Niche Pig vs Keyword Tools
November 24, 2023 Last Updated

Introducing Niche Pig: How It’s Different from Keyword Tools

Article at-a-glance:

- Niche Pig is an A.I. Tool I had developed to help out our Simpler Traffic students in selecting their niches.

- What makes Niche Pig tool better than keyword tools. 

- Starter guide to use Niche Pig. 

My Simpler Traffic students and I have a new pet. 

This one’s cool. He doesn’t crap on the rug or rack up expensive vet bills…

… instead, he sniffs out goldmine sub-niches for me.

Introducing – Niche Pig.

And he seems to be on a mission to destroy keyword tools… which is good for you, good for me and good for the world!

What is Niche Pig?

Niche Pig is an A.I. Tool I had developed to help out our Simpler Traffic students in selecting their niches.

And sub-niches.

And sub-sub-niches.

Niche Pig sniffs out and uncovers goldmines everybody else misses because they use keyword tools!

The Trouble With Keyword Tools

I’ve criticized the use of keyword tools for a long time.

Here’s why…

1) They work like robots, not humans… and it’s humans who do searches, click links, visit websites and make purchases. So I do my marketing with humans in mind. Not robots. Can’t do that with a keyword tool and neither can you.

2) They force you into higher competition… everybody gets fed the same (narrow) results, everybody gets given the same “scores” for various keywords, so everybody targets the same “good” keywords or avoids the same “crap” keywords… both are usually wrong.

3) They’re geared towards Paid Traffic… most tools are built to interpret Google Keyword Data, and Google Keyword Data is built for folks who run paid Google Ads. It ignores the organic nature of search.

So – by using keyword tools…

  • You limit your opportunity
  • You have to work harder for results
  • You are working with sub-optimal data

Niche Pig vs. Keyword Tools

Take a look at these results for “Yoga Studio” from a popular keyword tool…

Notice anything weird?

… like they all have “Yoga Studio” in the keyword.

… or they ONLY have keywords with “Yoga Studio”

You’d be forgiven for thinking “well you wanted Yoga Studio keywords right?”

That’s perfectly rational thinking.

But no.

I want to know what human people are SEARCHING for… I want to know what they CARE about… I want to know DEEPER things about the niche, so I know what TOPICS to do content around!

That’s Why I Use Niche Pig…

After entering “Yoga Studio” I get a list of potential niches and sub-niches.

By niching down, I inevitably lower my competition and increase my conversions by being more specific.

Which means higher rewards for my efforts.

But that’s not all…

I’m also given a list of potential products I could promote, whether as an affiliate, or if I wanted to create and sell my own.

And since everybody loves a “Score”…

You’re not likely to find a ‘passion’ score in a keyword tool… because passion is a human thing.

Not a robot thing.

As always, I’ll take these ideas and dig in deeper, do my own research and validation.

But Niche Pig saves me hours and hours, days of time… leading me to hidden goldmines nobody else knows exist.

Then I’ll use its close cousin “Topics Pig” to quickly figure out topics I might want to cover to get traffic.

Once again, there are lots of ideas, which aren’t bound to having “Yoga Studio” in there. The ‘seed keyword’ is actually allowed to sprout and grow into something useful.

Niche Pig vs. Keyword Tools: Revolutionize Your Marketing

You can do all this stuff manually.

I used to.

Even if you can’t automate it with tools like Niche Pig or Topics Pig and have to do it manually…

… it’s worth the effort.

Check out our article on Zero Traffic Keywords and you’ll understand why Niche Pig beats any other keyword tools.

Schedule an appointment now with our team to learn more about Niche Pig and our Simpler Traffic webinar.



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