February 15, 2022 Last Updated

How Much Does Google Know About You? | AmpiFire Podcast – Episode #1

I managed to get some time with Chris a few weeks ago, we poured some coffee, sat down at the table and switched the camera on, to discuss…

… what does Google really want from us?

Now maybe you’re of the opinion we have all bought devices that eventually ‘bug’ our everyday lives for mega-corporations to “shepherd the flock” in whatever way they want, to fill the pockets of billionaires.

Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple…

Or maybe you see it as incredible technology that has to be carefully handled, so as NOT to overstep…

If you have a spare 10 minutes, watch how the conversation played out…

… and discover why Jay needs to smash my iPhone now 😀

Watch Our Conversation On YouTube To Know What Google Wants:

You see, Google is like the internet itself. Their audience is massive and they want to solve your problems and answer your questions. Google wants to be the answer to all of your problems and questions. It wants to give you the answer before you even have a question.

What if the answer to all your problems was a search engine? Is that even possible? We are living in a time where technology is changing rapidly and will continue to change. It’s important that we stay on top of these changes and use them for our benefit. Talk to Google today, they’re listening.



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