September Retail Holiday Calendar
April 9, 2023 Last Updated

September 2024 Retail Calendar: Ecommerce Holiday Marketing & Content Opportunities

September is a month filled with opportunities for ecommerce businesses to connect with their audience and promote their products. As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to have a solid marketing strategy in place to stand out in a crowded market.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the key retail holidays and events for September 2024 and offer tips on how to plan your promotions and run effective marketing campaigns to boost your sales.


From Labor Day to National Coffee Day, there are plenty of occasions to connect with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

By leveraging these opportunities, you can build brand awareness, drive sales, and grow your business.

And with the help of AmpiFire, you can take your marketing campaigns to the next level by amplifying your message and reaching a wider audience.

Maximize your retail sales throughout the year with our retail calendar guide, featuring 12 articles with tips for each month. Click on each month to learn more!


Two hands holding a shopping cart graphic on orange background
September presents several unique opportunities for stores to create engaging marketing campaigns that align with holidays and events, attract customers, and generate sales.

Key Holidays and Observances in September


  • September 1: World Letter Writing Day (US)

    This day encourages people to express themselves through the art of letter writing.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by promoting stationery products, personalized cards, and letter writing accessories.

    Your marketing campaigns can emphasize the sentimental value of handwritten letters, and how sending or receiving a heartfelt letter can be a meaningful gesture in a digital world.

    You can also run contests or giveaways that involve letter writing, encouraging customers to share their letter writing stories or memories.

    Keywords: World Letter Writing Day, stationery, personalized cards, letter writing accessories, contests, giveaways, sentimental value

  • September 2: National Blueberry Popsicle Day (US)

    Take advantage of this fun food holiday by running a promotion on blueberry-flavored or blue-colored products, such as popsicles, ice cream, or snacks.

    Create engaging social media posts or videos featuring blueberry popsicles and encourage your followers to share their favorite blueberry popsicle memories or recipes. You can also offer limited-time discounts or bundle deals on blueberry-themed treats to drive sales.

    Keywords: National Blueberry Popsicle Day, food holiday, blueberry-flavored products, social media engagement, limited-time discounts

  • September 2: Labor Day (US) 

    Labor Day, also known as Labour Day in some countries, is a national holiday that celebrates the contributions and achievements of workers.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by offering exclusive discounts or promotions on products that are relevant to labor, workwear, office supplies, or items that can enhance the work-from-home experience.

    Marketing campaigns can focus on acknowledging the hard work of employees, promoting work-life balance, and providing value to customers with special Labor Day deals.

    Keywords: Labor Day, Labour Day, workwear, office supplies, work-from-home, discounts, promotions, employee appreciation, work-life balance.

  • September 3: Skyscraper Day (US)

    Tap into the fascination with tall buildings and cityscapes by offering promotions on home decor items, artwork, or photography related to skyscrapers or city skylines.

    Run a creative photo contest on social media where customers can share their best skyscraper or cityscape photos and tag your brand for a chance to win a prize.

    You can also collaborate with local artists or photographers to create unique products or limited-edition prints that celebrate the beauty of skyscrapers.

    Keywords: Skyscraper Day, home decor, artwork, photography, photo contest, collaboration

  • September 4: International Bacon Day (US, Australia)

    Bacon lovers unite! Capitalize on this popular food holiday by offering special promotions on bacon-related products, such as bacon-flavored snacks, seasonings, or cooking accessories.

    Create mouth-watering social media posts, videos, or recipes that feature bacon and encourage your customers to share their love for bacon using a branded hashtag.

    Keywords: International Bacon Day, food holiday, bacon-related products, social media engagement, collaborations

  • September 4: National Wildlife Day (US)

    This day is dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of wildlife. E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by promoting products that are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, or support wildlife conservation efforts.

    Brands can also run awareness campaigns about endangered species, habitat preservation, or ethical animal products.

    Keywords: National Wildlife Day, eco-friendly products, wildlife conservation, awareness campaigns, collaborations, ethical animal products.


  • September 5: International Day of Charity (Global)

    This day promotes the importance of charitable acts and giving back to the community.

    E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by running fundraising campaigns, donating a percentage of sales to charity, or promoting products that support a cause.

    Brands can also collaborate with charitable organizations, share inspiring stories of giving back, and encourage customers to shop with a purpose.

    Keywords: International Day of Charity, fundraising campaigns, donations, cause-related products, charitable organizations, social media campaigns.


Woman offering cheese to a dog
Did you know that Americans consume approximately 100 acres of pizza each day? That's a staggering amount of pizza, and National Cheese Pizza Day presents a prime marketing opportunity for pizza stores to tap into this pizza-loving culture.


  • September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day (US)

    Who doesn’t love pizza? Offer irresistible deals on cheese pizza or pizza-related products, such as pizza cutters, pizza stones, or pizza-themed apparel.

