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October 2024 Retail Calendar: Ecommerce Holiday Marketing & Content Opportunities

In October, the holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start planning your marketing campaigns to promote your store. With Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and National Pizza Month, there are plenty of occasions to create compelling content and connect with your audience.

Marketing campaigns can be a game-changer for ecommerce businesses, helping to reach new customers and keep current ones engaged with the brand.

By aligning your campaigns with the needs and interests of your target audience, you can create content that resonates and drives results.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the key retail holidays and events for October and offer tips on how to plan your promotions and run effective marketing campaigns to boost your sales.

And with the help of AmpiFire, you can amplify your message and reach a wider audience, driving more traffic and sales to your store.

Maximize your retail sales throughout the year with our retail calendar guide, featuring 12 articles with tips for each month. Click on each month to learn more!



Woman Walking while Shopping
October is known as the "Pumpkin Spice Month" in the marketing world, with many online stores leveraging the popularity of this seasonal flavor to create limited-time offers and promotions.

Key Holidays and Observances in October


  • October 1: International Coffee Day

    On this day coffee lovers around the world celebrate their favorite beverage.

    E-commerce brands can leverage International Coffee Day by offering special discounts on coffee beans, brewing equipment, mugs, or coffee-related merchandise.

    You can partner with local coffee shops or influencers to promote your brand and run social media contests or giveaways with coffee-themed prizes.

    Keywords: International Coffee Day, coffee beans, brewing equipment, mugs, promotions

  • October 2: World Smile Day

    This day is all about spreading joy and positivity, making it a great opportunity for e-commerce brands to run uplifting marketing campaigns.

    You can offer special discounts or promotions on products that bring smiles to people’s faces, such as toys, games, beauty products, or personalized gifts.

    Consider creating engaging social media content, organizing smile-themed contests, or partnering with charitable organizations to donate a portion of your sales to a cause.

    Keywords: World Smile Day, positivity, discounts, toys, beauty products, contests, donations

  • October 3: National Techies Day (US)

    As technology continues to play a significant role in our lives, National Techies Day presents an opportunity for e-commerce brands to promote tech-related products or services.

    Ecommerce brands can offer special deals or bundles on gadgets, electronics, software, or tech accessories.

    You can also create engaging content about the latest tech trends, share tech tips, or host tech-related contests or giveaways on social media.

    Keywords: National Techies Day, gadgets, electronics, software, tech accessories, tech trends, contests


  • October 4: World Animal Day

    As animal lovers around the world celebrate this day, e-commerce brands can leverage World Animal Day by promoting products or services related to pets or wildlife.

    Consider offering special discounts on pet food, pet accessories, wildlife conservation merchandise, or donating a portion of your sales to animal charities.

    You can also create engaging content about animal care, share heartwarming animal stories, or collaborate with animal influencers or shelters.

    Keywords: World Animal Day, pets, wildlife, discounts, animal care, donations, collaborations


  • October 5: World Teachers’ Day

    This day is dedicated to appreciating and honoring teachers worldwide, making it a great opportunity for e-commerce brands to show their support and gratitude.

    Consider offering special discounts or promotions on educational products, books, stationery, or teacher-themed gifts.

    For your store your can also create engaging social media content, run teacher appreciation campaigns, or collaborate with local schools or educational institutions.

    Keywords: World Teachers’ Day, educational products, books, stationery, teacher-themed gifts, teacher appreciation, collaborations


Montessori teacher with student
World Teachers' Day, celebrated annually on October 5th, presents a unique marketing opportunity for educational product and service providers. Companies can leverage this occasion to showcase their offerings and express appreciation for teachers' hard work and dedication.


  • October 6: German-American Day (US)


    As a celebration of German-American heritage and culture, German-American Day presents an opportunity for e-commerce brands to promote products or services related to German culture, cuisine, or traditions.

    Consider offering special deals or promotions on German-themed merchandise, food, beverages, or travel packages.

