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Thriving eCommerce Opportunities: New Technologies & Approaches To Keep Your Business Afloat in 2024 And Beyond

Is this the best time to invest in eCommerce?

Explore your options for building and scaling an online store, from choosing the right technology to marketing and advertising. You’ll also find resources on what tools are available for building your brand.

Ecommerce is a tough business, but there are different strategies you can take to make your business soar. Read on to see what Jeff Bezos’s rocket lessons can teach you about launching a successful ecommerce brand.

 Jeff Bezos’ Idiot Rocket

Jeff Bezos has fallen ill with the same disease that corrupts a vast number of successful people – is that rocket a sign of a deep insecurity to be noticed or a genuine desire to forward mankind?

In this email you’ll discover how to guarantee yourself steady income and ditching Bezos is at the center of it.

WARNING: Most people won’t want to do it. They might say they do, but in reality, they don’t.

They say ‘pride comes before the fall’.

Amazon started as an online book shop.

Then it became the ‘everything store’.

Now billionaire Bezos is busy with this:


… is the rocket making up for some sort of inadequacy? Nah… I’m sure Jeff’s got more balls than me… he is making rockets afterall.

He’s certainly not stupid. He built one of the biggest companies in the world and generated billions in profit.

But while making rockets his main business has suffered, and that is an opportunity for you…

What Amazon Looks Like Today…

Once upon a time you could trust Amazon to have what you needed. It really was the ‘everything store’ and the distribution was amazing. The customer support was amazing.

Now, if I want some sweats…


… I’d need to lose a LOT of weight. Ironic.

One of my friends heard the radio in the UK on Monday, which played an ad about a lawsuit being filed against Amazon for abuse of its drivers.

Plagued with comments on the working conditions… does it spell the beginning of the end?

If Not Amazon, Then What…?

Amazon led the way in terms of how customers should be treated and placed #1 above all. Others will adopt the same mentality and improve where Amazon may have failed.

For the business owner; there are multiple opportunities to drive traffic and sales to your products.

And while I’m a strong advocate of ‘niching down’ your offers… I’m more than happy to get traffic from anywhere I can.

Traffic = Sales. More Traffic = More Sales.

Walmart Accepting Crypto?

Not too long ago, another story was published about Walmart accepting cryptocurrency “Litecoin”, which made and lost millions of dollars in a few hours.


The story was fake.

What isn’t fake, is how Walmart is such a massive source of traffic and sales, news like this can generate millions of dollars in ‘money movement’ in a very short time.

It also shows what can happen when you harness the power of getting attention online…

The Exciting Part For You…

AmpiFire has the same channels of distribution as that news release, which means the potential is there to generate that kind of attention too.

We’ll just make sure it’s POSITIVE attention!

It’s the exact thing new businesses and websites need to stand out above the 100,000+ websites started DAILY.

Starting with ZERO legitimacy, reputation or visibility is one of the major drawbacks starting a new online store or website… discover the full power and advantages of our content creation software by booking a free demo with our team.

P.S. — In business it’s important to be adaptable and able to pivot. You can still use Amazon to shop, when things are in stock – I would be very concerned about building a business there though. You can use Walmart as an alternative. Yet, it is not for everyone.

Ecommerce overall is challenging enough – so it’s critical to make sure you’re following our core tenets:

i) Be in a growth sector

ii) Automate heavily

iii) Ensure you earn higher $/sale or action than your competitors

iv) Stack & Scale your efforts for a snowball effect long-term

v) Take the low-hanging fruit wherever you can find it

If you follow these tenets, the future looks bright!



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