    Run a social media contest where customers can share their favorite cheese pizza memories or create their own pizza recipes using your products.

    Collaborate with local pizzerias or food delivery services to cross-promote each other’s offerings and boost sales.

    Keywords: National Cheese Pizza Day, food holiday, cheese pizza, pizza-related products, social media contest, collaborations

  • September 6: Read a Book Day (UK, US, Australia)

    This day encourages people to indulge in the joy of reading. E-commerce brands can leverage this holiday by promoting books, e-books, audiobooks, book-related merchandise, or reading accessories.

    Brands can also run book-themed contests, book club promotions, or create curated reading lists.

    Create book-themed gift bundles or offer personalized book recommendations based on customers’ interests.

    Keywords: Read a Book Day, books, e-books, audiobooks, reading accessories, contests, book club promotions, collaborations with authors.

  • September 8: International Literacy Day (UK, US, Australia)

    International Literacy Day is a global observance that promotes literacy as a fundamental human right.

    E-commerce brands can support this cause by running campaigns that highlight the importance of reading and education, and by donating a percentage of sales to literacy-related charities.

    You can also offer discounts on books, educational materials, or literacy-themed merchandise.

    Keywords: International Literacy Day, literacy, education, donations, books, educational materials, influencers, content creation


  • September 9: National Teddy Bear Day (US)

    Celebrate the joy of teddy bears on National Teddy Bear Day by offering special promotions on teddy bear products, such as plush toys, bedding, apparel, or accessories.

    Create heartwarming social media posts, videos, or stories that feature teddy bears and encourage customers to share their childhood memories or stories with their favorite teddy bears.

    You can collaborate with toy manufacturers, bloggers, or influencers to create nostalgic content that resonates with customers and drives sales of teddy bear-related products.

    Keywords: National Teddy Bear Day, plush toys, bedding, apparel, promotions, childhood memories, nostalgia, collaborations


Girl hugging a teddy bear in a store
National Teddy Bear Day was created to honor President Theodore Roosevelt, who once spared a bear on a hunting trip? Join our celebration with special discounts on teddy bears at our store!


  • September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day (UK, US, Australia)

    World Suicide Prevention Day is a day to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health.

    E-commerce brands can show their support by running campaigns that promote mental health awareness, self-care, and well-being.

    Offer special promotions on products that promote self-care, relaxation, and mental health, such as meditation apps, wellness products, or mental health resources. Collaborate with mental health organizations, bloggers, or influencers to spread the message of suicide prevention and encourage customers to prioritize their mental health.

    Keywords: World Suicide Prevention Day, mental health awareness, self-care, well-being, promotions, meditation apps, wellness products, collaborations

  • September 11: Patriot Day (US)

    Patriot Day is a day of remembrance in the United States that commemorates the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

    E-commerce brands can show their support and honor the memory of the victims and heroes by running campaigns that promote unity, resilience, and patriotism.

    Offer special discounts or promotions on patriotic-themed products, such as flags, apparel, or accessories.

    Create heartfelt social media posts, videos, or tributes that pay homage to the victims and heroes of 9/11.

    Keywords: Patriot Day, remembrance, unity, resilience, patriotism, discounts, tributes, collaborations, donations

  • September 12: National Video Games Day (US)

    Video games are a popular form of entertainment, and National Video Games Day presents an opportunity for e-commerce brands to tap into the gaming community.

    Offer exclusive discounts or promotions on video games, gaming consoles, accessories, or merchandise.

    Create engaging social media posts, videos, or live streams that showcase popular games or gaming influencers.

    Organize gaming competitions, giveaways, or events to encourage customer engagement and boost sales among gamers.

    Keywords: National Video Games Day, gaming community, discounts, video games, gaming consoles, merchandise, social media, gaming influencers

  • September 13: International Chocolate Day (UK, US, Australia)

    Indulge in the sweetness of International Chocolate Day by offering special promotions on chocolate-related products.

    This is a perfect opportunity for e-commerce brands that sell chocolates, candies, desserts, or baking supplies.

    Create tempting social media posts, recipes, or videos that feature chocolates and encourage customers to indulge in their favorite treats.

    Keywords: International Chocolate Day, promotions, chocolates, candies, desserts, recipes, collaborations, indulgence

  • September 13: International Programmers’ Day

    Celebrate the genius of programmers on International Programmers’ Day by offering special promotions on coding-related products, such as coding courses, programming tools, or tech gadgets.

    Create engaging social media posts, videos, or interactive coding challenges that showcase the importance of programming in our digital world.

    Collaborate with coding communities, influencers, or tech bloggers to create informative content that educates and inspires customers to explore the world of coding and technology.

