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BigCommerce Landing Page Optimization Guide: Key Strategies For Increased Conversions

Article at-a-glance:

- Optimized BigCommerce landing pages boost conversions. Among the key strategies are optimizing page load speed, aligning messages with target markets, constantly testing and refining, and keeping content concise.

- Engaging multimedia content, social proof, harmonized promotional campaigns, and emotional triggers can further increase conversion rates.

- The use of email forms, popups, and SEO-compliant unique content with relevant keywords will make your landing page more effective and help you achieve high conversions.

Welcome to the racetrack of digital marketing, where every millisecond counts. As each second ticks your conversion rate plunges by 4.42% (via Marketsplash).

Imagine your BigCommerce landing page as a race car. Is it revved up and ready to roar?

Like a well-tuned engine, sprinkling words associated with joy can bring you conversions in the grand arena of online business.

Yet, as there’s more to a race car than its engine, there’s more to your landing page than keywords. Hence the importance of optimizing your BigCommerce landing page.

Hold onto your seats… because this guide is going to become your personal pit crew. I’ll teach you how to make your BigCommerce landing page convert like crazy. Ready for the ride?

1. Need for Speed: Dial Up Your Page Load Time

Allow me to paint a picture for you: imagine if 70% of your customers walked out because your store took too long to open its doors.

Your website’s load time is the digital equivalent of that. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about survival. If your landing page loads slowly, your digital landscape might be too big.

In addition to hurting your rankings, a slow page time also interferes with user experience, which is a big no-no with Google.

Make sure your page loads quickly – in under 3 seconds.

You may be creating unnecessary speed bumps for your customers with oversized images. Technically, if your landscape images are larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels, or if your portrait images are larger than 1080 x 1920 pixels, it’s time to trim.

But size isn’t everything.

This speed game is also determined by your webpage’s design.

Every element you embed – its type, quantity, and digital weight – acts like a passenger on your webpage’s journey. I

It takes longer to reach the destination with more passengers. Let’s not forget your hosting server and bandwidth in transit. They’re like highways for your website. An inefficient or congested network will make your website load slowly.

15 Tools to Test and Optimize Speed

If you’re crafting a killer landing page, don’t forget your page load speed.

Having a fast online store can make all the difference. Slow loading times can turn away potential customers and cost you money. But don’t worry. My list of tools will help you test and optimize the speed of your online store. Take a look:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: Unleash the power of Google to analyze and provide recommendations for speed optimization.
  2. GTmetrix: Get deep insights into your website’s performance, with detailed reports and actionable recommendations.
  3. Pingdom Tools: Test your website’s speed from multiple locations worldwide and uncover performance bottlenecks.
  4. WebPageTest: Dive into a treasure trove of performance metrics, waterfall charts, and video recordings to fine-tune your site’s speed.
  5. Website Speed Test: Get a comprehensive analysis of your website’s speed, along with tips for improvement.
  6. IsItWP Speed Test Tool: Quickly evaluate your website’s performance and receive expert suggestions for optimization.
  7. Uptrends: Monitor your website’s performance and identify areas for improvement with this powerful tool.
  8. KeyCDN tools: Accelerate your website’s loading time with a suite of performance optimization features.
  9. Byte Check: Uncover the speed demons lurking in your website and optimize them for lightning-fast performance.
  10. Dareboost: Assess your website’s speed, accessibility, and best practices, and receive a detailed optimization report.
  11. Chrome Lighthouse: Tap into Google’s powerful auditing tool to measure and enhance your website’s speed and performance.
  12. Discover ways to make your website faster, more reliable, and engaging with this insightful tool.
  13. Think With Google: Leverage Google’s expertise to test your website’s mobile speed and uncover optimization opportunities.
  14. Puppeteer: Automate performance testing and measure your website’s speed and stability with this cutting-edge tool.
  15. Search Console and Google Analytics: Harness the power of data from these essential tools to identify speed-related issues and optimize your website.

By using these tools, you can pinpoint bottlenecks, compress images, eliminate render-blocking elements, and fine-tune your website for maximum performance. Boost your sales by optimizing your online store and don’t let slow load times hold you back!

2. The Art of Constant Testing: Make Your Own Landing Page Lab

Landing pages are tricky.

The smallest detail can tip the scales between a new lead and a missed opportunity. It’s like baking – a smidge too much or too little of an ingredient can change the whole flavor. A test and try will help you determine what works best.

Always test, always test.

Consider different ways to increase conversion rates. Get your team together and plan.

3. Becoming a Chameleon: Match Your Message to Your Market

Here’s the deal: You need to connect with your target audience. Like a beautiful melody, your message must be right for your audience.

Be sure to adapt, blend, and craft your content for each individual audience. Consider designing distinct landing pages for each group – think of it as personalized service in the digital realm.

4. Less is More: Understand That Brevity Means Power

Here is an eye-opener: a whopping 79% of people scan text. Having too many words on your landing page will likely lose you conversions.

Get rid of the fat! Focus on the essentials and keep your word count low. Break up your content with headers, bullet points, and avoid building formidable walls of text.