    Keywords: German-American Day, German culture, cuisine, merchandise, food, beverages, collaborations


  • October 9: Leif Erikson Day (US)


    Leif Erikson Day commemorates the Norse explorer Leif Erikson, who is believed to have been the first European to reach North America before Columbus.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by promoting Viking-themed products, Scandinavian-inspired designs, or items related to Norse mythology.

    Marketing campaigns can emphasize the spirit of Viking heritage, history, and craftsmanship, and offer discounts or special deals on related products.

    Keywords: Leif Erikson Day, Viking-themed products, Scandinavian-inspired designs, Norse mythology, heritage, promotions.

  • October 10: National Handbag Day


    The holiday is dedicated to appreciating and indulging in the love for handbags, which are considered essential fashion accessories for many people.

    Handbags come in various styles, designs, and sizes, catering to different tastes and preferences.

    Stores can create engaging marketing promotions and generate sales by offering special discounts, running giveaways, creating handbag bundles, collaborating with handbag brands, and offering handbag personalization options.

    Keywords: Handbag bundles, fashion sets, complete handbag look, handbag and acccessories combo


  • October 11: International Day of the Girl Child


    The International Day of the Girl Child is a global observance that promotes gender equality and empowerment for girls.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this day by promoting products or services that empower and support girls, such as educational resources, gender-neutral toys, or clothing and accessories with empowering messages.

    You can highlight the importance of gender equality, inclusivity, and empowerment, and encourage customers to support and uplift girls worldwide.

    Keywords: International Day of the Girl Child, gender equality, empowerment, educational resources, gender-neutral toys, promotions.


Girl with Red Cape over green background
Marketing on International Day of the Girl Child can raise awareness about gender inequality and promote messages of empowerment for girls.


  • October 13: Harvest Festival


    The festical is a time when farmers and communities come together to express gratitude for the abundance of crops harvested during the season.

    The festival often includes traditional activities such as pumpkin picking, apple cider tasting, corn mazes, and hayrides, creating a festive and family-friendly atmosphere.

    Stores can offer special discounts on seasonal products such as pumpkins, apples, corn, and other fall-themed items.

    Promote the sale with eye-catching signage and online ads to attract customers.

    Keywords: Harvest Festival, Harvest Sale, Seasonal Discounts, Bounty Bundle, Harvest Feast, Fall Family Fun

  • October 14: Indigenous Peoples’ Day (US)


    Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that honors and celebrates the culture, history, and contributions of Native American and Indigenous peoples.

    You can leverage this day by promoting products or services that showcase Indigenous arts, crafts, clothing, or other cultural items.

    Consider raising awareness about Indigenous cultures, promoting fair trade practices, and encouraging customers to support Indigenous artisans and businesses.

    Keywords: Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Native American culture, Indigenous arts and crafts, fair trade, cultural promotion, promotions.

  • October 14: Columbus Day (US)


    Columbus Day is a national holiday in the United States that commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by offering special promotions on travel-related products, outdoor gear, or items related to Columbus and exploration.

    Marketing campaigns can highlight the spirit of adventure, discovery, and exploration, and encourage customers to shop for their next adventure or plan a trip.

    Keywords: Columbus Day, travel products, outdoor gear, exploration, adventure, promotions.

  • October 14: Thanksgiving (Canada)


    Thanksgiving is a national holiday in Canada that celebrates the harvest and blessings of the past year.

    Marketing campaigns can evoke feelings of gratitude, togetherness, and warmth, and encourage customers to shop for Thanksgiving essentials or send thoughtful gifts to loved ones.

    Keywords: Thanksgiving, harvest celebration, festive decorations, home goods, gratitude, promotions.


  • October 15: Global Handwashing Day


    As hygiene and health awareness take center stage, e-commerce brands can promote products related to handwashing, such as hand sanitizers, soap, and hand towels.

    Brands can emphasize the importance of hand hygiene through educational content, share tips on proper handwashing techniques, and offer discounts or bundles on hand hygiene products.

    Collaborating with healthcare professionals or influencers to spread the message of handwashing can also help generate sales.

    Keywords: Global Handwashing Day, hand hygiene, hand sanitizers, soap, educational content, discounts.