    Keywords: International Programmers’ Day, coding, programming tools, tech gadgets, social media, coding challenges, collaborations, education

  • September 14: National Live Creative Day (US)

    Unleash your customers’ creativity on National Live Creative Day by offering special promotions on arts and crafts products, DIY kits, or creative workshops.

    Encourage customers to share their creative projects, ideas, or stories using a branded hashtag on social media.

    Collaborate with artists, crafters, or influencers to create inspiring content that encourages customers to express themselves creatively and promotes your brand as a hub of creativity and self-expression.

    Keywords: National Live Creative Day, arts and crafts, DIY kits, workshops, social media, creativity, collaborations, self-expression



Two hands supporting plant on black earth in green peace sign
Over 20 million trees are cut down each day, but Greenpeace's campaigns have led to the protection of millions of acres of pristine forest worldwide. Join us in saving our planet's lungs!



  • September 15: Greenpeace Day (UK)

    Join the movement for environmental conservation on Greenpeace Day by running campaigns that promote eco-friendly products, sustainable practices, or conservation initiatives.

    Offer special discounts or promotions on eco-friendly products, such as reusable items, organic products, or eco-conscious fashion.

    Create educational social media posts, videos, or infographics that raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage customers to support your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

    Keywords: Greenpeace Day, environmental conservation, eco-friendly products, sustainable practices, discounts, awareness, sustainability

  • September 16: National Guacamole Day (US)

    Avocado lovers rejoice! Celebrate National Guacamole Day by offering special promotions on avocado-related products, such as guacamole ingredients, avocado-themed merchandise, or Mexican-inspired food items.

    Share mouth-watering recipes, videos, or stories that feature guacamole and encourage customers to indulge in this delicious treat.

    Collaborate with food bloggers, influencers, or Mexican cuisine experts to create enticing content that entices customers to celebrate the day with your brand’s offerings.

    Keywords: National Guacamole Day, avocado products, recipes, Mexican cuisine, promotions, collaborations, indulgence

  • September 17: International Country Music Day (US)

    Tap into the love for country music on International Country Music Day by offering special promotions on country music-related products, such as CDs, vinyl records, apparel, or concert tickets.

    Share country music trivia, stories, or playlists on social media to engage with country music enthusiasts.

    Collaborate with country music artists, bloggers, or influencers to create exclusive content that resonates with fans and drives sales of country music-related products.

    Keywords: International Country Music Day, country music, CDs, vinyl records, apparel, concerts, collaborations, engagement

  • September 18: National Cheeseburger Day (US)

    Get customers’ taste buds watering on National Cheeseburger Day by offering special promotions on cheeseburger-related products, such as burgers, toppings, condiments, or grilling accessories.

    Share delicious recipes, videos, or polls that revolve around cheeseburgers and encourage customers to celebrate this iconic American dish.

    Collaborate with food bloggers, chefs, or grilling experts to create enticing content that inspires customers to indulge in a tasty cheeseburger.

    Keywords: National Cheeseburger Day, cheeseburgers, recipes, condiments, grilling accessories, promotions, collaborations, indulgence


Pirate stuff on boat in the sea
Join us on International Talk Like a Pirate Day and hoist the Jolly Roger of savings! Avast, ye won't want to miss our special pirate-themed merchandise and swashbuckling deals!


  • September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Ahoy, matey! Join in the swashbuckling fun of International Talk Like a Pirate Day by offering special promotions on pirate-themed products, such as costumes, accessories, or treasure hunt kits.

    Share pirate jokes, trivia, or language lessons on social media to engage with customers in a playful and adventurous way.

    Keywords: International Talk Like a Pirate Day, pirate-themed products, costumes, treasure hunt kits, jokes, trivia, language lessons, collaborations, adventurous

  • September 20: National Pepperoni Pizza Day (US)

    Indulge in the cheesy deliciousness of National Pepperoni Pizza Day by offering special promotions on pepperoni pizza-related products, such as pizzas, pizza-making kits, or pizza-themed merchandise.

    Share mouth-watering pizza recipes, videos, or polls on social media that celebrate the iconic flavor of pepperoni.

    Keywords: National Pepperoni Pizza Day, pizza-related products, pizza-making kits, merchandise, recipes, videos, collaborations, deliciousness

  • September 21: International Day of Peace

    Spread messages of peace and harmony on the International Day of Peace by running campaigns that promote kindness, tolerance, and understanding.

    Offer special promotions on peace-themed products, such as peace signs, peace-inspired apparel, or meditation accessories.

    Share inspirational quotes, stories, or acts of kindness on social media to encourage your customers to embrace peace in their daily lives.

    Collaborate with peace organizations, activists, or influencers to create meaningful content that promotes peace and unity.

