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June 16, 2023 Last Updated

Topgrading: Big Hiring Mistakes & Advantages of Experienced Talent over Freelance Virtual Assistants

Article at-a-glance: 

- A common hiring mistake is settling for low-cost hires who lack the experience and skills necessary to drive growth and value.

- By hiring top talent through topgrading, you will see rapid growth in your business.

- Topgrading is an evaluative method to hire experienced professionals who can hit the ground running and immediately add value to your business.

- The qualified hires are productivity powerhouses, capable of handling multiple tasks seamlessly and efficiently.

- As a result of their expertise, your business will soar to new heights and experience exponential growth.

You business success depends on having the right people in key roles. In this article, you are about to learn about a revolutionary approach called topgrading that will help you avoid costly hiring mistakes and boost the growth of your business.

The Task Circle & the Downsides of Hiring Low-Cost Staff

Many people teach you that you should hire someone cheap to handle the simple things you can’t handle. That’s what you do when there’s no other option. However, if you have money to invest and your business is doing well, you need to be as close as possible to the middle.

Picture this: a magical circle that categorizes tasks based on their value and complexity. Let me break it down for you. Inside the circle, you’ve got those high-value tasks that can skyrocket your business. Think big bucks. And that’s where you as the owner of a business should be focusing your energy.

But hold on, there’s more. As you move towards the outer circles, you’ll find tasks that are, well, not exactly worth a fortune. We’re talking about low-value stuff. Sure, they need to get done, but they’re not the real money makers.

So, the key is to focus on those high-value tasks that move the needle. They’re the secret sauce to your business’ success.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Topgrading will show you how.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to prioritize the recruitment of cheap freelancers and entry-level employees.

This is not surprising as there’s something appealing about filling in those roles. Although it may seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, this can be challenging as there will be the never-ending cycle of training and managing multiple low-level hires.

Not to mention the value generated and the productivity. You can’t expect gold mines from newly hired workers. It’s like trying to squeeze water out of a rock. Your time and resources would be better spent elsewhere, wouldn’t they?

I believe that when it comes to hiring, there is a better way… an approach based on the topgrading philosophy.

The majority of people hire a virtual assistant for $5/hour to do simple tasks like responding to emails. If you can afford $100/hour, it would be a better option to hire someone better and more qualified.

The Topgrading Philosophy & the Rapid Business Growth with Qualified Talent

The topgrading philosophy calls for going for gold from the beginning. There is no need to settle for mediocrity or scrape the bottom of the talent pool. We need to aim higher!

Imagine yourself standing right in the center of the task circle. Instead of hiring inexperienced rookies, you bring in experienced professionals who can hit the ground running. People like these can immediately add value to your business.

Start with the best of the best aka individuals with high-caliber skills can handle those high-value tasks with ease. They have the skills, expertise, and drive to get things done. What’s even better? They are capable of handling multiple tasks at once. A perfect example of efficiency!

Imagine having the choice between hiring four inexperienced and sluggish workers at $5/hour or one exceptional person at $40 per hour. It’s a no-brainer, my friend. That $40 per hour person will have a massive impact on your business. And you will still have the budget to bring in one or two more talented individuals at $5/hour.

The fastest and most effective approach is to start from the inside out. It’s all about bringing in those higher-paying, smarter individuals who can truly fuel the growth of your business.

The investment in hiring top talent will pay off big time!

Qualified hires make a huge difference in productivity. With finesse and skill, these superheroes can handle not just one, but many tasks at once. It’s like watching juggling wizards keep all their balls up in the air while maintaining peak performance.

Topgrading doesn’t just mean hiring superstars. The goal is to unleash rapid growth and unlock business success.

So, it is important to recruit the best so they can serve as catalysts for expansion. It’s time to say goodbye to sluggish progress and hello to exponential growth!

How to Leverage the Expertise of Higher-Level Talents & A-Players to Develop a High-Performing Team

If you’re a business owner or visionary, you’ve got big ideas, but let’s face it, sometimes the devil is in the details. The A-players are the puzzle pieces that make the picture come together.

These boys and girls are masters of execution: integrators and project managers. Their goal is to turn your brilliant ideas into tangible results. You can think of them as the maestros conducting the symphony of your business operations. You can sit back and watch them turn your plans into reality with their expertise.

As you navigate the treacherous waters of business growth, they become your trusted advisors.

The hiring of skilled professionals doesn’t just fill positions; it empowers leaders. Individuals with this experience, knowledge, and mindset are able to make important decisions with confidence.

The hiring of skilled professionals doesn’t just fill positions; it empowers leaders. Individuals with this experience, knowledge, and mindset are able to make important decisions with confidence.

So, visionary entrepreneurs, get your dream team of A-players together. You can trust them to unleash their magic, drive execution, and guide your business to success. You won’t believe how effective it will be and you’ll see the results for yourself.

Hiring top talent first will have a cascading effect. Bringing in the best creates a domino effect of awesomeness that will propel your business to greater heights.

In addition to their knowledge and experience, experienced hires are able to attract and develop lower-level employees. They are like a magnet for talent, drawing in those who wish to learn from the experts.

Together, collective skills and efficiency create a high-performing team that can improve productivity, complete projects quickly, and help you make a name in your industry.

How To Balance Affordability & Value

The financial considerations are an essential part of the hiring process. Here’s the thing: topgrading isn’t just about throwing money around on top online hiring platforms. Rather, it is about finding the balance between cost and value.

Sure, you may have to pay more to hire top talent. But this is an investment. Each hire must be evaluated in terms of affordability and return on investment. 

Identify the skills and expertise they can contribute to your business growth, keeping the big picture in mind.

It’s important to find a balance within your means. It is not necessary to break the bank to hire high-value talent. Explore options, prioritize wisely, and be creative. If you want to hire game-changing employees, there’s always a way to make it work.

Propel Your Business Forward with Topgrading

Whether you are looking to outsource strategic planning, financial management, or marketing and branding tasks, let qualified professionals handle your operations and watch the benefits unfold: rapid growth, a high-performing team, and a collective skill set that drives your business forward. Investing in the right talent will revolutionize your business.



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