  • October 17: National Pasta Day (US)


    Food-themed holidays provide opportunities for e-commerce brands to promote related products.

    On National Pasta Day, brands can offer special discounts on pasta, pasta sauces, cooking tools, and kitchen accessories.

    Running pasta-themed contests or giveaways can also create buzz and drive sales.

    Keywords: National Pasta Day, pasta, cooking tools, social media content, recipes, contests.9


Making pasta retro photo
Pasta consumption in the United States has been on the rise, with Americans consuming an average of 20 pounds of pasta per person annually. This presents an interesting fact for marketers to capitalize on National Pasta Day by promoting the health benefits of pasta


  • October 18: World Menopause Day


    E-commerce brands can target women’s health and wellness during World Menopause Day by promoting products related to menopause, such as supplements, skincare, sleep aids, and self-care items.

    Brands can create informative content about menopause, share tips on managing symptoms, and offer special discounts or bundles on relevant products.

    Keywords: World Menopause Day, women’s health, supplements, skincare, self-care, informative content, discounts.

  • October 19: Sweetest Day (US)


    Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast regions, where people show appreciation and kindness to their loved ones.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this day by offering sweet treats, romantic gifts, or heartfelt gestures for loved ones.

    Marketing campaigns can focus on expressing love and appreciation, creating gift guides, and running promotions on romantic gifts such as chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or personalized items.

    Keywords: Sweetest Day, appreciation, romantic gifts, sweet treats, gift guides, promotions.


  • October 20: National Youth Confidence Day (UK)


    National Youth Confidence Day is a day dedicated to boosting the self-esteem and confidence of young people in the UK.

    E-commerce brands can promote products that empower and inspire youth, such as motivational books, clothing, accessories, or self-care items.

    Brands can create uplifting content, share success stories, and run promotions that resonate with young audiences.

    Collaborating with youth organizations, influencers, or mentors can also help create meaningful connections and drive sales.

    Keywords: National Youth Confidence Day, empowerment, motivational products, self-care, uplifting content, promotions.


  • October 21: International Nacho Day


    Food-themed holidays provide opportunities for e-commerce brands to promote related products.

    On International Nacho Day, brands can offer special deals on nacho ingredients, party supplies, or kitchen gadgets.

    Brands can create mouth-watering content, share nacho recipes, and run social media contests or giveaways with nacho-themed prizes.


  • October 22: National Nut Day (UK, US, Australia)


    Celebrate National Nut Day with your e-commerce brand by promoting a variety of nuts, nut-based snacks, nut butters, and recipes that include nuts.

    You can offer special discounts, create nut-themed recipe content, or run social media contests where customers can share their favorite nutty snacks or recipes.

    This holiday also presents an opportunity to highlight the health benefits of nuts and promote them as a nutritious and delicious snack option.

    Keywords: National Nut Day, nuts, nut-based snacks, nut butters, recipes, discounts, health benefits


Children with an iPod and an iPhone
iPod Day, celebrated on October 23rd, marks the anniversary of the first iPod's release in 2001. It revolutionized the music industry and changed the way we listen to music, creating a new marketing paradigm for digital music consumption.

  • October 23: iPod Day

    As a day dedicated to celebrating the iconic iPod, e-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by running nostalgic marketing campaigns that tap into the popularity of music, technology, and retro trends.

    You can offer special promotions on audio devices, headphones, music-themed merchandise, or create content that reminisces about the evolution of portable music players.

    Keywords: iPod Day, music, technology, promotions, audio devices, headphones, retro trends

  • October 24: United Nations Day

    United Nations Day is a global observance that promotes peace, human rights, and international cooperation.

    E-commerce brands can align with the values of the United Nations by promoting products or initiatives that support social causes, sustainability, or cultural diversity.

    Marketing campaigns can focus on spreading awareness, fostering inclusivity, and encouraging customers to make a positive impact through their purchases.

    Donations or percentage-based promotions to relevant charities or organizations can also be incorporated.