Keep it simple and clutter-free. Use numbered lists and simple, conversational language. After all, you’re speaking to humans, not robots.

5. Mobile Magic: Unleash the Power of Mobility with a Responsive Theme

Tap into the mobile revolution where every third American weekly indulges in online shopping through smartphones.

The opportunity is too good to pass up.

But, mobile landing pages are only one aspect of creating a responsive environment that aligns with user interactions. Make forms short, options plentiful, and usability your top priority.

Think of your mobile landing page as of a friendly tour guide, welcoming and easy to navigate.

6. Keep It Interesting: Make Your Landing Page Engaging

No one wants to land on a page with nothing but text, right?

Blend in some multimedia elements. Spice it up with graphics, and don’t forget the secret ingredient: video. All these elements work together to keep your audience hooked and intrigued.

But remember, moderation is key. Keep designs clean, crisp, and visually appealing without being overwhelming.

7. The Invisible Power of Collective Opinion: Provide Social Proof

Humans are social creatures, and nothing reassures us more than collective approval. Did you know that 95% of consumers read online reviews before buying?

Additionally, 58% would spend more for a product with positive reviews.

Make sure your landing pages harness the immense power of social proof.

Make your customers your biggest advocates by sharing testimonials and case studies, or by adding social buttons.

8. Harmonizing Promotion – Match Your Landing Page with Ad Campaigns

Let’s strike a chord here, folks! Create a landing page that harmonizes with your retail promotional and ad campaigns. You want your customers to experience a seamless journey.

Think about it – your potential customer clicks on an ad expecting a certain offer or information! They land on a page perfectly matched to the ad.

The cohesion not only creates a smooth transition but also builds trust and increases conversions. It’s all about meeting the potential customers’ expectations and delivering on your promises!

9. Harnessing Emotions – Use Emotional Triggers

Now let’s talk about emotions. It’s no secret that emotions drive our purchasing decisions.

The desire to buy certain products often comes from the way they make us feel. This is where emotional triggers come into play. They can be powerful motivators leading to action.

Do your products or services provide comfort, joy, or even a sense of healthy fear or urgency?

Tap into these emotions with your landing page content. Well-placed stories and images can drive visitors to take action.

Remember, you can increase sales by creating an emotional connection!

10. The Magic of One: Include A Strong Call to Action

When it comes to your call to action (CTA), less is more. A single clear, concise call to action can boost your conversion rates to 13.5%, compared to 2-4 CTA’s that may only give you 11.9%.

CTAs lead customers to make purchases, fill out forms, or subscribe to email newsletters. Put your CTA in the spotlight, making it irresistible and easy to find, and your conversion funnel will explode!

11. The Surprise Element: Boost Your Conversions With Popups

Popups aren’t always bad, contrary to popular belief.

Despite their jarring nature, popups serve a purpose. You present your users with an enticing offer through these attention grabbers.

Popups are straightforward and super user-friendly. Put in some exit popups with images and limited text fields to boost your conversion rate. Make sure your popups have the right copy. Find out which popups deliver the best results by A/B testing.

12. The Art of Connection: Gather Leads Via Email Forms

Hold on to your seats because this is big – 4 billion people use email every day. That’s 4 billion opportunities for connection!

Gathering those valuable email addresses is one of the best uses of your landing page.

You can embed simple email forms asking for the visitor’s name and email address. Skip the phone number! A visitor is more likely to abandon your ship if you ask too many questions. With digital threats and scams everywhere, keep things simple and safe.

13. Crack the Code: Use Relevant Keywords and Make Unique Content

Using relevant keywords is like speaking search engine language. Your potential customers type these words and phrases into the search box when searching for your products or services.

Remember, make sure these keywords are relevant to your business and naturally integrated into your content. Imagine them as breadcrumbs guiding your customers right to your virtual door.

Be careful not to overuse keywords in your content. Search engines are smart and value content that is created for humans, not algorithms.

It is important to create unique and valuable content.

Your business can truly shine here by showcasing its unique value proposition and industry expertise. You should add value to your audience with every piece of content, whether it is a blog post, audio ad, video, or a product description.

Elevate Your BigCommerce Landing Page

You have set the stage, and now it’s time for your BigCommerce landing page to shine. In the grand play of content marketing, your landing page isn’t a side character – it’s the lead role that can swing the fate of your visitors, turning them into loyal customers.

So don’t overlook your BigCommerce landing page optimization. Pay attention to the subtle yet powerful nuances – the lightning-fast page load speed, a compelling call to action, and the authentic social proof.

They help build your credibility, build trust, and build your reputation. Your brand needs to resonate with your audience, encouraging them to join your journey. With expertise in navigating the intricate world of content marketing, AmpiFire understands the recipe for success.

We create and syndicate content across a range of formats – videos, audios, blogs, articles, slideshows, and infographics. We’re all about enhancing your brand, elevating your product reputation, and setting your conversion rates on fire!

So, are you ready to level up?

Book an appointment today and let’s co-create a custom plan that sends your conversion rates soaring.



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