. Legal Niches

The legal niches are a great niche to start with during recession because they are recession proof. This is because unlike other industries that rely on people spending money, lawyers work for their clients and thus don’t have a direct correlation between revenue and the economy.

Secondly, the legal niches have captive audiences. As opposed to other industries where you have to advertise your services or products in order to gain customers, lawyers tend to attract many potential clients through word-of-mouth referrals from current ones

14. Medical Aesthetics

Medical aesthetics is a very good niche to go into because it is recession proof. The industry is growing, and people do not care about the economy as much when they want to look good. You can create content marketing for medical aesthetics clinics that will bring in leads for them during this time of recession.

In a recession, people might be more concerned about how they look than how they feel. If your clients are in the medical aesthetics industry, this is good news for your business.

15. Dentists

Dentists can continue to provide services to people of all ages, income levels and backgrounds—even during a recession.

Dentists offer several different types of treatments from simple cleanings and fillings all the way up to full-on dental implants that can last for decades—which means there will always be work for them even if people aren’t spending money frivolously  as before.

16. Accounting

Accounting is one of the few industries to have consistently remained recession-proof—even during times when other industries were downsizing or going out of business.

Accounting also provides you with the opportunity to promote with Amps during recessions because companies will be looking to cut costs as much as possible and accounting firms are often in demand to perform audits.

17. Debt Consolidation, Management & Refinancing

If you’re a content marketing agency, offering your services to companies who offer debt consolidation and refinancing can be a lucrative business.

People in desperate need of relief from their overwhelming debt burdens are more likely to consider taking on more debt in order to pay off existing debts. They’re also more open than usual to being worked with by salespeople, who might normally seem like unwelcome intruders in their lives during good economic times.

18. Survival Products

It’s no surprise that people are feeling uneasy about the future and are looking for ways to ensure their survival if things go south. And what better way to do this than by stockpiling your own personal stockpile of food and supplies?

As someone with experience in this niche, I can tell you that content marketing for survival products is a great way to reach out to potential buyers who may be interested in getting prepared for any possible economic crash or other disaster scenario.

19. Online Marketing

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth remembering that online marketing is a growing industry. If you’re looking for a niche market, then digital marketing can be one of the best ways to go about it.

The digital marketing industry will continue to grow despite the recession because its services are so valuable to businesses and brands. Content marketing, social media management and pay per click advertising are just some of the ways that companies can reach their target audience and markets.

20. Plumbers & Electricians

Plumbers and electricians are a good choice for B2B leads. While there will be less demand for new builds, the industry will stay steady serving existing businesses and households.

A plumbing contractor can help businesses with a wide range of needs from fixing leaks to installing new water heaters or backflow prevention devices.

Electricians install wiring, lighting fixtures, and electrical appliances in homes and businesses as well as maintain and repair those installations.

21. Baby Goods

These two niches are particularly prone to the effects of recession and economic downturns. People will still buy baby goods, even during a recession.

Consider reaching out directly to retailers who sell baby goods and offer them content that adds value for their store visitors. 

Remember that you don’t have to rely on the baby boomers alone—millennials are also snapping up goods and services for their offspring.

22. Physiotherapists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Osteopaths & Chiropractors

With more people suffering from anxiety or depression due to financial anxiety (especially post-recession), doctors will see an uptick in patients looking for advice on how best manage their symptoms while trying make ends meet financially as well as emotionally during tough times.

Massage therapists can help clients relax after stressful days at work or during recessions where they’re worried about their jobs security & mental health.

By following the AmpiFire training, you will have the right skillset and product offering to sell physical therapy services online and as a result, your agency shouldn’t suffer at all during a recession.

23. Storage Facilities

This niche is in demand even during recession because it’s an essential service that people need, especially if they’re moving homes or office spaces.

You may think that with the economy doing as well as it is now, storage facilities would be seeing a decline in business. While this is true for some industries like car dealerships and retail stores, there are plenty of others that still need to store things.

For instance, many people who were evicted from their homes during the recession have not yet been able to find new ones to move into and so they continue living in storage facilities or on their friends’ couches. Others who moved into smaller homes after losing their jobs or falling on hard times due to health complications or other reasons also struggle with getting rid of junk that they don’t need anymore but can’t get rid of because they’re not able to afford a dumpster service right now (or maybe ever).

If you’re looking for an opportunity in content marketing for B2B leads then look no further than storage facilities.

If you’re thinking about venturing into this niche, remember that storage facility customers have higher lifetime value than most other B2B clients in the digital marketing industry. 

24. Budget Stores

There is always a need for cheaper alternatives when the economy is in the dumps. This is especially true when it comes to products they need on a regular basis like groceries and clothing.

Budget stores need help in areas like content creation and online exposure. They may not have the resources or desire to do this themselves, so offer them your services as an outsourced solution.

25. Holistic & Alternative Medical Practitioners

There are several things that make this industry a perfect fit for content marketing during a recession. 

First and foremost, the majority of these businesses continue to work and are in demand during hard economic times. The healthcare industry is one of the few industries that has remained relatively stable, with people continuing to seek out holistic care even when they are laid off from their jobs or facing financial hardship.

Secondarily, people who seek out these services tend to be more cost-conscious than those who go to traditional medical practices. This means that they’re likely interested in getting their money’s worth from everything from their doctor’s office hours.

Did You Choose Your Niche?

We believe that choosing a niche is one of the most important steps in your business journey. It’s not just about picking something that interests you and hoping for the best, but it’s also about choosing a topic that has potential for growth and profitability. In order to do this, we recommend taking some time out to think about what your customers need right now, as well as how they might need it in future years too!

It’s important to start thinking about where your business will be heading. You don’t want to waste time on projects or niches that don’t have potential for growth during tough times. Instead, look for opportunities in industries with low competition and a high demand for services.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your business and improve your online presence within the niche of your choice, book a free call with us today!



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