    Keywords: United Nations Day, peace, human rights, sustainability, social causes, donations, inclusivity


  • October 25: International Artists’ Day

    As a day to honor and appreciate artists, e-commerce brands can celebrate International Artists’ Day by promoting art-related products, merchandise, or services.

    This can include art supplies, prints, home decor, or even art classes.

    Collaborating with local artists or hosting art-themed contests, giveaways, or virtual exhibitions can also generate engagement and sales.

    Marketing campaigns can highlight the importance of art in our lives, creativity, and self-expression.

    Keywords: International Artists’ Day, art-related products, prints, home decor, art classes, creativity, contests


  • October 26: National Pumpkin Day (US)

    National Pumpkin Day presents a perfect opportunity for e-commerce brands to tap into the popularity of pumpkin-themed products and recipes.

    You can promote pumpkin-flavored snacks, beverages, home decor, or even pumpkin carving kits.

    Running social media contests, sharing pumpkin-inspired recipes, or offering special promotions on pumpkin-related items can help generate sales and create seasonal excitement among customers.

    Keywords: National Pumpkin Day, pumpkin-themed products, recipes, home decor, promotions, seasonal excitement


Cat in front of a laptop computer
Marketing efforts on Black Cat Day often include creative social media campaigns, special events, and educational materials to challenge the negative beliefs associated with black cats and encourage people to consider adopting them.

  • October 27: Black Cat Day (UK)

    Black Cat Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about black cats and promoting their adoption.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by partnering with animal shelters, running adoption drives, or donating a percentage of sales to cat-related charities.

    Creating content that challenges superstitions associated with black cats and highlights their unique beauty, personality, and charm can also help in generating awareness and engagement.

    Keywords: Black Cat Day, adoption, animal shelters, cat-related charities, superstitions, awareness


  • October 28: International Animation Day

    This day celebrates the art of animation and its impact on popular culture.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by promoting products related to animation, such as merchandise from popular animated movies, TV shows, or video games.

    They can run social media contests, share behind-the-scenes content, or offer exclusive discounts on animation-themed products to engage with fans of animation.

    Keywords: International Animation Day, animation-themed products, merchandise, contests, discounts, behind-the-scenes content.


  • October 29: National Cat Day (US)

    National Cat Day is a day dedicated to celebrating and advocating for cats.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by offering special promotions on cat-related products, such as cat food, cat toys, cat-themed clothing or accessories, and pet care products.

    They can also collaborate with animal shelters or cat rescue organizations, run social media campaigns featuring cat-related content, and encourage customers to share pictures of their cats.

    Keywords: National Cat Day, cat-related products, promotions, collaborations, social media campaigns, pet care products.


  • October 30: Mischief Night (UK and US)

    Mischief Night is a traditional holiday observed in the UK and some parts of the US, where pranks and mischief are played on the night before Halloween.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by offering special deals or promotions on Halloween-themed products, such as costumes, decorations, or party supplies.

    They can also run social media campaigns encouraging customers to share their mischievous stories or create content around funny pranks.

    Keywords: Mischief Night, Halloween-themed products, costumes, decorations, party supplies, promotions, social media campaigns.

  • October 31: Diwali (India)


    Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a major Hindu festival celebrated in India and other countries with Hindu populations.

    E-commerce brands can leverage Diwali by offering festive decorations, traditional clothing, sweets, and gifts.

    Keywords: Diwali, Festival of Lights, traditional clothing, decorations, sweets, promotions.


  • October 31: Halloween (UK, US, Australia)

    Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday that presents significant opportunities for e-commerce brands.

    They can leverage this holiday by offering a wide range of Halloween-related products, such as costumes, decorations, candies, party supplies, and home goods.

    They can run marketing campaigns with Halloween-themed content, contests, and giveaways, and engage with customers through social media.

    Brands can also collaborate with influencers or bloggers for Halloween-inspired collaborations or create limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.

    Keywords: Halloween, costumes, decorations, party supplies, contests, giveaways, social media campaigns, collaborations, limited-time offers.

skeletons sitting on chair
Social media pranks can be a creative and engaging way to leverage Mischief Night for marketing purposes.

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