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Quotes in News Articles: Selection & Placement Tips

Article at-a-glance: 

Quote Types and Purposes: Quotes can originate from various sources like spokespersons, CEOs, or clients, and can serve different purposes such as explaining concepts, providing comments, or offering testimonials.

Placement Strategy: Proper placement of quotes enhances their impact. Explanation quotes should be at the beginning, comment quotes can be placed anywhere contextually appropriate, and testimonials should follow relevant discussions about products or services.

Selection Best Practices: Select quotes that offer new insights, avoid aggressive calls-to-action, and ensure relevance to the context. Fix any language errors and be cautious about naming individuals unless it adds significant value.

A good quote can make or break your news article – too hype and it’s not credible, too bland and it’s just boring, too general and it’s probably useless. 

Let’s find out how to use quotes – the AmpiFire way.

First things first – where can we get quotes from?

Quote Types by Origin

Depending on who they’re attributed to, we’ll most often use quotes from:

  • Generic Spokesperson
  • Specific CEO/Founder/[other key role]
  • Clients/Patients

And what do we use them for?

Quote Types by Purpose

Depending on what they’re saying, quotes can be:

  • Explanations of concept/service
  • Comments
  • Testimonials

Let’s look at each…

Explanation Quotes

  • Explain the service/product.
  • Are typically placed in the first part of the content.
  • Tip: Let the quote do the explaining; do not restate the quote content before giving the actual quote.

Here’s an example: 

Plumbing Pro is excited to announce the launch of its new SuperFlow Smart Valve. This innovative product is designed to provide homeowners with complete control over their water usage – and facilitate early detection of leaks.

Our latest product, the SuperFlow Smart Valve, uses debit monitoring sensors to provide real-time water usage monitoring and leak detection, all transmitted wirelessly and displayed conveniently on a 10-inch touchscreen screen. This innovative technology helps homeowners save on water bills and prevents potential water damage by alerting them to leaks immediately,” explained John Smith, CEO of PlumbingPro.

With the SuperFlow Smart Valve, ClearPipe aims to address common plumbing issues more efficiently and effectively. This new product is set to hit the market next month.

Note how the quote works well by:

Being Placed Immediately After The Announcement: Placed at the beginning of the news article, the quote explains clearly how the new product works and what its main benefits are.

Delivering Valuable Information Without Aggression: It delivers new, valuable information about the SuperFlow Smart Valve’s features without using aggressive calls-to-action or cheap salesy language.

Keeping All Info Fresh: The quote directly explains the product features without restating the information beforehand, allowing the quote to stand on its own and provide fresh insights – and the paragraph that follows doesn’t restate the quote content either. 

These general principles – effective placement, valuable information, and keeping the info fresh – apply to all quote types below.

Comment Quotes

  • Emphasize an idea, discuss values/mission, reflect on the importance of a subject, etc.
  • Can be placed anywhere in the content as long as the context makes sense.

Here’s an example:

As Plumbing Pro continues to develop innovative plumbing technology, the company remains dedicated to upholding high standards of customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.

“Our mission has always been to create technologies that first and foremost meet our customers’ needs – but all while making sure we’re also being environmentally responsible in the process. The SuperFlow Smart Valve helps us continue to make a positive impact on both our community and the environment,” stated John Smith.

This emphasis on sustainability is a testament to ClearPipe’s dedication to creating a better future through responsible business practices. The company’s ongoing efforts include reducing waste, improving energy efficiency in their operations, and educating customers on sustainable water usage. These initiatives highlight ClearPipe’s unwavering commitment to its core values and its vision for a greener future.

Note the placement of the quote in a relevant spot (after introducing the company’s main value) and the use of the quote to emphasize the key ideas (focus on customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability).


  • Can be either about a specific product/service or about the company overall.
  • Tip: For optimal flow, specific product/service testimonials are best placed after discussing that particular product/service (often before the boilerplate paragraph); general feedback on the company is best placed at the end, just before the CTA.

Here’s an example:

Plumbing Pro has consistently delivered exceptional products and services to its customers – earning a strong reputation for reliability and innovation. During its trial run, the SuperFlow Smart Valve has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its advanced features and benefits.

“Since installing the SuperFlow Smart Valve, we have seen a significant reduction in our water bills and peace of mind knowing that any potential leaks are immediately detected. Having all this important information on our water usage available on a tablet makes it all so much easier,” said Jane Doe, a satisfied customer.

Best Practices for Quote Selection

  • Choose content that delivers new information, preferably in a fresh/insightful way.
  • Avoid direct calls-to-action in quotes as they look too aggressive or simply cheap.
  • Fix typos and obvious language errors.
  • Name the person only if it’s relevant; CEO, key staff names, author names are relevant; customer names are not; if unsure, err on the side of caution and do not use specific names.

Best Practices for Quote Placement

  • Make sure the quote is relevant in the context; this will generally mean placing explanations after introducing concepts, adding testimonials after services or general company talk (based on testimonial type), and using comment quotes to either conclude a section or as starting points to elaborate on the topic.
  • Avoid placing product-related quotes after boilerplate general company paragraphs.

For more examples, check out our infographic below – and if you need help developing versatile branded news and other types of content, schedule an appointment now with our team to see how AmpiFire can help to get your brand featured on top platforms, hassle-free – and with the right quotes placed in all the right places!



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