    Keywords: International Day of Peace, peace-themed products, kindness, tolerance, inspiration, collaborations, unity

  • September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day (US)

    Savor the sweetness of National Ice Cream Cone Day by offering special promotions on ice cream cones, ice cream flavors, or ice cream-related accessories.

    Share drool-worthy ice cream recipes, videos, or polls on social media that celebrate the joy of ice cream cones.

    Create tempting content that makes your customers crave a delicious ice cream cone treat!

    Keywords: National Ice Cream Cone Day, ice cream cones, ice cream flavors, accessories, recipes, collaborations, sweetness

4 people communicating with sign language
Sign languages are not universal - each country or region has its own sign language! Join us in celebrating the rich diversity of sign languages around the world on International Day of Sign Languages.


  • September 23: International Day of Sign Languages

    Celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sign languages on the International Day of Sign Languages by promoting sign language-related products, resources, or educational materials.

    Share informative videos, stories, or interviews with sign language users, interpreters, or advocates on social media to raise awareness about the importance of sign languages in communication.

    Create empowering content that promotes sign language as a valuable and beautiful form of expression.

    Keywords: International Day of Sign Languages, sign language-related products, resources, education, awareness, collaborations, inclusivity

  • September 24: National Punctuation Day (US)

    Embrace the power of punctuation on National Punctuation Day by offering special promotions on grammar and punctuation-related products, such as books, writing tools, or educational materials.

    Share fun and educational posts, quizzes, or challenges on social media that highlight the importance of punctuation in effective communication.

    Educate your customers about the beauty and significance of punctuation in writing.

    Keywords: National Punctuation Day, grammar and punctuation-related products, educational materials, quizzes, challenges, collaborations, effective communication

  • September 25: National Comic Book Day

    Celebrate the art of storytelling and imagination on National Comic Book Day by offering special promotions on comic books, graphic novels, or comic book-related merchandise.

    Share iconic comic book moments, character spotlights, or behind-the-scenes content on social media to engage with comic book fans.

    Collaborate with comic book artists, writers, or influencers to create unique content that highlights the excitement and creativity of the comic book world.

    Organize comic book-themed events, signings, or competitions in your store to attract comic book enthusiasts and create a memorable experience for your customers.

    Keywords: National Comic Book Day, comic books, graphic novels, merchandise, storytelling, engagement, collaborations, in-store events

  • September 26: National Pancake Day (US)

    Flapjack fans rejoice! Celebrate National Pancake Day by offering special promotions on pancakes, pancake mixes, or pancake-related accessories.

    You can collaborate with food bloggers, chefs, or influencers to create mouth-watering content that showcases the versatility and deliciousness of pancakes.

    Ecommerce brands can host a pancake breakfast event in their store or offer pancake samples to attract customers and create a fun and festive atmosphere.


House in a mountain
From local to global: our World Tourism Day campaign celebrates the power of travel to connect people and cultures.


  • September 27: World Tourism Day

    Take your customers on a virtual journey on World Tourism Day by promoting travel-related products, services, or destinations.

    Share breathtaking travel photos, inspiring travel stories, or travel tips on social media to ignite wanderlust in your customers.

    Collaborate with travel bloggers, photographers, or influencers to create captivating content that transports your customers to different parts of the world.

    Keywords: World Tourism Day, travel-related products, destinations, travel photos, travel tips, collaborations, wanderlust

  • September 28: National Drink Beer Day (US)

    Raise a toast to National Drink Beer Day! E-commerce brands can capitalize on this holiday by offering special promotions on beer-related products, such as craft beers, beer glasses, bottle openers, or beer-themed merchandise.

    Ecommerce brands can create engaging social media posts, videos, or contests that celebrate the joy of enjoying a cold brew with friends.

    Keywords: National Drink Beer Day, craft beers, beer glasses, promotions, social media, contests, collaborations

  • September 29: National Coffee Day (UK, US, Australia)

    Coffee lovers rejoice! National Coffee Day is a perfect opportunity for e-commerce brands to promote coffee-related products, such as coffee beans, mugs, brewing equipment, or coffee-flavored treats.

    Offer exclusive discounts, bundle deals, or freebies with coffee purchases to incentivize customers.

    You can share coffee recipes, brewing tips, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your coffee-making process on social media to engage with your audience and drive sales.

    Keywords: National Coffee Day, coffee-related products, discounts, bundle deals, recipes, social media engagement

  • September 30: International Podcast Day (Worldwide)

    Podcasts have gained immense popularity, and International Podcast Day is a great opportunity for e-commerce brands to tap into this trend.

    Run social marketing campaigns, contests, or giveaways that encourage customers to share their favorite podcasts or experiences.

    Leverage the power of audio content to connect with your audience and boost your brand.

    Keywords: International Podcast Day, podcast collaboration, exclusive discounts, social media campaigns, contests, audio content.

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