Brown Headline Issue
February 2, 2024 Last Updated

The Brown Headline Issue [Infographic]

Headlines can make or break your articles. They’re supposed to let your readers quickly understand what the section is all about (and if they should even continue reading).

We read and write tons of articles every day and identified a main writing problem: The Brown Headline Issue. It happens when the headline doesn’t reflect the content properly and make reading the article a shi*** experience! 

So, if you want your articles to be skimmable, your headlines must clearly reflect the content but still to the point. Check out our infographic and learn how to avoid The Brown Headline Issue altogether.

We hope that these steps can help you create better and easy-to-understand headlines for your upcoming articles. 

Want more writing tips? Here’s another infographic on 10 newsworthy article angles & intro templates for your next big story



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